How To Choose A Pillow For Pregnant Women

How To Choose A Pillow For Pregnant Women

The woman had a difficult and responsible mission to bring about and bring about a new life. Before the baby’s birth is still long months, but his presence inside the mother feels from the first days. In the heart settle care, tenderness, excitement, and endless love. During the waiting period, the life and development of the child depend on the mother, and she needs to take care that the strength and vitality are enough for two. And maybe for three…

The best prevention of neuroses, irritability, weakening of the immune system, metabolic disorders, and therefore protection against diseases and colds is a full, healthy sleep. And how can you get a good night’s sleep if from the fourth month begins to increase the waist size actively, and there is still half the term and the constant growth of the future citizen?

Our mothers and grandmothers arrange a large belly during sleep, take a comfortable position for the body, and put themselves with ordinary pillows. Moderns do not need to stock up on many of them, for they developed Special models to provide convenience to a pregnant woman.


Why special pillows are needed

The body of a woman carrying a child feels a great strain. The load on the musculoskeletal and muscular apparatus increases, almost all internal organs experience discomfort from the pressure of the fetus. The cardiovascular system works hard; swelling appears in, legs, neck, backache. It is difficult to cope with work and household chores. And if the family already has small children, the fatigue by the end of the day accumulates enormously.

Ahead of a new day, you want to start with fresh energy and in a good mood, so, at night, you need to relax and sleep fully. A comfortable, soft, cozy Pregnant pillow will allow adopting the desired posture, provide the comfort of sleep, and prevent swelling. This valuable accessory is recommended by doctors all over the world. In the sale, there is a choice, and it remains to choose the right model by configuration, filler, and size following the growth of the woman.


Types of pillows for pregnant women

pillows for pregnant women

What kind of pillow will be optimal depends on the woman’s individual preferences, and it is not only in her physiological features. It is necessary to consider your favorite posture for sleep, the size of the bed, the conditions of the night rest: she sleeps alone or next to her husband. Mandatory conditions for the right choice are:

  • Hygiene of the product;
  • Medium-degree stiffness;
  • hypoallergenicity.

Then there are personal preferences. The main criterion is the shape of the pillow.

U-shaped or pillow-horseshoe 

Immersed in her arms, you can completely relax and not worry that there will be no soft support when you turn in a dream. The product surrounds the whole body with care. One side will give support to the back. The other will allow arranging the stomach comfortably. Relaxing neck, spine, on elastic roller pillow convenient to throw a leg, hug his hand.

This model has three main sizes:

  • For tall women – 340 by 35 cm;
  • for short women – 280 by 35 cm;
  • for use in feeding or sitting – 140 by 80 cm.

The product weighs no more than 2 kg, easy to care for (can be washed in the washing machine), keeps the shape well.



Those women who do not like during sleep-dense environment pillows on all sides of the sleeper on which she sleeps are not wide enough offered pillow I-shaped. It is a large long roller that will help to relax, relieve tension from the muscles and musculoskeletal system.

The soft model easily folds into the desired shape, even in a puffer for sitting. It is convenient to put under the head, neck, back, stomach. This design is easy to take in travel to provide comfort in sitting or half-sitting. Care for the pillow is easy. It or the external case is washed if necessary in the washing machine.

Depending on the height of the expectant, the length is chosen: 190, 170, or 150 cm with a diameter of 30 cm.



The size of the pillow in this configuration is the same as that of the previous model. The difference in the form: at one end of the roller, rounding is convenient to arrange under the head. Along part of the pillow supports the back while sleeping or when sitting on the couch.



Very comfortable form in the form of the letter “C” helps a woman even in the last stages of pregnancy to sleep peacefully without discomfort and discomfort. The model forms a comfortable cocoon around the body, providing support to the head, neck, legs, abdomen, or back. It helps relax in the daytime, folding it in half, and getting a comfortable, soft chair.

For women taller than 160 cm, a product 340 cm long is recommended, below – 280 cm, the diameter of the pillow is 35 cm.



The bagel shape repeats the pillow configuration in the form of the letter “C,” but its ends are closer together. They almost close and bring the product closer to the version of the letter “O.” This model perfectly supports the lumbar spine and neck. Twisting it comfortably, a pregnant woman will be able even to afford to lie on her stomach.



A universal model that supports the body on both sides during sleep. It looks similar in shape to a C-shaped pillow but has a comfortable addition to the head. Promotes relaxation of the legs, delicately supports the right muscles, comfortably folds.

The size of the products is the same: 350 by 30 cm.


Big Pillow

A large pillow for a spacious bed. It helps to take a comfortable position of the body, is an excellent prevention of swelling, relieves tension and heaviness in the muscles, supports the tummy. Models consist of several blocks. The product has the form of a three-dimensional letter “C,” durable, easily erased.

Which form is best in a particular situation to decide the future mother. In any case, you will not regret buying such an “assistant” much more convenient than a dozen ordinary pillows because it is designed and created with the physiological characteristics of a pregnant woman, with respect for a new life.


Choosing a filler For Pillow 

Manufacturers mainly use artificial materials as fillers. They are guided, first of all, by the safety of the pregnant woman and convenience in the application. The most popular fillers are memoriesartificial fluffsilk, and hollofyber. These variants of “fillings” are soft but, at the same time elastic, perfectly retain the shape. The pillows do not have microorganisms and mold fungi. Therefore, the product will not cause allergic reactions. It is erased in the car while not losing shape and product look.


How to use a pillow for pregnant women

There is more than one use for a useful purchase. The main task of the pillow is to provide convenience during the night rest, but the comfort of a pregnant woman is required not only in her sleep. For example, to reduce the load on the body, you want the sitting in front of the TV while reading, doing needlework. To do this, you can put a pillow under the waist or place your feet on it during the day’s rest.

On the roller cushion of any model, it is convenient to throw a leg, put it under the back or stomach, arrange between the legs, which is especially relevant in the third trimester of pregnancy. A large selection of poses during sleep offer U- and G-shaped Pillows. They do not need to turn when changing the pose. They support the neck department and serve as a pillow under the head.

Even the simplest I-shaped model will bring a lot of benefits and comfort. It will be appreciated by women who like to cover something with their feet while sleeping. The pillow is easy to turn over, put under the legs, neck, or lower back.

After the birth of the child, the convenient sleeping accessory will continue to provide services. It will be easy to take a comfortable pose during feeding with him to create a cozy, warm nest for yourself and the baby—Will C-cushion and a protective side that protects the child from falling. Convinced of the usefulness and convenience of the object, you will find its application in later life.


How to choose: checklist 

Having decided on the model and preparing to buy, stay a little on these lines and get to know a few tips to help you not make a mistake.

  1. Full sleep of the mother during pregnancy affects the health of the future family member, so do not skimp on the funds, buy the best version of the chosen model.
  2. Be careful about the filler. Neither smell, nor rustling, nor tactile sensations should not irritate and interfere with rest.
  3. Do not chase the dimensions. Consider the size of the bed and the growth of the woman. Compact pillow sizes are more appropriate than giant ones.
  4. The product should have a case of natural dense fabric (cotton, baz).
  5. The most important factor of choice is the ecology of the pillow. Of course, a specific smell is undesirable, but good air exchange and hygroscopicity are needed.

Pregnancy is a happy but also difficult period in a woman’s life. Therefore, taking care of yourself becomes not just a necessity, but also a duty before the life of your child. Only a well-rested, calm mother will form in the tummy of a healthy and intelligent heir. This means that creating conditions for a pregnant woman’s rest is the most reliable contribution to the future of the family.

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