What types of latex mattresses to choose

What types of latex mattresses to choose?

Choosing a good mattress is essential for good sleep. It is a long-term investment that requires a certain budget.

The latex mattress seduces many sleepers for its optimal comfort. This natural material has excellent ventilation and does not require any anti-mite or anti-allergic treatment. Its resistance and sleeping independence (identical to the spring mattress) make it a mattress appreciated by couples.


The 2 different types of latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made in two ways: Naturally, with a composition of over 85% rubber resin. Or synthetically, using between 0% and 25% natural resin.

Otherwise, latex mattresses provide warmth while sleeping and firm support, comfort, and sleeping independence.

Natural latex mattresses are renowned and recommended for their non-allergic, anti-dust mite and antibacterial aspects. Moreover, its coating properties are maintained during this period.

Natural or synthetic mattresses have excellent elasticity depending on the latex filling. Also called a 100% latex mattress, the synthetic offers a price advantage and similar comfort zones.


What is a latex mattress?

A latex mattress is called a mattress whose core is made of latex.

This can be 100% latex in one piece or a foam mattress covered with a latex layer. It is an elastic material that does not contain any chemicals in its natural state. It is non-polluting. A little extra: latex is very breathable and thermoregulatory. With a latex mattress, no more too hot or humid nights.


Origin of latex

Latex is an elastic material that can be found in two forms:

  • Natural latex, made from the resin of the hevea brasilences, in Latin America;
  • Synthetic latex, obtained by polymerizations.

There are, therefore, natural latex mattresses, with 90 to 100% natural latex, and synthetic latex mattresses, with about 25% natural latex mixed with cellular foam.


Features of latex mattress

Features of latex mattress

It is a mattress that offers one of the best sleeping comforts. Latex indeed has great adaptability qualities.

It is a mattress that offers one of the best sleeping comforts. Latex indeed has great adaptability qualities. It perfectly matches the body’s shape for a flexible and firm welcome and pressure distribution. The support and comfort zones vary from 3 to 7 zones. They are a factor in reducing pressure and therefore turning and turning several times. Blood circulation is improved, and so is sleep.

Very breathable, the latex allows excellent ventilation and air circulation. It is suitable for all body types. Finally, latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites.


Latex mattresses have up to 7 comfort zones depending on the model. This type of mattress provides optimal lumbar and back support for restful sleep. Whatever your body type, comfort is guaranteed.



Organic latex is a naturally elastic material that perfectly fits the curves of your body. This natural mattress allows alignment of your spine for support distributed throughout your body. So you can enjoy a relaxing sleep. The latex mattress also offers perfect sleeping independence.



The lifespan of a latex mattress is 10 years. The durability can be a little longer (12 years) for a thick mattress, from 16 cm. You can also add a mattress topper, which in addition to protecting it, extends its life.


The different latex mattresses

There are two types of latex mattresses:

  • The natural latex mattress, which contains 90% to 100% natural latex.
  • The mattress is synthetic latex, a mixture of cellular foam and 25% natural latex.

You will easily find several sizes of latex mattresses, depending on your needs.


Synthetic latex mattress


While it benefits from a lower density than the organic latex mattress, synthetic latex remains more interesting than a memory foam mattress in terms of support and comfort. Its price is lower than natural latex.


Synthetic latex tends to sag faster than natural latex, but this does not detract from its support and comfort.


Natural latex mattress


Natural latex is super breathable and naturally anti-dust mites, and antiallergic. Its high density (from 60 to 75 kg / m3) is perfect for people with back pain because it provides perfect support. It is suitable for people with large builds.



The price of a natural latex mattress is quite high but has a lifespan of up to 12 years.


Who is the latex mattress for?

The latex mattress has excellent ventilation, so it is recommended for people who sweat a lot during their sleep.

It is a comfortable mattress that provides relief for people with back problems because its density provides good support. Often, the area around the pelvis is reinforced. Large people will also appreciate this mattress for its firm support, adapted to each sleeper’s morphology.

Finally, allergy sufferers are particularly appreciated since the natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-dust mites.


How to choose the right latex mattress?

When choosing your latex mattress, the criteria to look at are its latex core density and thickness. This is what will guarantee its durability and firmness.

The density varies between 60 and 85 kg / m3. A high density is from 70 kg / m3 for excellent support and excellent firmness for information. If you are very building, choose a high-density mattress, the support will be ideal and your nights restful.

The latex core of the mattress must be at least 10 cm. Also, check that the latex is perforated, contributing to good air circulation and obtaining comfort zones adapted to different body types.

3 comfort zones, minimum, are required for good comfort. Latex mattresses with 5 to 7 comfort zones are top-rated and widespread.


Choosing the right box spring for a latex mattress

After you have found your mattress, it is important to choose the right base.

Indeed, the box spring contributes to the comfort but also the longevity of your mattress. For a latex mattress, the slatted base is recommended because it will allow more suitable support. You have the choice between the exposed slatted base or the slatted box spring. It depends on your preferences: the exposed slatted base is for sleepers who prefer low bedding with flexible comfort. At the same time, the slatted box spring will be higher and firmer.


The right latex mattress

The latex mattress has many advantages, especially if you choose it in natural latex: guaranteed ventilation, no problem of allergies, ideal support.

It is a mattress that meets the demands and needs of many sleepers and has several comfort zones. Available in several sizes, you will easily find it for sale online or in-store. For optimal comfort, do not hesitate to purchase the box spring that matches your latex mattress!

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