What Back Pain Mattress

What Back Pain Mattress?

The quality of sleep plays an important role in each person’s day. Sleeping well allows you to have steely morale and positively influences fitness.

Having a restful sleep is difficult with back pain. Changing bedding is often the best way to combat these pains when you wake up. However, there is a wide choice of models and technology, making a choice somewhat complicated. The question then arises, what mattress for back pain? Here is a little guide to finding the best model in case of inflammation in the back.


The causes of back pain

The causes of back pain

The mattress and box spring are often considered the main causes of back pain when waking up.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that pain can be due to many factors. Replacing the mattress can be more or less effective, depending on the cause of the inflammation.

The build-up of stress is often the trigger for neck and back pain. In the face of stress, the body counterattacks by clenching muscles, and muscle tension can be felt. If the wake-up pain is due to stress, a change of mattress will not do anything about it. It’s better to learn to relax, relax your muscles and eat a healthier diet.

However, in many cases, a change in the mattress can alleviate these pains or even make them disappear. A bad mattress, too soft or too firm, often causes back pain, as well as neck pain. With all the right elements, a good comfortable bed is a solution to solving these problems and enjoying restful sleep. Changing mattresses is, therefore, a way to correct bad positions during sleep. Inadequate position may be a cause of back pain when you wake up. With quality bedding, everyone can sleep well, no matter what their habits are.


The points to check on his mattress

Choosing a mattress for back pain is not an easy task. Many parameters come into the running and should be considered because they are the key to a good choice.

  • The firmness of the mattress is one of the criteria to check. It should not be too firm or too flexible. Indeed, the idea that a firm mattress is good for the back is far from true. On the contrary, its firmness can cause these pains, especially in people who have restless sleep. You have to choose the middle ground that keeps the body going.
  • The comfort of the mattress is also an important criterion. He must be fluffy enough to be able to sleep at ease.
  • The density of the mattress is a crucial factor, not insignificant. A dense mattress has a longer lifespan and is firm at will.
  • The ideal model helps regulate the body temperature.


Different mattress technologies

Three distinct technologies can be used in the design of a mattress.

Each of them has unique specificities determining the particularity of each model. Given the difference in these technologies, the products designed do not meet the same needs. It is therefore important to check which material best meets your expectations.

Latex is the best choice for people who are hot at night. This material is just as well suited to people who can’t stand the heat. It is indeed a honeycombed material that offers good aeration. The latex is also flexible enough to relieve pressure points at the shoulders. At the same time, it ensures good maintenance of the lumbar.

The shape of memory foam modulates the body’s contact points. This feature does not cause any back pain. In reality, they are thermo-reactive foams that react to body heat. These mattresses wrap the silhouette and form a cocoon that produces a weightless effect.

The stained springs provide dynamic and homogeneous support to the body. Frequently used in the world of bedding, these are compressed springs and individually wrapped in fabric. They provide point-by-point support to the body to maintain the alignment of the spine.


Hybrid mattresses


The world of bedding is constantly changing, new varieties of mattresses for back pain have appeared.

Sold mainly online, these are high-tech mattresses made up of several layers. These new concepts allow you to take advantage of the benefits of latex, memory foam, and stained springs. Many start-ups have also entered this market and offer high-quality hybrid mattresses.

To promote these new products, trial periods of up to 100 days are available. Moreover, by selling only on the web, these start-ups can sell at extremely competitive rates.

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