Simba Mattress Reviews And Test

Simba Mattress Reviews And Test

The Simba adventure began in 1979 in England.

From yarn to mattress, it was in 2002 that the family business decided to embark on design and tailoring after several years spent producing fibre nets for mattress manufacturers.

After 1 million sales, Simba begins to collaborate with the best experts in mattresses, springs, and foam to offer a universal, comfortable and high-tech mattress online in dubai.

Like many players in the current market, Simba does not offer several mattresses but only one, available in several sizes. In our opinion, the Simba mattress stands out from other mattresses available on the market by its four-layer composition and the way it integrates the springs with the foams. Thanks to this hybrid composition, it allows the manufacturer to offer, in our opinion, one of the best mattresses in the same price range as other universal mattresses with a simpler composition.

The brand has also put customer service access, with a premium approach: a substantial 100-day trial period and a free return with a full refund if the mattress is not suitable for you. Mattress, delivery, return… We tested everything for several nights!


Our opinion on the Simba mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The upper portion

The mattress’s top is white (like the Simba mattress protector ), honeycomb, 100% polyester, and offers and very soft to the touch. A breathable and hypoallergenic sleeping surface, perfect for welcoming you alone or as a couple. The cover is made to British BS7177 standards, which means it contains no harmful substances and is machine washable at 30 degrees.

The middle part

A blue zipper that allows you to remove the mattress cover.

The underside

The lower part is a non-slip grey fabric cover. It is removable and machine washable at 30 °. She underwent a hypoallergenic and natural treatment patented “Simbapura” by Simba.

Its touch is really soft, with a beautiful blue-purple colour. However, we do not recommend that you put the cover in the dryer.


Good touch and good stability

Good touch and good stability

The cover, which is removable and easily machines washable, is made of non-slip fabric, not insignificant so that the mattress does not slip.

Visit Simba’s website.

The composition of the Simba mattress

The Simba mattress is made up of several layers, including 3 layers of foam. These are a combination of polyurethane, high-density synthetic and natural forms.

This unique blend provides optimal comfort from the first night.

  • The upper part comprises 4 cm of patented “Simbapura” synthetic latex foam, which provides softness and good breathability. This ensures that you don’t get too hot, even in summer. Also, synthetic latex foam makes the mattress more durable, unlike natural latex foam.
  • Two mid-layers with a layer of 2500 tapered and patented pocket springs provide support and relieve pressure points on your body. These springs are directly integrated into the body of the mattress. A layer composed of 3.5 cm of memory foam, also called viscoelastic foam, for sleeping independence.
  • The lower part comprises 15.5 cm of zoned base or cold foam, which provides stability and relieves pressure in the right places. Thanks to a division into 7 zones, the Simba mattress offers good stability and allows a progressive depression of the body during bedtime.


The composition of the Simba mattress in video

The comfort level of the Simba mattress

The Simba mattress has a soft welcome, as does the Simba pillow. The advantage is that it can be placed on any reception type, whether it is a slatted base, box spring, a floor platform or an adjustable base. It is perfect for people who want to sleep on their back or side.

Thanks to its 7 comfort zones, the mattress offers you ideal sleeping independence: whether your partner is sleeping restless or not, you will not notice a thing.

The foams used have been chosen and combined to provide optimal comfort, firm and welcoming at the same time, and this is felt to such an extent that having to get up to go to work becomes difficult! A remarkable feature, the depression in the mattress at shoulder level allows you to maintain a relaxed posture while sleeping.

Thanks to the memory foam, which allows a good distribution of the pressure points and the latex layer, nothing to say, the sleeping independence is total!

Note: Beyond 100kg, the support is no longer the same, and you will tend to sink into the mattress. It will, therefore, not be suitable for heavy-bodied sleepers, nor for those who want firmer comfort.

For sleepers who are used to spending the whole night on their backs, the Simba mattress will offer a remarkable level of comfort. There is a risk of discomfort in the back after a few minutes for those having a habit of sleeping on their stomach. For these, we recommend that you turn to a firm mattress. For comparison, we place the Simba mattress at 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It is, therefore, softer than average.


The breathability of the Simba mattress

SIMBA wanted to offer sleepers optimal breathability by offering:

  • A breathable cover.
  • A mattress that combines the use of synthetic latex effectively, which ensures good air circulation.

And when you need warmth, there is a wide selection of Simba bed linen.

You won’t get too hot.

A mattress that circulates warm air to the outside is a good asset for optimal sleep.

Thus during our test, no sign of perspiration thanks to the layers, which allow us to control the temperature well. The Simba mattress is well suited for your summer nights!


Our opinion on the pricing policy

Simba offers you a universal mattress in 9 different sizes.

The call price is € 549 for the 80cm x 200cm.

The King Size mattress in 200cm x 200cm is available at € 1,069.

Simba has chosen to sell all of his mattresses and bedding accessories on the Internet, thus avoiding intermediaries. But it also saves many costs like those related to showrooms. But this does not position the brand among the cheapest on the market.


Spread out payment without fees

Simba offers payment facilities from 3 to 12 times at no additional cost. Unheard of among its competitors!

But the price can be revised downwards, thanks to the implementation of the Simba promo code


Our opinion on the delivery of the Simba mattress


It will arrive at your home in a compact box (approximately 50cm x 50cm x 110cm for a double bed), easier to carry.

The packaging has been designed to allow you to go up all the stairs. In the box, you will find a special tool for cutting the plastic that wraps the mattress, as well as an explanatory booklet. Unpacking is simple and only requires one person.


Free delivery in France

Once your order has been confirmed, your mattress will be delivered free of charge within 2 days in mainland France excluding DOM TOM via UPS and within 24 to 48 hours in the United Kingdom, Germany or Spain.

On paper, the delivery conditions are similar to those of the competitors. In fact, it seems that some customers have had problems, but it seems that Simba has improved at this level.


Fast and free delivery

It will take several hours for the mattress to take its initial shape once unpacked. While a few minutes are enough for the mattresses of competing brands.


Simba return policy

Test for 100 days

Simba offers you to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home for a period of 100 days before deciding whether you will spend many nights together.

After this period, if you are not completely satisfied, all you have to do is contact their very responsive customer service, whether by email, chat or phone. We tested our opinion; the customer support teams are very friendly and easy to reach.

They will organize the recovery of the mattress according to your availability and at no additional cost. You will then be fully refunded for your order. If you want to keep it, the Simba mattress comes with a valid warranty for 10 years.

After recovery by Simba’s teams, the mattress is recycled or offered to charities, depending on its condition. A nice gesture for the planet and people in need.


Responsive customer service

Fast reimbursement within 2 to 3 days only.

Your old mattress is either recycled or donated to charity.

For our test’s needs, we called on the Simba customer service by simulating different types of problem: defect found on the delivered product, abnormally long delivery time, and return of the product for no apparent reason.

In all cases, the various interlocutors were understanding and patient. For the defect observed, a solution was quickly implemented, and the exchange was carried out quickly.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Simba mattress

In our opinion, the Simba mattress offers excellent value for money compared to traditional players in the bedding sector.

This is made possible by exclusive distribution via their website, reducing costs, and therefore price.

It must be admitted that the non-slip and washable cover and the quality of customer service are the big assets of the Simba mattress.


Quality of customer service Higher rates than other competitors.

Delivery and refund time The traces of folds in the mattress which are not very pretty and which alter the properties of the memory foam

10-year warranty The waiting time before you can use the mattress.

Removable and washable The upkeep.

Soft welcome

However, the waiting time before the mattress is usable, the traces of folds on the mattress, which can affect the durability of the mattress are not to be neglected.


Our opinion on Simba

Our opinion on the mattress: The mattress adapts well to the contours of the body and contributes to reducing pressure points. It is still suitable for people with back pain. It will be perfect for people who sleep on their back or side, less recommended for people who sleep on their stomach.

 Simba offers an innovative mattress with synthetic latex, which the brand has patented.

 It is comfortable and suitable for people who want a soft welcome.

 Customer service is available and helpful, even when it comes to arranging the return of the mattress.

Too bad because:

The mattress tends to soften with heat, which affects the support. It is, therefore, not suitable for all positions or all sleeper profiles.

 The fact that it comes folded and rolled makes the mattress less effective over time.

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