Simmons mattress test and review

Simmons mattress test and review

It was in 1870 that the American ZG Simmons invented the first spring mattress. Almost 50 years later, these mattresses cross our borders to establish themselves on the French market.

For 90 years now, SIMMONS has been designing and manufacturing its mattresses on 2 sites in the North and East of our country. 90 years of innovation and know-how in bedding, using advanced technologies and noble materials. 90 years of handcrafted mattress models and assembly in its tricolour factories.

SIMMONS is 6 mattress collections that offer different technologies and comforts. We chose to test the Brooklyn mattress from the Beautyrest Black collection and the Sleep Mode mattress.

Our opinion on the Simmons Brooklyn mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The SIMMONS Brooklyn mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

The top part

The upper part is the comfort zone. Its white stretch fabric is made of 76% polyester and 24% viscose.

Lower part

The lower part is covered with white ticking. A black padded flower bed outlines the mattress. It is stitched with 6 vertical black handles for easier transport of the mattress.

Organic certified Global Organic Textil Standard

You can choose, as an option, the ticking 100% organic cotton certified Global Organic Textil Standard.


The composition of the Simmons mattress

SIMMONS Brooklyn is one of the multilayer mattresses that use several patented technologies.

The upper part is composed of a combination:

  • Several layers of foam (4cm foam Elivéa shape memory high impact 10cm for host foam and 3cm flexible comfort foam) for optimum comfort.
  • layer of Quallofil by Dacron wadding, a thermoregulating fibre, to keep your body at the same temperature throughout your sleep.
  • With a layer of 4cm of latex gel for the high breathability of your mattress.

The middle part uses Black soft technology: hundreds of pocket springs, ideally distributed to give you excellent support for your body’s pressure points and spine. It also ensures perfect sleeping independence. No more waking up at night because of your partner’s movements! The lower part of the technical surface comprises 2cm of support foam and a non-slip 3D Tript’air textile to ensure optimal support for your mattress.

The making of the Simmons mattress

Comfort level

Any comfort

The SIMMONS Brooklyn mattress offers plush comfort and firm support. With its combination of several technologies, this mattress is already one of the benchmarks of comfort in the international hotel industry.

The breathability of the Simmons mattress

SIMMONS has placed great emphasis on the breathability of the mattress, thanks to:

  • With micro-perforated gel latex, which allows the uniform circulation of air in the mattress.
  • With the association of refreshing gel latex with Quallofil wadding, to maintain the ideal temperature.
  • With the patented No flip system, which offers you the same comfort all year round.

A mattress that adapts to the seasons

You no longer need to return your mattress when the seasons change.

Our opinion on the pricing policy

SIMMONS Brooklyn is a mattress that combines high technology, design and elegance.

It is available in 9 sizes, including 5 for double sleeping. The call price for the 80cm x 200cm format is € 2,258. It takes € 2,756 for the standard double bed size is 140cm x 190cm and € 5,104 for the king-size size in 200cm x 200cm.

Promotions and ease of payment

Most of the brand’s resellers offer you promotional offers and have sales. They also set up payment facilities to settle, in general, in 3 or 4 instalments without charge.

Our opinion on the Simmons Sleep mode mattress

The Simmons Sleep Mode mattress is a pocket spring mattress made in France. This mattress benefits from Sunsoft Integral technology, which offers optimal sleeping independence and ideal support for the spine.

With its 25 cm thickness, it adapts to all body types. The Simmons Sleep Mode mattress is reversible with a summer side and a winter side. Simmons guarantees its mattresses for 5 years. Simmons offers several bedding items, all made in France, such as headboards, mattress and box spring sets, as well as duvets and pillows.

Aesthetic aspect

Two visible parts, but above all 2 sleeping faces for this mattress:

Summer side

The ticking is also white and of the same composition as the winter side. Carry handles to complete the mattress.

Winter side

The ticking is stretch and white, made from Biosens, a fibre made from wood pulp and 100% recyclable. It is very soft and breathable for restful sleep.

A summer side and a winter side

A very chic and cozy-looking mattress at the same time.


The composition of the Simmons Sleep mode mattress

The Simmons Sleep mode mattress consists of pocket springs, Sunsoft Integral technology for perfect sleeping independence.

The ticking around the mattress is white and made from Biosens (100% recyclable). This fibre is made from wood pulp. It is, therefore, completely natural.

The winter side consists of a layer of wadding of 300g / m2, a layer of cotton of 200g / m2 and a foam layer with firm comfort of 17 mm and a density of 22 kg / m2.

The summer side consists of a layer of 150gr / m2 wadding, a layer of 150g / m2 linen, and 17mm firm comfort foam for a density of 22kg / m2.

The comfort level of the Sleep mode mattress

Any comfort

The Simmons Sleep Mode mattress features a plush welcome and firm comfort. The support is perfect, thanks to the pocket springs, which provide excellent sleeping independence. You will no longer disturb your spouse by moving at night. With the Sleep mode mattress, you are assured of point-by-point support for your body type.

For better comfort, combine the appropriate Simmons base with your mattress: either spring or slatted. Simmons offers you a small test on its site to choose the Simmons bedding that suits you.

The breathability of the Simmons Sleep mode mattress

The Biosens ticking, made from wood pulp, ensures optimal moisture absorption for exceptional comfort. This fibre naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. Your Sleep mode mattress remains healthy and breathable.

Absorbs moisture

The hyper breathable ticking ensures cool and restful nights.

Our opinion on the Sleep mode pricing policy

The first price for this mattress is 800 €, in 90×190 cm, so for a single bed. It goes up to € 1,120 for a Queen Size bed, 160 x 200 cm.


Resellers of the brand often offer discounts and instalment payments at no cost.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Simmons mattress

Distributor network

As with most of the big names in bedding, you will not be able to order your mattress from the brand’s website.

However, it offers to guide you by offering you the stores closest to you. All you need to do is enter an address or geolocate yourself. The advantage of the point of sale is that it will allow you to test your future bedding on site. You also have the option of finding resellers online.

Please note that delivery times and prices vary from one reseller to another. You will have to do some research to find the one that will offer you the most interesting conditions: some will offer you delivery, others will charge you for it. For delivery, you will have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive your mattress.

Many brands offer delivery.

The presence of the brand in a large number of brands can promote the delivery process or even the immediate availability of your mattress in-store.

Simmons Return Policy

Test the mattress

Unlike its competitors BULTEX or EPEDA, SIMMONS does not allow you to benefit from the “Satisfied or exchanged” offer. The brand also does not offer, like most online universal mattress sites, the 100-night trial period, at the end of which, if you are not completely convinced, you have the option of requesting the free recovery of your order and full refund.

You will need to check with the reseller to find out if they offer this type of service.

A policy that depends on that of the reseller

Many retailers can allow you to try the mattress. So you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Simmons mattress

The service of the dealers somewhat mars the reputation of the brand and the quality of the product.


The reputation of the brand and its know-how The inability to order on the brand’s website and test the mattress at home

The combination of several patented technologies Delivery and return conditions

The difficult choice, due to a large number of references

The non-removable mattress

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