Choosing the right mattress for pregnant women

Choosing the Right Mattress For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman needs special comfort and care. The musculoskeletal apparatus, especially the lower back of the expectant mother, experiences increased loads – due to the increase in body weight and the shift in the center of gravity. All this can be accompanied by back pain. Lying on a regular mattress does not always help to relax and get the desired relief. How to increase the comfort of rest for a pregnant woman? And what is new – a mattress for pregnant women with a hole in the abdomen.


The characteristics of the mattress at the head of the corner

Why do women tend to feel uncomfortable on an old mattress during pregnancy? It’s all about the changing needs of the body. As the fetus grows, the spine begins to experience heavy loads. As a result – pain in the back, lower back, pelvis. In recent weeks, it is difficult for a woman to move around and stand. Lying becomes quite uncomfortable. It may even become difficult to breathe. Many people do not have to dream about a full-fledged nightdream.

To unload as much as possible the body parts that experience the maximum load, it is important to choose the right orthopedic mattress and/or additional accessories to help to take a comfortable position (cushions, rollers).

On a spring basis

A bed for a pregnant woman will fit a mattress with an independent spring block. The principle of the block is an even distribution of the load and effective point support of the body.

In the future, this model will be great for mom and baby. Since the design of the spring block does not allow for the formation of the “hammock” effect, the baby will not slide towards the more “heavy” mother.

Excessively rigid surface and very soft, for a pregnant woman is not contraindicated, so choose a medium- or moderate-hard product.

A two-sided mattress can be a great option. On the one hand, it can be moderately soft on the other – medium-hard. Thus, individual sensations can choose a more convenient option and change sides on the need.


On a springless basis

High-quality dinners also cope perfectly with the task of providing comfort to the expectant mother. The advantage of these fillers is that they do not need spring and do not make foreign noises. Excellent variants – products from latex, high-quality foam, combined multi-layered models, softening the top layer of Memory foam. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the selected material is hypoallergenic and well-ventilated.

Help! All of the above models (spring and springless) are universal options suitable both during pregnancy and in subsequent years. Just pregnancy can be a great reason to change the old mattress to a more comfortable and modern one.


With stiffness zones

Opinion about mattresses with rigidity zones is ambiguous. The idea of creating such models was to divide the orthopedic product into zones (from 3 to 15) with different rigidity and to provide a greater degree of rigidity for heavier parts of the body. However, in practice, this good idea does not always work. Much depends on the growth of sleepers and the shifting position of the body during sleep. So it is up to you to make the final decision on whether to purchase this product.


Spring in a spring

An interesting option may be a mattress, which uses the technology “spring in the spring,” where additional internal ones are included in the work when exposed to increased load on external springs.

Help! Initially, this design was designed to support the weight of overweight people effectively and, in the double version – for couples with a large weight difference. For a more “light” partner, enough work external spring, for more “heavy” to help support come internally.


Adjustable base – improveimproved lower back supportd lower back support


Another option to improve comfort is to regulate the rigidity of the base. We are talking about special orthopedic bars, the rigidity of which can be changed. As the weight of a pregnant woman increases, stiffness is gradually added. In this way, the bed is adjusted to changing circumstances.

Alternative option – inflatable mattresses with a hole for the tummy

The most narrowly focused model can be considered an inflatable mattress for pregnant women with a hole in the abdomen. This design allows you to lie on your stomach (when there is such a desire) without worrying about the child’s safety. This invention belongs to a woman named Emma Benson, who developed the design while in position. The novelty was given the name Halo. Among the advantages of the product:

  • Reduces the strain on the spine and hips;
  • It does not interfere with natural circulation;
  • reduces the burden on the internal organs (particularly on the bladder and kidneys).

This device is not intended for use as a permanent bed but periodic use.

The technical dimensions of the product

  • Length: 205 cm
  • Width – 80 cm
  • Height – 25 cm
  • Diameter of the hole under the abdomen – 33 cm
  • The maximum allowable load on the mattress is 200 kg.



Increased comfort for a pregnant woman is not a whim but an urgent necessity. A spring mattress with a bonnel-type-dependent block, a cotton mattress, and a down feather will not be suitable. The filler material should be hypoallergenic and ventilated. Suitable mattresses with a block of independent springs in the base, latex foam mattresses, and products with layers of stroutto fiber and memory foam. The degree of rigidity is moderately mild or medium.

As additional means to the mattress for pregnant women, specialized pillows for pregnant women, rollers, inflatable mattress Halo. The latter perfectly allows you to relax in the position on the stomach.

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