Which Side Is It Better to Sleep on

Which Side Is It Better to Sleep on?

There are many factors that determine the quality of sleep and rest. Have you ever wondered if the position you sleep in is healthy and benefits your body?

Rest experts do not recommend sleeping on your stomach because it puts a lot of pressure on your back and makes breathing difficult, so less oxygen reaches the brain. So sleeping on your stomach should be ruled out.

And sleeping on your back is not entirely ruled out as long as it is done with pillows in the right position. This leaves us sleeping on our side is the best position, but… which side to sleep on?

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

You may find it strange, but the left side is the most recommended for sleep, not only because it avoids certain discomforts but because it adds benefits. Sleeping on the right side isn’t all bad, but read on and you’ll know the benefits the left side offers you.

Well-being for the stomach

Anatomically, the stomach is slightly tilted towards the left side, therefore, when sleeping on that side the gastric juices remain stable. This prevents stomach acids from rising and can produce reflux and bad tastes from rising into the mouth.

If reflux is one of the reasons you sometimes can’t sleep, this may be the reason.


Promotes digestion

The small and large intestines follow the slight tilt of the stomach. So, as a matter of severity, foods still in the stomach at bedtime will more easily stop the intestines if you fall asleep on the left side.

It can also be mentioned that this posture also benefits the functioning of the pancreas since it is on that side.


No back pains

Back pains are a nightmare when you have a bad night. The main cause of this problem is the poor position given to the spine during the break.

But, when sleeping on the side the weight of the body no longer falls on the spine, it is released and does not retain pressure points that are then the ones that cause discomfort.


Frees the brain from waste

As The Journal of Neuroscience said in a study published as a result of research “sleeping on the left side facilitates the process of lymphatic drainage of the central nervous system.

The brain requires many proteins, minerals, blood, and nutrients, but these substances must be in perfect balance for optimal performance. The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning all the debris of the central nervous system and surpluses that obstruct its functioning.

This is how lymphatic drainage is one of the body’s most important functions, cleanses the brain, improves blood pressure, and prevents the possible suffering of dementia or other brain conditions.


Facilitates blood circulation

Sleeping on the left side certainly keeps the organs in a more natural and harmonious position. This is why circulation is favored, as the organs do not obstruct veins and arteries.

When sleeping on this side, the inferior vena cava is responsible for returning blood. The aorta artery that carries blood that leaves our heart to different organs is not obstructed. This facilitates the functioning of the heart and blood circulation throughout the body.


The recommended posture for pregnant women

You already know that sleeping on the left side improves circulation and prevents the body’s weight from falling completely on the spine. These are the reasons why pregnant women are recommended to sleep on this side.

In a state of gestation, the body weight is greater and in the day to day, the spine must support this. So especially for pregnant women, this is the best posture to ensure a healthy rest.


Other sleeping postures

Although sleeping on the left side is our main recommendation, sleeping all night in the same position is very difficult for many. That’s why we leave you an option that is also healthy although not with so many benefits.

Sleeping on your back may be the alternative you need, as long as you do it the right way.

To do this, you must have a soft pillow and low volume for the head, this way the cervical vertebrae are kept aligned. At the same time, a pillow or support below the knees will be enough to avoid pressure on the lower back.

This is a healthy posture, however, it is not recommended for people who already have breathing difficulties or snore because obstructive apnea can occur because the tongue can move towards the pharynx.

Outside of this, resting in this position is also recommended for pregnant women. It helps combat aging since it does not superimpose the face on the pillow and no marks are generated, it also helps to keep women to keep their breasts firm.

Don’t forget that…

  • Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended in any case, the pressure in the back and the difficulty breathing make it the worst posture.
  • It is advisable to change your posture in the middle of the rest day, but always choose to sleep on the left side or face up.
  • Having optimal rest equipment is essential, a mattress of good adaptability and soft pillows.

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