Naturalex mattress test and review

Naturalex mattress test and review

Founded in 2007, Naturalex is a Spanish bedding brand chosen to perfect itself in memory foam mattresses.

European experts manufacture its entire range.

Very attentive to its users, NATURALES uses high-quality viscoelastic foams and develops new, ever more innovative ones. We wanted to test the bestseller of the Zen + collection: the Aura mattress.

Our opinion on the Naturalex Aura mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The Natural Aura mattress comes in 3 visible, two-tone parts:

The top part

An upper part made of a thick and insulating Softsensation Polyester fabric, white in colour. It is very soft to the touch.

Middle part

An intermediate part, blue in colour, is Oeko-Tex certified: it is guaranteed to be anti-dust mites, anti-bacterial and free from harmful substances.

Lower part

A lower part, which has a white 3D Airflow Polyester fabric.

A very healthy mattress

This mattress is perfect for sleepers who suffer from allergies.


The composition of the Natural mattress

The middle part of the mattress comprises 19cm of AeraPur polyurethane foam, which offers progressive ergonomic support.

The Summer Face ticking of the mattress is made up of:

  • FibraFeel fibres, which provide breathability and thermoregulation.
  • A new generation Thermosoft memory foam, which keeps you “cool”.
  • Air Fresh technology for good air circulation.

The Winter Face ticking of the Naturalex Aura mattress is made up of:

  • Fibre, which will absorb moisture and provide a feeling of freshness.
  • Very high-density viscoelastic foam, which offers firmness and excellent support.
  • Very resistant bi-alveolar latex, which adapts perfectly to the curves of your body.

The manufacture of the Naturalex mattress

Comfort level

Any comfort

The Aura mattress is 25cm thick. It offers a flexible welcome and firm support. It is made of a new generation memory foam. It has 7 comfort zones that allow ideal support for your spine and optimal distribution of your body’s pressure points.

This ThermoFresh V60 foam has the particularity of adapting very quickly to the curves of your body. It offers exceptional comfort.

The breathability of the Naturalex mattress

Natural uses Air Fresh technology in its mattress. This allows moisture to be optimally evacuated. Combined with 3D fabric bands and micro-perforated ticking, it guarantees excellent breathability.

Optimal ventilation

The fibres of the mattress have a very open cell system which provides better air circulation. Moisture no longer stays in your bedding!


Our opinion on the pricing policy

The Natural Aura mattress is available in no less than 19 different sizes!

In the standard sizes, the call price is 524 € with the single bed in 70cm x 190cm. It is necessary to count 814 € for the double bed in 140cm x 190m and 1.158 € for the King size format in 180cm x 200cm.

In made-to-measure sizes, the price is € 619 for the 90cm x 200cm format and € 900 for the 140cm x 200cm format.

Attractive discounts

The brand sets up promotional offers and sales.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Natural mattress

Distributor network

To order your new mattress, you will have the choice to go through the official Naturalex Shop website, but also through one of the major market places such as Cdiscount or Amazon.

On Natural Shop, delivery is free. You will have to wait between 15 and 30 days to receive your mattress. At Amazon, for example, you will have to wait almost 2 weeks, and delivery will only be free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Your mattress will arrive at your home in a compact box, vacuum-packed for easy transport and space-saving. A few minutes will suffice, once unpacked, for it to regain its initial shape. All its properties will be recovered within 24 hours.

Free delivery

The free delivery and its fast formatting are real advantages.

Return policy at Naturalex

Test the mattress

Unlike many bedding brands, Natural:

  • It does not have outlets to test your new mattress.
  • Does not offer a trial period.
  • It does not offer a “satisfied or exchanged” guarantee.

This is a far cry from the services offered by most universal online mattress sites, namely: the possibility of testing your mattress quietly at home for a period of 100 nights, with the possibility of requesting a free return if you are not completely satisfied with this, and get a full refund.

No return of non-satisfaction

Some resellers like Amazon or Darty offer free shipping.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Naturalex mattress

As many advantages as disadvantages make our opinion on the mattress as a whole mixed.


The use of advanced technologies There are so many different references that we don’t know which mattress to choose

10 years warranty It is not possible to test the mattress

Removable mattress Delivery times and return conditions

Reversibility Lingering mattress odour

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