What To Do With His Old Mattress

What To Do With His Old Mattress

The old mattress is too small for you and your partner. You have back pain. You want a new mattress in Dubai. There are many reasons to buy a new mattress.

After hours of searching, you’ve finally chosen a model you like. And you want to click order, but you’re wondering: what am I going to do with my old mattress? Can I put it right outside the door? Or even balanced on the side of the road?

Your mattress seller cannot get your old mattress back because it is subject to very restrictive recycling obligations as a professional.

So we’ve been looking at the best ways for you to part with your old mattress.


5 Tips For Old Mattress

Large waste

Large waste is usually collected free of charge once a month or by appointment.

Yes, you can put your old mattress with bulky waste, but it does not sort under any circumstances with household garbage. The collection of bulky waste is usually free. Large waste must be easily loaded and grouped without interfering with passenger traffic on the sidewalk. They must be dropped off between 7 pm the day before collection and 6 am only. In many areas, bulky waste is collected once a month.

When is bulky waste collected? You can find the information in the local newspaper or on the website of your Town Hall.

You want to throw it away quickly, how do you do it? Some cities offer a bulky waste service that you can contact to throw away your old mattress. Convenient: You don’t have to be at home on pickup day. All you have to do is put your old mattress in front of your door on the day of the appointment. Small drawback: in some areas, the pickup service is not completely free, and sometimes you have to wait a very long time before getting an appointment.


The Recycling Centre

The old mattress is destroyed directly by professionals at the recycling center, and this act is usually completely free! Sometimes you need a badge that shows that you live in the city. In some recycling centers, you can even specify if the mattress is still usable. It will then be transferred to a recycling center.


Charitable donations

Can your mattress still be used? Is it clean? Many people would be happy to get it back. A great solution is to donate your old mattress to a charity. You can contact Emmaus or the Red Cross. For example, the Emmaus association proposes to recover and recycle your mattress. She can even come to your house to pick him up.


Free classifieds sites

You can also put an ad on dedicated sites like Leboncoin.fr or eBay and offer to sell or donate your old mattress by stipulating a home removal. These free ads usually attract many people so that you can get rid of your bedding quickly.



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