Pregnancy Pillow Positioning Techniques

Pregnancy Pillow Positioning Techniques

Any woman who has ever experienced all the inconveniences associated with pregnancy will confirm: find a comfortable position during sleep – a difficult task. And the longer the term, the less time is left before childbirth, the more uncomfortable the bed seems, and insomnia makes you toss more often. There is a way out – buying a special accessory.


How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women

Difficulties of choice

The cause of restless sleep, or even its absence, can be discomfort and discomfort during the adoption of poses, which previously seemed comfortable. One way to solve this problem may be to buy a special pillow for sleep. But its misuse will not bring relief but will only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to use the pillow for pregnant women correctly. Not all pillows are equally comfortable. The reason for this can be not only the poor quality of materials and tailoring but also the wrong model. Experiment at home by tightly rolled out of a large blanket. Try to get comfortable by putting it under your stomach, head, shoulders, and back. As soon as you feel that the body has become easier to tolerate the chosen postures, the muscles stopped pulling, and the load on the spine has decreased, carefully get out of the resulting “nest.” Now you have a pretty idea of what shape the pregnant pillow needs.


When sleep is fun

Before buying a product, read its characteristics, it is not necessary to spend time shopping, especially as in the situation to do it is not only tedious but also dangerous. You can find a suitable option on the website of the online store “Dreamcatcher” in the”catalog of pillows for pregnant women.” An additional bonus to the order will be the rapid delivery of couriers to the door, relevant for Moscow and the suburbs residents. Discuss the quality of the materials with the manager during the checkout process and, if everything suits you, you can buy an accessory.

Many problems may have similar to the consequences of the body’s discomfort during sleep symptoms. It can be food imbalance, neurological problems, or vascular diseases. In any case, they need to be identified and treated. And the sooner, the better. Unfortunately, in this case, the purchase of a pillow is unlikely to help you, but perhaps it will help relieve the painful condition.


Talk to your doctor

Before you buy a pillow, you can and should consult with your doctor. Describe to him the nature of the pain, tell him whether there is puffiness in the morning and whether there is increased pressure after sleep or during sleep. A professional look at the problem will help identify the most sensitive areas in need of additional support. Perhaps you need to get a small roller to arrange on it a growing tummy comfortably, and maybe to support the entire spine requires a G-shaped model or a pillow-horseshoe. In the consultation, you will be told how to lie on the pillow of pregnant women to relieve their condition.


The Quality is Above All

It is worth dwelling more on the issue of choosing a quality accessory. Today’s market offers a variety of product options, including for pregnant and nursing mothers. But not all manufacturers are concerned about compliance with the necessary standards. The result of using a low-quality product can be a severe allergic reaction, deterioration of the condition, and even poisoning.

  • The use of a pillow for pregnant women should be only if it is made of natural materials and synthetic fillers that do not have a sharp smell, do not decompose in the process of use, and do not cause allergies.
  • All stitches should be arranged so as not to exert the slightest pressure on the body during sleep.
  • Caring for the material should be as simple as possible. When washing the pillow, the fabric should not be deformed or stretched.
  • Special requirements are placed on the elasticity and rigidity of the product. Depending on personal preferences, you should choose soft pillows with a filler made of synthetic swan fluff or options with more elastic “stuffing” that have a massage effect and a well-supported body in the chosen position.


How to sleep with a pillow for pregnant women?

pregnant women

Finally delivered your pillow for pregnant women, how to use it to sleep became a joy?

  1. Most models are designed for one pose – on the side. In this position, it optimally supports the neck. To do this, put your head on the rounded top so that the cervical spine is on the best of the wheel. The width of the pillow is enough to arrange the head comfortably. The rounded shape of the top allows you to relax the shoulders and thoracic spine.
  2. The main task of the pillow for pregnant women is to reduce the pressure on the spine in the lower back caused by the weight of the fetus. Arrange the belly by putting the roller of the outer hemisphere or the longest part of the accessory under it. The muscles will stop pulling.
  3. One leg is conveniently placed under the roller cushion, and the other is put on it. Resilient filler will not allow the legs to come into contact, reducing the pressure on the muscles and vessels. A light massage effect will avoid stagnation of blood and lymph in the lower extremities. Do not forget to change the side from time to time, so you reduce the pressure on the joints and eliminate the occurrence of swelling.
  4. Most models, which have a round or car-shaped shape, perfectly support the back muscles, allowing them to relax as much as possible. Thus, the overall load on the musculoskeletal apparatus is significantly reduced.


It’s important to know!

Even with this accessory and knowing how to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women, do not ignore the recommendations of doctors regarding mandatory exercises to maintain the body, wear supportive bandages, and diets that reduce the risk of possible complications. None, even the highest quality pillow, will not help to avoid swelling if before going to bed you allowed yourself an extra liter of water or juice or did not monitor the posture, weight, and load.

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