Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach | What you need to know

We all have a sleeping position that helps us fall asleep more easily.

This also says a lot about our personality.

Today we are going to talk about the prone position.

What are the effects of this position on our body?

Is it dangerous for pregnant women to sleep on their stomach?

How to sleep on your stomach, without risks?

Here you will find all the answers to these questions.


Sleep on your stomach | The effects

We may surprise some, but sleeping on your stomach has harmful effects on the body:

  • Breathing discomfort and swallowing problems: when you sleep on your stomach, you usually put your cheek on the best pillow and your head on your side. This puts pressure on the trachea muscles, which poses a problem for the respiratory system and the muscles of swallowing. Besides, the rib cage is compressed and therefore has difficulty opening, which causes breathing difficulties,
  • Pressure on the cervicals: while sleeping on the stomach, pressure is exerted on the vertebrae and the cervicals. As a result, we can wake up with pain in the neck,
  • Trapezius and shoulder wear: At one time or another, all of us have slept on our stomachs one night and put our arms under the pillow to be able to fall asleep. However, in this case, the shoulders are strained, which also puts pressure on the cervicals,
  • A hollow back: when we choose to sleep on our stomach, our body is arched, and our back is hollow. This causes pain in the vertebrae, spine and lowers back.


Is it dangerous to sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant?

Many women ask themselves the question during their first pregnancy: is it dangerous for babies to sleep on their stomach? Even if it does not represent a danger in the first months, the sleeping position will be difficult to maintain during the whole pregnancy.

At the start of the pregnancy period, it is possible to sleep in any position. Either way, if your baby doesn’t like the position you choose, he’ll let you know very quickly.

The water bag protects your baby, so there is no risk of suffocating or crushing him.

Besides, if this position does not present any discomfort in your breathing, there is no problem adopting it.

However, as soon as the fetus is fully developed, it becomes very complicated, if not impossible, to sleep on the stomach. From the second or third trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable to sleep on the left side. This will promote blood circulation but also transmit all the nutrients necessary for the growth of the fetus.


The sleeping position of the first months

First of all, know that there is no ideal sleeping position. And this is valid for all sleepers! The sleeping position is unique to everyone.

When some people prefer to sleep on their backs to sleep, others will only fall asleep lying on their side or stomach.

Thus in future mothers, no position will be discouraged during the first months. Sleeping pregnant and on her stomach does not present any risk to the fetus since it is well protected in the uterine cavity filled with amniotic fluid. This protects it from any risk of suffocation or crushing. If the prone position does not suit him, know that he will, in any case, know how to manifest itself by a few blows in the stomach!


Sleeping on your stomach, a position that is difficult to maintain throughout pregnancy

After a few months, it will then become impossible for the mother-to-be to lie on her stomach. The fetus’s development is such from the second trimester that this sleeping position will become too uncomfortable for the mother and the child.

In women who are used to sleeping in this position, some sleep disturbances may then occur. This is due to the new imposed position’s discomfort but can also be explained by hormonal and psychological changes. If the change in position really impacts sleep quality, one solution is to wedge a nursing pillow between the legs. This will relieve the discomfort caused by the new position and thus sleep better.


Better sleep during pregnancy

Better sleep during pregnancy

There are a few tips to help you sleep better during pregnancy.

The first is to sleep lying on your left side. Whether at night or during naps, sleeping on your side will promote good blood circulation and allow your body to evacuate waste and toxins more easily. Little by little, the mother-to-be’s body will get used to this new position and be less tired during pregnancy.

Another technique is to sleep on your side with three pillows. With an extended sleeping position on one side, you can wedge a wave-shaped pillow under your head. This will support the neck more effectively. The other two pillows are to be placed between your legs and against you. You can also choose the best mattress in dubai to increase the odds in your favour. Visit our mattress comparison to help you.

But in the end, the best sleeping position for the mother-to-be is the one she will be most comfortable with!


How to sleep well on your stomach, without risks?

Sleeping on your stomach is your favourite position? So, all is not lost, because there are solutions to improve your comfort.

The goal is quite simple. It will suffice to limit the strain on the back and muscles. To do this, it is recommended to sleep without a pillow. This will rebalance the body and the head.

You can also opt for a back pain mattress for more comfort during your nights. To avoid hollowing out the back, it is possible to put a small flat cushion just below the belly. Good bedding and a not too soft mattress are also recommended.

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