Springs Or Without Springs Which Mattress To Choose

Springs Or Without Springs Which Mattress To Choose

Mattresses in the distant past are the creaking of springs. You lie on it, and you find yourself a centimeter from the floor.

On average, a third of a person’s life is spent in a dream. This time is necessary for the body to rest and recover. Therefore, the right choice of a mattress depends on how soon you will feel back pain and whether you will feel it at all.

A person who comes to a regular store can be gripped by panic. Hundreds of different models can be presented in the trading hall. You can’t lie to everyone; you can’t touch everything. How to choose then?

We offer to familiarize yourself with the main characteristics and buy the best mattress in Dubai right model of the house to be fully armed in the store.


5 principles of the perfect mattress

Your mattress should be 20 cm longer than your height.

A good mattress is always about safety. Remember that the synthetic materials that the manufacturer has saved can cost you health. You recognize them by the unpleasant smell.

If you are allergic, choose a mattress made of hypoallergenic materials. Imagine if you go to sleep on a mattress made of wool.

If the mattress “does not breathe,” in addition to you on it, sleep pathogenic bacteria. Be sure to check if everything is fine with the air exchange of the model of interest.

Your age is an important criterion when choosing a mattress. Young people feel comfortable in a hard bed. People of the older generation need to choose a soft mattress not to disturb the circulation of blood.

If you have a history of musculoskeletal diseases, check with your doctor for advice. It will determine the degree of rigidity of your bed relative to the localization of pain.


Mattress with springs

All spring mattresses can be divided into two groups: the dependent spring block “Bonnel”; with an independent spring block.

The dependent spring block has the same rigidity throughout the area. It may begin to creak, considered short-lived but budgetary. That is why such mattresses are practically not in demand, except as a summer option.

Another thing is mattresses, in which hundreds of springs are separated from each other and covered with special covers. Soft, medium-tight, hard – you pick up the mattress to your parameters and preferences. And in addition, you can choose a mattress with several dozen zones of varying rigidity. Perhaps on the soft part will be your lower back, and maybe the wife. Each partner picks up the perfect stiffness and comfortably rests during the night.

Two and a half hundred springs per meter mattress, and you get a beautiful sleeper, made with modern standards in mind.

Multipocket, for example, pleases buyers with five hundred springs, and super comfort models can contain up to two thousand micro-springs.


What is a good mattress with an independent spring block?

First, these mattresses are orthopedic. They can relieve you of back pain or prevent them.

Secondly, there is no noise or “wave” from this mattress. Sleep really becomes calm and pleasant.

Plus and minus such a mattress in price. They are more expensive than their counterparts but serve for decades, which means much more useful for health and family budgets. The one-bedroom mattress will cost you 20 thousand rubles, for two-bedroom will have to give up to 50.

One inconvenience makes the buyer think – to take or not to take a mattress with an independent spring block – it is impossible to jump. If you are ready to accept it, choose and sleep quietly.

Here’s what the buyers who have already used the spring mattress say: “We bought a mattress dubai Hybrid mattress, sleep for a month and are very happy! At the first acquaintance seemed very soft – it’s a deceptive impression, the mattress is soft in moderation, as it should; sleep very comfortably, adjusts to the shape of the body, wake up asleep. In combination with an orthopedic pillow, it relieves puffiness! I never thought that proper sleep could solve this problem. Our mattress is hybrid. It is more expensive than the Concept, as it is on springs—more than 2,000 pieces for one bed. We began to get enough sleep – for the first time in many years of sleep on all sorts of sofas. Thank you for the miracle mattress!”


How to choose a mattress with springs

In addition to springs, the mattress contains an additional layer of “stuffing.” How comfortable your mattress will depend on the thin layer connecting the case and springs.

If you want the mattress to be elastic and dense, choose coconut filler.

Suppose you want to get maximum softness – latex. By the way, if your figure is thin, you will fit a soft mattress, and if lush – hard. Children should sleep on a medium-hard mattress while the spine is formed.


Mattresses without springs

The support of the body on such a mattress is formed thanks to high-tech materials. Like a puff cake, they are filled with different “stuffing,” and the expense of this can be absolutely any rigidity.

Most often, in such mattresses, the basis is taken latex. Its properties will last for many years, and softness gives the sleeping place special comfort. So you don’t have to pay a lot of money for an all-natural mattress; the latex material is “diluted” with foam. To add rigidity to the product, the manufacturer can apply a layer of the core, which will give the mattress elasticity. You can adjust the degree of rigidity of the mattress using the same components but changing the layers in places.

Coconut mattresses are ideal for newborns and are disastrous for the elderly. Their stiffness will help the baby to sleep and will cause back pain to the pensioner.

In addition to the classic, familiar fillers, the market has a modern Memory Foam. It is a foamed material that has the ability to “remember” the contours of the body and restore shape in a matter of minutes after the person got out of bed.

Manufacturers have learned to turn ordinary mattresses into products that close several requests of buyers. New generation mattresses “breathe,” retain heat, repel moisture, and all this thanks to the use of high-tech materials.

The main advantage of the springless mattress is its reliability. Whether a child jumps on it or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s not going to break.

If your mattress is crumbled or torn, rest assured, the manufacturer has saved on the materials.

Orthopedic springless mattresses have pros and cons. They are quite expensive than their spring “colleagues” and at the same time have amazing orthopedic properties.

Sensation Deluxe 27 with filler from expensive Tempur foam® costs about 220,000 rubles.

As for the springless mattresses, say to their owners: “I want to express an opinion in favor of the mattress Dubai Concept. We bought, tested for the second week. No complaints, only positive emotions. Comfortable, moderately hard, rest on it is very nice. On all sides, the mattress supports your body and does not press anywhere.”


Choosing a mattress without springs

The best option is a multi-layered mattress made of different fillers. Hard in the middle and soft at the edges of the model is ideal for sleeping and relaxing at any age and weight. The only thing, no matter what the springless mattress, it will withstand the weight of no more than 130 kg. If your weight is more than 100 kg, choose a spring hard mattress, if less – a mattress of medium rigidity or soft.

There are also special thin mattresses without springs, made to hide the irregularities of the sofa.


Buy a good mattress

No one will tell about mattresses better than a specialist of a specialized company.

This is what mattress Dubai, a specialist at mattress Dubai, which is known for its innovative sleep products: “To choose a mattress that gives you a healthy sleep, contact the official dealers of well-known brands. It can be a specialized department in a large shopping center and an Internet site. You can study the range offered in the online store and then visit the showroom to decide on the choice. We think that the mattress is one of those products, which can be appreciated by practicality and convenience only during operation. Therefore, even testing in the store will not allow the buyer to fully understand how convenient a model is, although it can help in the choice: testing will cut off some obviously unacceptable options. Many are not easy to decide and because of the large assortment of outwardly similar to each other mattresses, which at the same time can differ markedly in value. To make it easier for our customers to choose, we have done as they often do in Britain and have developed orthopedic mattresses that can meet the needs of most customers. The weight of the sleeper, the position during sleep, the body temperature – in the design of mattresses, we take into account all factors. As a result, there were two models, which can be called universal. This is a springless mattress Dubai concept mattress, which has a stiffness above average and is designed for a load of one bed at around 120 kg. And a mattress with a block of independent springs mattress Dubai Hybrid with a permissible load of 140 kg. Each of the products is a “sandwich” of several layers. In both models, the top layer is made of Sleep Cool Memory Foam foam, which has a memory effect. The material adjusts to the individual characteristics of the sleeper: relieves tension from the points of greatest pressure, provides delicate but reliable support of the spine. It is made from raw materials based on natural soybean oil; such composition improves hygroscopic requirements for the mattress, providing good ventilation and hygiene standards. Plus, the material reacts to heat and “regulates” the bed’s temperature, preventing overheating or hypothermia. Because of the product features, Sleep Cool Memory Foam foam is less dense than other mattress foams, so it restores the shape faster, which increases the life of the product. Additional ventilation of the mattress is created with the help of special air channels in a monolithic layer. The basis of the products is a multizonal block of elastic foam Blue Foam, durable and elastic. Anatomical support for the back is provided in the mattress Dubai Concept model by creating pressure-weakened pressure zones in the monolithic block. The mattress Dubai Hybrid also includes 2,000 thin, light, and flexible micro-springs with a patented design and the Royal Corporate Award (the prestigious British Royal House Award).

Such innovative production technology is costly, so to make prices available to the consumer, we at mattress Dubai excluded intermediaries from the chain of production and implementation, delivering mattresses to buyers almost from the factory. Such mattresses were attributes of luxury bedrooms of the premium class until recently, but we believe that good things should be available. Therefore, we do everything to reduce the cost as much as possible, including regularly offering discounts and promotions.

Every customer can check the quality of mattress Dubai mattresses: when buying, we provide 100 days for testing products, and if the product is not satisfied with you, we guarantee a refund. At the same time, you do not need to save the package to make a refund – it is enough to have a check and a label. The one-day test starts when the buyer receives the product, and we are sure that the mattress purchased from mattress Dubai will not disappoint you.

For customers living in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Moscow region, the delivery of goods is free. In addition, there is a service for the removal and disposal of the old mattress.”

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