Tempur mattress test and review

Tempur mattress test and review

It all started in the stars, and in the early 1970s, the Tempur material was developed at the NASA Research Center. Tempur begins its activity by making a material whose purpose was to relieve astronauts’ pressure when taking off.

Ten years later, a Swedish manufacturer decided to use this innovative foam material in mattresses for consumers worldwide.

Tempur thus manufactures a so-called thermosensitive foam, reacting to the heat of the body and the room, which offers a feeling of envelopment and exceptional absorption properties of pressure points. It is the memory foam, which covers all Tempur mattresses and ergonomic pillows.

Since then, the TEMPUR bedding brand, which manufactures its mattresses in Denmark and the USA, has continued to develop its technologies for ever more efficient products. It owns the best-known brands in the bedding market: Tempur®, Tempur-Pedic®, Sealy®, Sealy Posturepedic®, Optimum ™, and Stearns & Foster®. Since 2011, Tempur is the world number one in bedding.

We chose to test the Original Coolsoft mattress, elite version, among other available mattresses such as the Tempur Cloud mattress or the Tempur Hybrid mattress.


Our opinion on the Tempur Cooltouch mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The TEMPUR Original Cooltouch mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

The top part

The upper part, in white colour, has a unique embossed ticking that uses Cooltouch technology. Very pleasant to the touch, it leaves a feeling of freshness.

Middle part

A zip allows you to remove the Quick Refresh cover, which is machine washable at 60 °. Your mattress thus keeps all its freshness.

Lower part

The lower part is covered with a grey, non-slip fabric. A coloured label specifies the name of the Collection.

Refreshing technology

With its Quickrefresh technology, the cover eliminates odours and keeps your mattress fresh.

You can easily find the size you want: Tempur brand mattresses are available in several mattress sizes on mattressdubai.ae , but also several mattress thicknesses are available.


The composition of the Tempur mattress

Several technologies and layers make up the TEMPUR Original Cooltouch mattress (Elite version):

  • A 3 cm layer of extrasoft Tempur material.
  • A 9cm layer of memory foam, Tempur material, a high-performance material that reacts to your body weight and temperature. When you lie down, the complex network of interconnected viscoelastic cells softens, gradually adjusting to the curves of your body for quality sleep. On contact with your body’s colder areas, or when you stand up, it becomes firmer and regains its original shape.
  • 2 layers of 6.5 cm Durabase material.
  • Not to mention the Quick  Refresh cover

The Tempur material also gives you perfect sleeping independence. You will no longer suffer from your partner’s movements. This is what gives the shape memory mattress effect.


The making of the Tempur mattress

Comfort level

Any comfort

The TEMPUR Original Cooltouch mattress offers well-balanced comfort and good firm support. The one we have chosen has a thickness of 25cm (Elite), but it is also available in 19cm (Prima), 21cm (Supreme) and 30cm (Luxe).

The materials that make up this mattress allow optimal pressure relief. The sleeper’s weight is distributed evenly for unparalleled comfort, regardless of the sleeping position. With their remarkable absorption capacity, the rebound effect is limited. So you turn around less often during the night and wake up less. You have a restful sleep.

The breathability of the Tempur mattress

A breeze of freshness sweeps your nights. Thanks to Cooltouch technology, all the moisture in your mattress is evacuated. Your mattress benefits from perfect ventilation and good air circulation. No more nights when you will be too hot: they will now always be at the right temperature.

Adapts to the seasons

Whatever the season, you will no longer have to turn your mattress. The Tempur Original mattress adapts and guarantees you freshness in summer, and a warm welcome in winter, thanks to Cooltouch technology.

Our opinion on the pricing policy

TEMPUR Original Cooltouch is a mattress that uses space technology for weightless sleep. This technology positions Tempur mattresses in the luxury bedding market. It is available in 9 sizes and 4 thicknesses. Depending on the thickness chosen, the number of sizes offered will be different.

We chose the Cooltouch Elite mattress, with a thickness of 25 cm. It is available in 6 sizes: 3 for a single bed and 3 for a double bed. The call price for the 80×200 mattress is 2.179 €. It takes € 3,299 for the standard 140×190 mattress size and € 4,069 for the king-size 180×200 mattress.

Because of its products’ quality, the price nevertheless appears amply justified and consistent with the various advanced technologies used to design the best mattress.

Tempur does not offer a refund but an exchange of mattresses. Please note, however, that transport costs are your responsibility unless you have the option of returning the mattress to the warehouse. If you choose a cheaper mattress, you will not be refunded the difference. Conversely, if the mattress is more expensive, you will pay the surplus. (Find all these details in the “100 nights trial” section)

Expensive and quality mattresses

Even if the prices are not within reach of all budgets, you are sure to have in your possession a high-end mattress with optimal comfort. What is a shame is that Tempur does not offer to pay in instalments. You must pay in full when ordering, by credit card or Paypal. However, you get 100 trial nights to test your mattress.

Our opinion on the Tempur Cloud mattress

The Cloud Tempur mattress range consists of the Elite, Luxe, Supreme and Prima models. This collection is aimed at sleepers who are looking for a soft and supple welcome but excellent support.

The Tempur material’s quality gives you a feeling of envelopment and adapts to the shape of your body for total relaxation and restful sleep. With a 10 year warranty, 100-night trial and free shipping, Tempur promise you a premium mattress for a simply perfect nights sleep!

Aesthetic aspect

The range of Tempur Cloud mattresses has 3 visible parts:

The top part

The white ticking, very soft, benefits from Cooltouch technology to stay fresh.

Middle part

A zipper allows you to remove the cover and put it through the machine, perfect for your mattress’s hygiene.

Lower part

The fabric is grey in colour and non-slip.

Simple and efficient

The removable cover, easy to remove for perfect hygiene


The composition of the Tempur Cloud mattress

The Tempur mattress consists of:

  • A layer of Tempur Extra Soft material (the thickness varies between 4 and 7 cm depending on the mattress chosen)
  • A layer of Tempur Support material, or memory foam, varying in thickness between 4 and 9 cm
  • An 11 cm layer of Durabase material (except the Luxe 14 cm model)

The mattress is covered with a removable, non-slip cover. The mattress is guaranteed for 10 years.

The comfort level of the Cloud mattress

Any comfort

Tempur Cloud mattresses feature a soft feel and firm support.

The thickness varies from 19 to 30 cm, depending on the mattress chosen. The supportive layers and memory foam ensure an excellent adaptation to your body to relieve pressure points. No longer be embarrassed by your nocturnal movements: the Tempur Cloud mattress is recommended for people who have a restless sleep. This gives you freedom of movement and can sleep peacefully, without being afraid of disturbing your partner!

The breathability of the Tempur Cloud mattress

The Tempur Cloud mattress has an open pore structure that allows good air ventilation. This avoids the risk of humidity. You sleep on a mattress that stays healthy, even if you sweat.

Fresh like in a cloud

With “No Flip” technology, no need to turn your mattress at the change of season.

Tempur Cloud mattress pricing policy

The price range is quite high, but you are entitled to a premium mattress.

Thus, the cheapest call price, namely the Prima Cloud, starts at € 1,520 for a 70×190 cm mattress. For a 180 x 200 cm 2-seater mattress, i.e. a king-size, it will cost € 2,816. For the Luxe Cloud range, the King Size 180 x 200 cm is € 4,686.

It’s a shame that Tempur doesn’t offer instalment payments, but you get 100 nights to test your mattress.

Tempur does not offer a refund but an exchange of mattresses. Please note, however, that transport costs are your responsibility unless you have the option of returning the mattress to the warehouse. If you choose a cheaper mattress, you will not be refunded the difference. Conversely, if the mattress is more expensive, you will pay the surplus. (Find all these details in the “100 nights trial” section)

100 nights trial

You are guaranteed to have a quality mattress for perfect sleep.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Tempur mattress

Distributor network

At TEMPUR, delivery is free from 100 € of purchase, whether you are in Metropolitan France or Corsica. (For less than 100 €, it will cost you 6 € of delivery costs.) Small products are sent to you by Colissimo.

If the mattress is in stock, you will be delivered within 10 days if you live in Paris. It will take you 2 to 3 weeks minimum if you are located in the Province.

You will receive an email with information regarding the shipment of your order. The delivery provider will contact you to set a delivery date. The delivery time is a bit longer compared to some competitors who deliver within 48-72 hours. And for overseas territories, you will need to find a reseller if you wish to purchase a TEMPUR mattress.

If the mattress is not in stock, you will be notified of the next availability.

Free delivery from 100 € of purchase

Unlike some competing brands, it is possible to order your mattress directly on the site.

As a mattress, in general, is worth more than 100 €, you are guaranteed to have free delivery.

Return policy at Tempur

Test the mattress

Because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to test your new mattress in the comfort of your own home, TEMPUR offers you a 100-night trial!

To do this, order your mattress directly on the brand’s website or from its authorized resellers. From the delivery date, you then have between 30 days and 100 nights to decide whether you want to keep or exchange it.

Please note, this trial offer is only valid for a new standard size mattress. This will not work for other mattress sizes or exhibition or second-hand or destocking mattresses.

100 nights trial!

The possibility of testing the mattress for 100 nights allows you to get a real idea of ​​the mattress. It can be exchanged but not refunded. It should be noted that the return costs remain your responsibility (unless you can go directly to the warehouse in Gonesse to drop off your mattress, which will only be possible for people living in the area). It’s a shame because most manufacturers offer free return and refund.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Tempur mattress


The reputation of the brand and its know-how The delivery time

Its cutting-edge technologies The price

100 nights satisfied or exchanged No refund possibility, only an exchange

Free delivery Return costs payable by the customer

10-year warranty

The removable and washable mattress

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