Merino mattress test and review

Merino Mattress Test and Review

MERINOS The place to bed? The brand was created in 1945; it then produces spring mattresses. A few years later, she decided to start manufacturing box springs and accessories.

Cock-a-doodle Doo! Everything happens in France, from design to production, including assembly. MERINOS attaches great importance to know-how and testing: quality tests, fatigue tests, endurance tests, pilling tests, stain tests… Nothing is left to chance!

MERINOS offers several ranges of mattresses: pocket spring mattresses, foam mattresses or latex mattresses. We have chosen to test the #super_bed mattress from the _speed_bedding collection to give you our Merino mattress opinion.


Our opinion on the Merino Super bed mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The MERINOS super_bed mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

Lower part

The lower part is blue, in the jeans spirit, and stitched with piping on the edge of pink. It contains a layer of comfort foam on the Summer side to stay “cool” and a layer of hypoallergenic fibres on the Winter side to keep you “warm”.

The top part

The upper part, in white colour, is a 100% polyester stretch fabric. It is antibacterial and anti-mite treated.

Pleasant and airy

Whatever the season, you always sleep at the right temperature.

Ideal for people with allergies.


The composition of the Super bed mattress

MERINOS super_bed is a multi-layer mattress:

  • A 4cm layer of viscoelastic memory foam, sensitive to your body heat.
  • A 2cm layer of Pulse latex, a combination of 35% synthetic latex and 65% natural latex for better resistance and breathability of the mattress.
  • A layer of high resilience polyurethane foam, which provides progressive support and durability to the mattress.

The manufacture of the Merino mattress

The Comfort Level of the Super Bed Merino Mattress

Any comfort

The Merino #super_bed mattress, with its thickness of 24cm, offers a soft welcome and balanced support. It combines 3 technologies for optimal comfort.

The memory foam mattress perfectly conforms to the body’s contours to reduce pressure points and ensure support for your spine. It has good sleeping independence.

The breathability of the Super bed mattress

The use of Latex Pulse technology allows great ventilation of your mattress.

Good thermal regulation

Hypoallergenic fibres contain a lot of air and provide optimal thermal regulation.

Our opinion on the Merino Super Bed pricing policy

The MERINOS #super_bed mattress is available in only 5 sizes: 3 standard sizes and 2 custom sizes.

In standard sizes, the call price is € 369 with the 90cm x 190cm format. It is necessary to count 499 € for the double bed in 140×190 cm and 589 € for the Queen size format in 160cm x 200cm.

In made-to-measure sizes, the price is 409 € for the 90cm x 200cm format and 519 € for the 140cm x 200cm format.

An interesting investment

The prices are beautiful. It is even possible to lower these prices thanks to the MERINOS dealer network’s promotional offers and sales.

The possibility of paying in 3x free of charge is also appreciable.

Our opinion on the Easy tonic Merino mattress

Merinos offer hybrid mattresses, super comfortable: this is the case of the easy tonic merinos mattress.

It is composed of pocket springs and latex for ideal sleeping independence and perfect breathability. Mérinos is a company specializing in mattresses for many years; what is more, everything is made in France. Not to mention the merino box springs, perfectly matched to the mattresses, for even better sleeping comfort!

Aesthetic aspect

The Merinos easy tonic mattress looks like this:

The top part

The upper part is white, made of 100% polyester fabric and stretch. The fabric is treated against mites and antibacterials.

Lower part

This part of the mattress is dark grey in colour, with 4 vertical handles strapped to move your mattress easily. The fabric is also treated against mites and antibacterials.

Pleasant and sober

A mattress that supports and breathes with a stunning aesthetic appearance.


The composition of the easy tonic Merino mattress

The Merinos easy Tonique mattress, with a total thickness of 25 cm, is composed of:

  • Top layer: a 2.5 cm layer of latex for good breathability and good mattress resistance.
  • Mid-layer: comfort foam for progressive support.
  • Bottom layer: the core of the mattress, with the pocket, springs 20 cm high. The number of springs depends on the size of the chosen mattress. Each spring is packaged in an individual bag for better sleeping independence, which guarantees you quality sleep.

The Essay tonic mattress present is reversible (summer/winter). Merino guarantees its mattresses for 5 years. This period is extended to 7 years if you buy a box spring.

The comfort level of the easy tonic mattress

Any comfort

The Easy tonic mattress has a dynamic welcome and firm support.

The pocket springs allow excellent sleeping independence, which is much appreciated. The latex layer allows the mattress to breathe while providing plush comfort. It is a pocket sprung mattress that adapts to all body types. It has 5 support zones, reinforced at the shoulders and pelvis.

The breathability of the easy tonic Merino mattress

The easy tonic mattress is very breathable thanks to the latex in the mattress, which is naturally breathable.

Airy mattress

The guarantee of perfect support and a breathable mattress

Our opinion on the easy tonic merino pricing policy

The price of the Easy tonic mattress varies according to the size chosen. For a single mattress, 90 x 190 cm, count around 750 euros. The King Size (180 x 200 cm) is 1,526 euros.

But it is interesting to consult the internet because Mérinos regularly offers attractive discounts, especially during sales. (Up to -40%). Merinos sell online, but several branded dealers also offer cool promotions and payment facilities if you prefer to see them before you buy mattress online in dubai.

Free delivery

Free delivery from 100 euros and the possibility of exchanging the mattress if you are not satisfied.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Merino mattress

Distributor network

As with many brands of bedding, it is unfortunately not possible to order on the MERINOS website. You will have the choice of ordering from an online retailer or a specialized store. To find the dealer closest to you, MERINOS suggests you use its geolocation tool.

The MERINOS #super_bed mattress is packed in a compact cardboard box. It is, therefore, super practical to carry! The mattress is folded and vacuum packed in protective plastic packaging. You need to remove it using the supplied cutter. Once the mattress is installed, it regains its final shape in approximately 72 hours. But nothing prevents you from sleeping there before!

Simplified transport

The mattress is ready-to-go thanks to its compact 40cm x 40cm x 110cm box.

If it is in stock at the point of sale, you can leave with it immediately.

Merino return policy

Test the mattress

MERINOS offers you the “Satisfied or exchanged” offer. You have between 15 and 101 days to try your bedding. If you are not entirely convinced, use the contact form on the site. You will then receive a voucher valid only from the reseller with whom you placed the 1st order. You can then choose new bedding from one of the following brands: MERINOS, EPEDA or BULTEX.

At the time of delivery of your new order, the bedding which will not have given you satisfaction will be recovered.

Good test duration

You have the possibility to see the product in-store and once the purchase, to test it in the real situation between 15 and 101 days, and not one more.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Merino mattress

Generally speaking, like most major mattress brands, the quality of the product is outweighed by the quality of service.


The prices Delivery may be chargeable depending on the resellers, and the delay may be longer or shorter.

101 nights “satisfied or exchanged” The mattress is not removable

5-year warranty

Mattress to take away or have it delivered


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