Trianon Mattress Test and Opinion

Trianon Mattress Test and Opinion

The Trianon brand is none other than the mattress brand created by La Compagnie du Lit, bedding manufacturers, since 1988.

With Trianon, La Compagnie du lit offers you a choice of premium mattresses made in France for a comfort equivalent to the best 5-star hotels.

What are Trianon mattresses worth? What are the prices? I love to sleep conducted the survey.


Our opinion on the Trianon mattress

The Trianon range of mattresses offers 4 models: Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, Grand Opéra and Opéra, in several sizes.

Aesthetic aspect

The Trianon mattresses have a simply royal aesthetic appearance: with 4 colours to choose from, a stretch and extra soft ticking, horizontal handles to move it, these mattress are truly luxurious. You can also choose the headboard to match the colour of your best mattress.

Sealy mattress technology

If you are a fan of memory foam mattresses, you should know that the Trianon brand has chosen the pocket sprung mattress category for your comfort.

The number of springs at Trianon is greater than those of the competition, which ensures that pressure zones are lightened and that you have perfect sleeping independence. Each mattress has. Besides, an integrated mattress topper perfectly fit the shape of the body.

The comfort of a palace

Trianon offers a mattress made with noble materials and with lots of details.


The comfort level of the Trianon mattress

The comfort level of the Trianon mattress

Different comforts

The Trianon mattresses are super comfortable: with 38 cm thick for the Grand Trianon and 35 for the Petit Trianon and 7 comfort zones, you have firm mattresses and balanced mattresses that allow you to benefit from an excellent level of comfort. Firmness and support and a mellow welcome.

All this promotes proper alignment of the back and spine, alleviates pressure points to prevent and relieve pain. The pocket springs allow sleeping independence, much appreciated by users.


The breathability of the Trianon mattress

Trianon mattresses are covered with a ticking that guarantees good moisture transfer. A filling in natural silk and hollow fibres or wool for the Opera range guarantee thermal comfort in all seasons.

Stay dry!

The mattress is always clean and dry.


Find out more about the Trianon mattress pricing policy

As you can see, Trianon mattresses are high-end models that require a certain financial investment depending on the size of the mattress.

For a 90×190 cm mattress, count between 1,500 and 2,000 euros, depending on the range chosen. For larger sizes, such as the 200×200 cm mattress, you will need to spend between 2,000 and 4,000 euros.


Mattresses under warranty

Trianon mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years, and you have 100 nights to try them.

The particularities of the delivery of the Trianon mattress

Compagnie du Lit, the creator of the Trianon brand, offers free delivery. You can order online or go to a store.

On the brand’s website, we offer comfort delivery directly to the use room at € 30 and premium delivery, with installation in the use room, at € 45. These options can be interesting, especially if you live in an apartment.

Delivery depending on the store

Delivery times and prices are dependent on the resellers.


Return policy at Trianon

Test the mattress at a dealer

Return conditions are indicated on the website of Compagnie du Lit, the sole seller of the Trianon brand. If you are not satisfied within 100 nights of the delivery date, contact the website or store to purchase.

You can exchange a mattress but nowhere does the notion of reimbursement appear. You will have to pay a contribution of 100 euros in delivery costs to proceed with the exchange.

Dealer return

Mattresses must be returned in their original packaging.


The advantages and disadvantages of the Trianon mattress

Like all mattresses, there can be certain advantages or disadvantages. We have listed them for you to help you in your choice:


High-quality mattress High price

5-year warranty No refund possible, only an exchange

100 nights trial

Choice of the colour of your mattress

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