Tréca mattress review and test

Tréca mattress review and test

Since 1935, the Parisian bedding brand TRÉCA has passed on its heritage and hand-sewn know-how from generation to generation. Thanks to tailor-made and respect for traditions, it very quickly becomes the benchmark in high-end bedding.

To offer you exceptional bedding, the brand is inspired by the comfort of the greatest Parisian palaces and the best designers, workers and artisans. She only uses noble materials.

TRÉCA offers 5 mattress collections, from 3 universes. We chose to test the Nuage mattress from the Air du Temps collection.

So that you can form an opinion on TRÉCA mattresses, we have tested them for you.


Our opinion on the Tréca Nuage mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The TRÉCA Nuage mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

  • The top is the top: a white ticking made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose.
  • The lower part, the band, is covered with 100% polyester ticking. It is stitched with 5 embroidered horizontal handles to facilitate the movement of the mattress.

The positive point

The mattress band has 4 aerators for the perfect hygiene of the mattress.


The composition of the mattress

The TRÉCA Nuage mattress is a combination of several patented technologies. It comprises :

  • A suspension, which guarantees enveloping comfort and progressive support.
  • Padding of the suspension and cover, which guarantees support and durability.
  • Winter Face, which is composed of 1.5cm of flexible Softcare foam and 5cm of memory foam to relieve your pressure points whatever your sleeping position.
  • A Summer Face, which uses Outlast technology to store and redistribute heat.

The manufacture of the Tréca mattress

Comfort level

Mattresses for everyone

TRÉCA Nuage offers an enveloping welcome and substantial support. Its thickness is 28 cm.

It is a pocket spring mattress that uses Air Spring Technology: it adapts ideally to your morphology to offer you point by point support and guarantees you excellent sleeping independence.

The +: suitable for all sleepers, whatever their morphology or sleeping position.

The breathability of the Tréca mattress

TRÉCA has equipped its mattress:

  • Aerators for better ventilation.
  • A perforated fairing and a strip frame for optimal ventilation.
  • Patented Outlast technology for excellent thermoregulation.

The +: summer and winter, your nights are at the right temperature!

For all sizes

TRÉCA is the bedding brand to offer the widest choice of sizes.

Our opinion on the pricing policy

TRÉCA Nuage is a very high-quality mattress that combines technology, comfort and elegance.

With the 23 different sizes, you are bound to find the one that suits you.

The call price is 803 € for the single bed in the 70cm x 190cm format. The standard 140cm x 190cm double bed is available at € 1,069. The Kingsize format in 200cm x 200cm is, for its part, displayed at € 1,819.

For all sizes

TRÉCA is the bedding brand to offer the widest choice of sizes.

Our opinion on the Tréca Air spring mattress

This mattress, made in France, offers the choice of firm or substantial support. The Treca imperial air spring mattress is one of the brand’s high-end mattresses.

With its 30 cm thickness, the filling quality offers you a firm welcome but soft and mellow. It is composed of air spring pocket springs with foam reception layers, which follow the body’s curves and adapt to all positions of the sleeper. Software technology ensures natural thermoregulation. Comfort and support are guaranteed with this neatly finished mattress worthy of a luxury hotel.

Aesthetic aspect

The Treca imperial air spring mattress looks like this:

The top part

A part called the top and composed of a white ticking, 100% viscose.

Lower part

The band around the mattress on the sides is padded. The ticking is also made of 100% viscose. There are 6 horizontal handles and 4 aerators.

The imperial air spring mattress has a wool and mohair summer side and a linen and silk winter side. Each side has a 3 cm softcore foam layer for balanced mattress comfort.

Technical design

The 4 aerators on the sides of the mattress ensure good breathing and good hygiene.


The composition of the Treca Imperial Air Spring mattress

The mattress consists of:

  • An air spring pocket spring suspension, which constitutes the soul of the mattress: for a welcome that adapts perfectly to your morphology and point by point support, not to mention excellent sleeping independence.
  • A 3 cm softcore foam tray, with a summer side and a winter side, covered with a white viscose ticking. This softcore technology provides balanced and personalized comfort for restful and recovering sleep.
  • A padded band on the sides with 6 carrying handles and 4 aerators.
  • The imperial air spring mattress has full padding, made by hand to guarantee the fillings’ maintenance.
  • A fairing and a strip frame reinforce the seating area and prevent deformation of the mattress. You are thus assured of the optimal longevity of your air spring mattress.

The Treca Imperial Air Spring comfort level

The Treca imperial air spring mattress offers firm support and a soft welcome over time.

Its 30 cm thickness is a top-of-the-range mattress, both in terms of finishes and support, which adapts to all sleepers. Thanks to the padding, the maintenance of the fillings are guaranteed, with swelling and softness. The seating area is reinforced to prevent the feeling of rolling or falling and thus allow comfort from one side of the mattress to the other. Finally, the pocket springs are perfect for sleeping independence, much appreciated by couples.

The breathability of the Imperial air spring mattress

The combination of mohair wool (winter side) and linen and silk (summer side) added to the Air Spring springs’ natural ventilation allows excellent thermoregulation of the mattress whatever the season. The 4 aerators complete this well-being.

Compatible with relaxation bed base

With the imperial air spring mattress, you can also choose the bi-comfort or relaxation option.

Our opinion on the price policy of the Tréca Imperial Air Spring mattress

The price of the Imperial air spring mattress is difficult to find on the internet. Treca does not sell online, and resellers do not quote the price of luxury mattresses.

It is, therefore, necessary to request a quote. Compared with other high-end mattresses, the price range starts around 800 euros for a 90×190 cm mattress and can go up to 5,000 euros for a 200 x 200 cm mattress.

With the 23 different sizes, you are bound to find the one that suits you.

To your size

An extensive choice of dimensions.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Tréca mattress

Delivery conditions according to the delivery person

The delivery conditions are different from one reseller to another:

  • Delivery can be free or paid
  • The deadlines vary from a few days to several weeks.
  • Some deliver to your door and others to the room of your choice.

Online or in-store delivery

Have you chosen your TRÉCA mattress? To place an order, you will need to find a reseller online or in-store.

To find the nearest sale point, the brand offers you, via its site, to enter your postal code, your city or even geolocation.

Delivery according to the reseller

The distribution network being vast, you can both have an overview in-store and order your mattress online thanks to the reference you will have noted.

Return policy at Tréca

Like universal online mattress sites, not all bedding brands offer you to test your mattress at home to get an opinion quietly.

This is the reason why we recommend that you spend a little time at the point of sale, to find out which reception and comfort suits you the most. Nothing prevents you, then, to order online if the prices and delivery conditions are more advantageous.

We invite you to contact the point of sale or the online reseller to find out about their conditions and advantages.

Tréca invites you to try its mattress in-store

The possibility of trying in-store and then buying mattress online in dubai if the prices are more interesting is an option.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Tréca mattress

Tréca sets the bar very high when it comes to the care and choice of technologies applied to its mattresses.


The know-how and the notoriety of the brand Delivery conditions: we had to wait between 3 and 4 weeks

The combination of several patented technologies Return conditions

Reversibility The non-removable mattress

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