TEDIBER Mattress Test and Review

TEDIBER Mattress Test and Review

Since the end of 2015, the 1st French brand revolutionizes the world of bedding by marketing a universal mattress at the right price.

Designed in France and manufactured in Belgium, the mattresses are of exceptional and durable quality.

TEDIBER offers its customers two types of mattresses, “both firm and welcoming”, available all year round for easy purchase.

To have an excellent shopping experience, TEDIBER also offers them express and free niche delivery, careful packaging, the possibility of paying three times without charge, a quick refund in the event of a return and customer service always available. And nice weather you are satisfied or not.

So that you can form an opinion on the TEDIBER mattress, we have tested it for you. And the least we can say is that our opinion is positive. As the opinion of many people who have tested it!

Our opinion on the Tediber mattress


Aesthetic aspect

Top of the mattress

The white contact surface is made from Tencel stretch, as on the tedi mattress by the Tiber. Made from natural eucalyptus fibres used in baby mattresses.

We understand why this material was chosen because it is extremely breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-dust mites. And that without any treatment!

The zipper

In the middle of the mattress, a blue strip hides the ultra-resistant zipper, which allows you to remove the mattress easily and effortlessly!

The underside

Under the mattress, the high-end grey fabric is extra resistant, breathable and pleasant to the touch.

Foolproof stability

The presence of a non-slip surface prevents the mattress from sliding on the base and therefore easily adapts to the base, whatever it is.

This surface may seem trivial, but in practice, it really has its uses!

The composition of the mattress

The mattress is made up of 3 layers of foam of exceptional quality:

  • The upper part comprises a 2.5 cm thick layer of reception foam, in polyurethane, with a density of 45 kg / m3. The welcome foam provides a soft and plump welcome: it is the welcoming side of the “firm and welcoming” appellation of the Tediber mattress. Its porosity allows heat to be evacuated and thus offers optimum temperature regulation throughout the night.
  • Besides, this foam is not noisy during your movements.
  • The middle part is composed of 3.5cm of memory foam for a perfect distribution of pressure points. Also called viscoelastic, this foam makes you feel like you are truly lying on a cloud. Its technical characteristics (a density of 50 kg / m3) confirm our impressions: the quality is there.
  • The lower part comprises 19 cm of high-density polyurethane tediber foam for excellent support and a durable mattress. Also called viscoelastic, this foam makes you feel like you are truly lying on a cloud. Its technical characteristics (a density of 50 kg / m3) confirm our impressions: the quality is there.

The set formed by this composition allows, in our opinion, TEDIBER to offer an excellent firm mattress while remaining comfortable. It will even suit sleepers up to 130 kg. Before marketing, the manufacturer had numerous fatigue, and resistance tests carried out, simulating the equivalent of 15 years of use. And the mattress comes out handily!


The comfort level of the Tiber mattress

The comfort level of the Tiber mattress

Mattresses for everyone

Before launching its mattresses on the market, TEDIBER had many prototypes tested by people with different body types and needs to offer a mattress that adapts to everyone.

Based on these tests, the manufacturer is now committing to a 10-year warranty period, which allows it to outperform many competitors. Because in the majority, 5 to 7 years guarantee that we find with the majority of the actors.

People with the heavy build will not be outdone since a test was carried out with a 130kg sleeper, and it concludes that the mattress deforms by less than 5% after 15 years.

Memory foam

The foams used have been chosen and combined to provide optimal comfort, firm and welcoming at the same time. The well-being it provides becomes intoxicating; it is even difficult to get rid of it.

Thanks to the memory foam, which allows a good distribution of pressure points and the polyurethane welcome layer, nothing to say, the sleeping independence is total! Beyond good independence, this foam’s characteristics help the sleeper sleep well regardless of his sleeping position.

The breathability of the Tediber mattress

The polyurethane foam really turns out to play its temperature regulator role: no feeling of heat, the mattress breathes “all by itself”. Moreover, it is also for this reason that the Tediber mattress adapts to all profiles. The Tiber pillow also provides excellent breathability.

To fully understand, it should be known that most of the other manufacturers offering a similar mattress have a memory foam that is in the first contact with the body of the sleeper. Result: an impression of being too wrapped up and hot spots during the night! This will not be the case with your TEDIBER mattress.

Good temperature controller

As the mattress does not have a summer/winter side, there is no need to turn the mattress other than to change the head/foot orientation to increase its durability (recommended for all mattresses brands on the market. )

Our opinion on the pricing policy

Certainly, at TEDIBER, there is no Tediber promo code, but the quality of the mattress makes us quickly forget it. The brand wanted to be fair and offers all its customers a unique product, available all year round, at the same price, a fair price without hidden costs.

But even if TEDIBER offers a unique mattress, you will have the choice between 15 available sizes on mattressdubai.ae, with a price range ranging from 400 € for the 

Our opinion on the delivery of the Tediber mattress


The brand uses the Bed-in-a-box principle: a compressed and rolled mattress in a compact and easy to transport box.

Unlike other manufacturers, TEDIBER offers rectangular packaging, making handling even easier when you want to place it in your chosen room.

Because Tediber thinks of everything (really everything), he included a small cutter to allow you to remove the protective film from the mattress and open it easily, always without effort.

Once the protection is removed, it takes about 6 hours for the mattress to take its final shape. And since there is no summer/winter side, once your mattress is installed, you will no longer need to touch it!

Free delivery throughout France

Delivery to Tediber is yet another strong point that no one can dispute.

With its free delivery, everywhere in France, and the possibility of choosing your niche, even on the day, the order is placed, delivery at Tediber makes it one of the most efficient on the market. It is also valid for other brand products, such as Tediber bed linen or the Tediber mattress protector.

The choice of having a production location in Belgium, just a few minutes from Lille, makes it possible to offer a high level of responsiveness to customers who place orders while guaranteeing high quality.

Custom delivery

If you order a box spring simultaneously as the mattress, the two packages will be delivered to you at the same time, in the room of your choice, even upstairs.

For residents of Paris and those located in Ile-De-France, TEDIBER even delivers to you during the day, provided you have placed your order before 12 noon. If the order is placed after this time, delivery will be made the next day from 2 p.m. (Paris) or 3:30 p.m. (departments 77, 78, 91 and 95).

Return policy at the Tiber

100 nights trial

TEDIBER offers you 100 trial nights to test your mattress. This period starts from the day of delivery. In 100 days and even less, it is more than easy to get an idea of ​​the Tediber mattress, even if your previous mattress was very different.

Customer service

If you are not satisfied, you can contact Tediber customer service. They are welcoming and easily reachable (email, chat or phone Monday to Saturday, and on social networks 7 days a week). They do their best to ensure that you always have the same advisor on the phone.


You organize the return of your mattress at the expense of Tiber. Then, 48 hours after receipt, you are fully refunded.

Customer service is available and efficient.

Mattresses returned in good condition during the 100-night trial period are reconditioned and offered to Emmaüs Défi for reintegration through the employment of people in precarious situations. It is the solidarity commitment TEDIBER. Those returned in poor condition are recycled.

For 30 € more, TEDIBER also offers to recover your old mattress.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Tediber mattress

At the end of this period, if you are not satisfied, you may be happy to have to call Tediber customer service because not only are they easily and quickly reachable (email, chat or phone from Monday to Saturday, as well as only on social networks 7 days a week) but also:

  • For the quality of their welcome
  • For the fact that Tediber does his best to ensure that the same advisor is at the service of the client,
  • Their solutions adapted to each problem.

Together, you organize the free return of your mattress. 48 hours after receipt, you are refunded in full, or the mattress is refunded quickly!


The unique product, therefore, easy to order. The TEDIBER mattress will not suit you if you appreciate the really soft welcome. But even if it is firm, the mattress remains welcoming. And you have 100 nights to test it.

Express delivery to the desired floor and room.

Mattress well protected and usable after a few minutes.

Hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite and antibacterial cover, without treatment.

Sleeping independence/ideal for sleeping two

Easy to maintain with the removable cover and washable at 30 °

The mattress is adaptable to all body types.

Free return and full refund.

Full 10-year warranty.

The mattresses offered by the Tiber

We would have liked to put 20/20 because:

 The delivery is express, efficient and careful

 The mattress is really amazing

 Customer service is available and good advice

 A fair price all year round

 Their universe is really nice

But also because we like committed brands.

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