Why Mattress Cleaning is Important

Why Mattress Cleaning is Important

A person spends most of his life in a dream, and this is not surprising because each of us needs time to resume strength in the body. But, how often do we think about what we sleep on? You may be surprised and protest that your mattress and bed linen are always clean, so there’s nothing to worry about. But, as many studies have shown, even the most high-quality, orthopedic and externally clean mattress is a real hotbed of bacteria and fungi.


Reasons why you need to clean the mattress

Every night, a lot of sebum, sweat and body secretions fall on the mattress material, which contributes to the reproduction of harmful organisms that we do not even know about. As a result, you may experience weakness, even after a full sleep, as well as skin irritation, allergic reactions, acne, headaches, etc. With such a set, the most substantial body will not always cope, not to mention people with weak immunity.

And, unfortunately, even the cleanest owners of beds can not always cope with pollution, invisible to the naked eye. Bacteria tend to multiply and parasitize inside the mattress in the most inaccessible places. Just think! Scientists from all over the world have proved that in every mattress that has not been cleaned for more than five years, there is about two kilograms of dead skin, dust, hair – just an ideal place to live dust mites, which can cause an incredible number of diseases.

Still asking, why clean the mattress? We’re sure not. But, when the first question is finished, it’s time how to clean the mattress? We are ready to tell you about this in more detail. Buy Mattress Online Dubai


How to clean the mattress: the best tips

To achieve cleanliness of the mattress, you will need to follow only a few rules that will help extend the life of your bed, as well as reinforce your confidence in its safety for health:

  • Dry cleaning is a procedure that involves cleaning the mattress from dust, hair, debris, as well as regular replacement of bed linen. Such cleaning can be carried out with a vacuum cleaner. Also, experienced housewives are advised to boil laundry in starch and iron well using steam. This will help kill germs that have not died during washing.
  • Wet cleaning is the process of removing stains, which can be carried out without the help of specialists. If even the slightest spot occurs, it should be removed immediately. For each type of spots, there is a different method of excretion. Also, it is worth regular cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner or wipes moistened in a special solution. After that, the mattress should dry.
  • Home cleaning. You can try special products that are designed for dry cleaning. This method will take a lot of time and effort. Also, it is important to choose a tool that will not harm the material from which the mattress is made.
  • Dry cleaning of the mattress at home. The most effective and proven method. Such a service can be ordered in any cleaning company. Why is it more profitable? Firstly, you will save your precious time and money, and secondly, specialists will conduct dry cleaning in the shortest possible time, using special equipment and solutions that can kill 100% of microbes, bacteria and mites.

Of course, which of the methods of cleaning the mattress is most suitable for you, choose exclusively for you! But, if you decide to entrust the matter to professionals, then it is best to choose a reliable company that will turn your bed into a real paradise of cleanliness and comfort.

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