Ilobed mattress test and review

Ilobed mattress test and review

Among the latest arrivals on the French online bedding market, ILOBED was created in 2016 after several months of prototyping with manufacturers to develop a universal, high-end mattress model that would suit all sleepers types.

The founder’s idea is to go against the many pitfalls suffered by the bedding sector for the sleeper wishing to buy a new mattress. The main shortcomings noted: a huge offer, fluctuating prices and discounts all year round, which confuses consumers, particularly long delivery and an obsolete sales process, not suitable for online sales.

Because this is the concept of the manufacturer Ilobed: to offer a quality mattress at a controlled price Available on With a clear desire: to purchase your new mattress a real moment of pleasure, without the hassle! Rather oriented mid-range, Ilobed sells a single mattress

available in seven different sizes, with prices ranging from € 379 to € 799. Their strong choices: transparency and, above all, simplicity.

We tested the unique and 100% Made in France mattress for several weeks.


Our opinion on the Ilobed mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The upper portion

A white Tencel checkered cover, identical to the one used for baby mattresses. A very soft, antibacterial and anti-dust mite fabric, without any chemical treatment. Even the glues used are water-based, solvent-free glues. The cover is removable and machine washable.

And the presence of an OEKO-TEX certification guarantees the consumer the total absence of harmfulness to humans and animals.

Final result: it’s soft to the touch, and it’s easy to maintain because it is machine washable.

The bottom part

The lower part of the cover is non-slip.

A detail for sure … but in our opinion very practical to use!

Pleasant attention to detail

The treatment is given to the pattern of the Tencel cover. We can see that I loved has an eye for detail.

The composition of the Ilobed mattress

The ILOBED mattress is the unique combination of 3 complementary technologies:

  • The mattress reception is composed of 3cm of hybrid foam. This micro-perforated foam offers optimal breathability and soft comfort. With such a welcome, the risk of sweating during summer nights is limited.
  • The middle part is a 5cm shape memory layer, which relieves pressure points on your body. With a communicated density of 50 kg / m3, it guarantees real durability over time.
  • The lower part comprises 13cm of high resilience polyurethane foam, which guarantees a firm hold. Here too, the use of foam with a density of 35 kg / m3 ensures a real level of quality over time.

Namely, the Ilobed mattress does not have a summer/winter side. It will therefore not be necessary to return it to season. Its intrinsic properties mean that the latter naturally adapts to the conditions of each season.

Foam assembly thinner than some competitors

This mattress is only 21cm thick, which is 4cm less than EVE or TEDIBER, for example.

The manufacture of the Ilobed mattress

The concept of the mattress

Thanks to its 3 foam technologies, the ILOBED mattress offers a soft and comfortable welcome. With its firm and progressive mattress- type support, it has just the right amount of enveloping to adapt to all sleeper profiles, whatever their size or sleeping position. But it is more suitable for sleepers who have a preference for medium to sustained firmness.

For a couple who have just gotten rid of their old spring mattresses as they may have been during our tests, the first few days may be a bit confusing, but the beneficial effects will quickly be felt.

The brand has carried out numerous tests beforehand to be able to guarantee excellent sleeping independence. You will no longer be disturbed by your partner’s movements unless you have a significant difference in size with your partner.

This happened with one of our testers with a difference of more than 50 kg, who found sleeping independence limited.

We were quite impatient to test this French mattress manufacturer, and overall we were not disappointed with the tests carried out. Thanks to the memory foam used, Ilobed offers a particularly comfortable mattress for many sleeper profiles.

The breathability of the Ilobed mattress

ILOBED has bet on great air circulation, choosing:

  • An ultra-breathable welcome cover with properties superior to latex or viscoelastic foam.
  • A mattress cover in Tencel fabric, an ultra-soft natural fabric that ensures optimal moisture management for a mattress always fresh.
  • A bed base and sidebands in 3D fabric for perfect breathability.
  • This technology’s choice is really felt, especially when you come from an “old” mattress. The sleep is deeper and less disturbed, especially during summer nights.

An aerial atmosphere

The materials used by Ilobed make their mattress very breathable and very soft.

Our opinion on the Ilobed pricing policy

ILOBED offers its unique mattress in 23 different sizes, unheard of in the online bedding market!

With a call price of € 379 for the single bed size 70cm x 190cm, and a maximum price of € 799 for the king-size 180cm x 200cm format, the brand offers the lowest prices of the competition such as the mattress Simba or the Kipli mattress.

Voucher of 50 € per sponsorship

The establishment of sales and promo codes.

The sponsorship program earns you and the sponsored person the sum of € 50, valid on a future order.

The possibility of paying for your order in 3 instalments, and this at no additional cost!

Our opinion on the delivery of the Ilobed mattress

The concept advocated by Ilobed is that everything happens online. No showroom, no seller, your order must be made on the brand’s website.

Free delivery of your mattress is made the working day following your order, within a maximum of 3 working days:

  • If you live in Paris, your order can be delivered to you in a 1-hour slot, depending on your availability. For Intra-muros Parisians and certain surrounding municipalities, a bicycle courier will deliver you. A nice gesture for the planet.
  • If you live in the provinces, you can be delivered within 48 hours.
  • We regret that the delivery is not offered for people who reside in Corsica or the DOM-TOM.

It’s up to you to choose your niche by email or SMS.

Although the mattress is thinner than most competitors (generally 24 to 25 cm thick), the Ilobed mattress is not, therefore, more practical to handle. It even has a certain weight. Thus, in the case of a petite young woman, changing the sheets is not always easy!

Convenient installation

Most of the time, a mattress is bulky, heavy, difficult to handle and expensive to deliver. This is why Ilobed chose the American concept of bed-in-box.

Your mattress arrives vacuum-packed in a compact box. Once removed from its packaging, you will have to wait 1 hour to 2 hours to use it, while a few minutes are enough with competing brands like TEDIBER or EMMA.

Ilobed return policy

Test for 100 days

If your new mattress does not convince you within 100 days, the brand suggests that you contact its customer service by email to organize your order’s free recovery on the day that suits you. Besides, no need to pack the mattress; the delivery person takes care of it. Likewise, it will not be necessary to keep the original box.

According to the initial payment method, once collected, ILOBED will reimburse you in full as soon as possible.

A good solidarity action

The returned mattress is either recycled or offered to its partner Emmaüs Défi as part of its solidarity program.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ilobed mattress

In addition to the fact that the manufacturer is French (which is not insignificant, most of the competitors have it manufactured abroad), the Ilobed mattress has more than one string to its bow.


Very competitive prices The time to wait before you can use it.

The quality of customer service The thickness of the mattress.

The delivery time

The soft and comfortable welcome


Removable and washable

10-year warranty

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