What Mattress to Buy For a Teenager

What Mattress to Buy For a Teenager

During the period of active growth and development of the child, namely at the age of 11-16 years, it is important to create the most comfortable conditions for sleep. Full night rest is the key to the normal functioning of the body of adolescents, who are exposed to increased both mental and physical exertion.

Children 11 years of age and older are often diagnosed with curvature of the spine associated with the development of scoliosis, kyphosis, etc. Today, children spend too much time sitting at the computer and being in the wrong position. The consequence of this is problems with the spine. During the day, parents can not always make sure that the child is not slouching, but in their power to provide everything necessary to ensure that the sleep of the growing child was healthy.

To arrange the right and positive in terms of the impact on the spine of the bed should first choose a quality and suitable mattress. What should parents pay attention to when buying such an accessory for a schoolboy?


Criteria for choosing a mattress

Adolescent children are strongly discouraged from spending the night on a soft sleeping surface. We are talking about folding sofas and corners, having different bumps and joints, as well as too soft mattresses of low-quality fillers. The best option for a child 11 years and older will be a bed equipped with an orthopedic mattress, preferably medium rigidity. The product must comply with the following standards:

  1. Have age-appropriate stiffness;
  2. Be ergonomic.
  3. contain safe anti-allergenic filler (synthetic or natural);
  4. Be comfortable.
  5. Match the size of the bed and the child’s height.
  6. have a high-quality, wear-resistant case.

In principle, mattresses for teenagers are not much different from sleeping surfaces, which are designed for adults. However, buying such an accessory for their child, parents should make increased demands on quality. Experts advise to buy products of well-known brands, which have proven themselves in the market.


Assortment of mattresses for school-age children

The textile industry is rapidly progressing, every year manufacturers produce new and more improved models of mattresses. How not to get lost among a huge number of products and make a really high-quality, useful purchase? To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the features and differences of this type of goods. Let’s start with the design of the proposed goods.

The first, in turn, classify on mattresses with a dependent spring block and independent springs. Both options have their own features, advantages and disadvantages, described below. Products with a single block (they are called Bonnelsprings) contain at its core the design of related springs. The way these parts can be connected can be different. Such mattresses are relatively low cost and accessibility, but at the same time do not have the necessary degree of rigidity, affecting the formation of the spine. Therefore, if you have to buy an accessory of this type, you need to choose models with an additional dense layer of polyurethane, which ensures the elasticity of the product. In general, we do not recommend the purchase of such mattresses for children and adolescents.

Mattresses with independent springsand are considered to be better, in comparison with single block structures. This option is a sleeping surface, which has many springs, not related to each other and placed in separate cases, which allows evenly distributed the body load of the sleeping teenager, promote normal circulation and the correct formation of the bone-muscle system. The orthopedic properties of such mattresses are rated as quite high. The advantage of the products is the absence of creaking, as separately packaged springs do not contact each other.

Mattresses with an independent spring block will become a reliable support for the spine of children and the key to the full development of their body during the night rest. Products of this type serve as a good means of preventing the progression of scoliosis, kyphosis and other similar diseases.

Now let’s talk about the second group – springless mattresses. To date, they are recognized as the best among all existing ones. They contain special materials that can be layered or a solid monolith. Filler in such sleeping surfaces is made of coke fiber, foam, latex and other quality, environmentally friendly materials. The advantage of this type of products is an acceptable price,as well as the high reliability of such mattresses.

All other things being equal should give preference to natural materials and proven factory – in this case, the chances of buying a low-quality mattress will be lower


Useful tips

Choosing a mattress for a teenager, you need to follow these criteria:

  • The type of filler. The filling of the accessory should be environmentally friendly and as natural as possible. Substandard mattresses secrete toxic substances for which the child may develop allergies. We recommend natural materials – latex and coconut coir,from inexpensive – polyurethane of high density.
  • The material of the case. The best choice will be a product covered with jacquard fabric, which is distinguished by durability and practicality. A good alternative is an accessory with a cotton cover.
  • Hardness. The degree of hardness is determined by the age of the teenager and the doctor’s testimony (in cases where there are problems with the spine). Purchase of a two-way mattress will be the best solution, as models “winter-summer” have surfaces with different degrees of rigidity. But in the case of a healthy child, we advise you to buy mattresses of medium rigidity.
  • Strength. Buying a mattress in dubai, you need to take into account how much weight it is designed. To the extent of their increased activity, many children like to jump and frolic on the bed, so the durability of the product is important. Here we prefer springless mattresses and mattresses with a density of independent spring block more than 250 springs per square meter.
  • The size of the mattress. For the sleeping surface to be comfortable for the teenager, the mattress must match the size of the bed. Therefore, you need to carefully measure the width and length of the niche in the bed.

Guided by the advice of experts, each parent will be able to pick up for their child a really high-quality and reliable mattress, which will last more than one year and provide the teenager a quiet, healthy sleep!

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