Sealy Mattress Test And Review

Sealy Mattress Test And Review

The story begins in Texas, in the town of Sealy, in 1881, when Daniel Haynes, the designer, developed the first mattress filled with cotton. The first Sealy mattress was born! Since then, the know-how has been passed down from generation to generation.

In 1967, Sealy was one of the first manufacturers to broadcast a television commercial for its Posturepedic mattress. Constantly in research and a source of innovation, Sealy created the Orthopedic Advisory Council in 2006 and has become a benchmark in this sector with the help of doctors and surgeons. The Sealy Hybrid range of mattresses will change the way millions of people sleep.

Since 1881, Sealy mattresses have evolved to bring you the best comfort and are still made with the same care.


Our opinion on the Sealy mattress

The Sealy brand has designed its Sealy Hybrid collection for memory foam mattresses and pocket springs and offers 3 mattresses for ever greater comfort. Sealy also offers the Sealy Hotel range, meeting the standards and needs of the hotel industry.

Sealy mattress technology

The Sealy Hybrid range offers the 3 best mattresses: the Sealy Hybrid Style, the Sealy Hybrid Classic and the Sealy Hybrid Plush. These mattresses are all quite similar overall: they combine refreshing, brand-specific memory foam with spring suspensions.

Aesthetic aspect

Sealy brand mattresses are covered with a very soft white fabric, which perfectly completes these quality mattresses. Unfortunately, this mattress protector is not removable and washable.

Different thicknesses for different sensations

What actually changes is the thickness of the mattress: from 25 cm for the Hybrid Style to 32 cm for the Hybrid Plush.

Introducing the Sealy mattress


The comfort level of the Sealy mattress

The comfort level of the Sealy mattress

Different comforts

Memory foam and pocket springs are some of the bedding technologies popular with sleepers.

The mattress hybrid Sealy using one surface viscoelastic foam for a soft sleeping surface and enveloping that will relieve pressure points. Offering up to 50 kg / m3 of density for the memory foam, the comfort is optimal.

The number of pocket springs can be up to 800 in a single mattress, and the more springs, the better your support. Sealy mattresses, therefore, offer an excellent level of firmness and support.

You have the comfort of a spring mattress and the comfort of a foam mattress combined.

The breathability of the Sealy mattress

It is well known that memory foam generally keeps you warm, but not all foams are created equal. The Sealy brand offers its own foam, which combines comfort and excellent breathable and cooling properties thanks to Optical technology.

A refreshing mattress

Technologies that allow you to sleep cool!

Learn more about the Sealy mattress pricing policy

Sealy mattresses are for sale through distributors, not the brand’s direct online sale.

So for a Sealy Hybrid Classic mattress, in 140×190, count around 1,200 euros. For the higher range, the Sealy Hybrid Plush in 200×200 will cost you around 1900 euros.

The price of quality

The prices are high, but the quality is there.

The particularities of the delivery of the Sealy mattress

Distributor network

You will find the Sealy brand at several resellers, in partner stores or on the internet. Each seller has their own particularities and terms of delivery.

Remember to inquire when purchasing your mattress.

Reseller delivery

Delivery is specific to each reseller.

Sealy Return Policy

Test the mattress

Again, it depends on where you purchased your Sealy mattress. For some resellers, the return will be free; for others not. It is necessary to ask this question when purchasing your Sealy mattress.

Reseller return policy

Also, inquire about a possible refund or exchange if the mattress is not suitable for you.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Sealy mattress

Like all mattresses, there can be certain advantages or disadvantages. We have listed them for you, to help you in your choice:


High-end mattress High price

Guarantee between 5 to 10 years depending on the dealer Not removable, so not washable for the mattress cover.

Comfort and support guaranteed.

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