Ikea mattress test and reviews

Ikea mattress test and reviews

It was in 1943 that Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA in Sweden. In the beginning, this small company sold small decorative items (frames, pens…). It was in 1947 that its creator came up with the idea of ​​selling furniture by mail order. The idea of ​​the kit furniture as we know it today will arrive in 1956.

Ikea is constantly developing. Stores opened during the 2000s, IKEA also launched a kitchen designer activity and conquered new markets. More than 75 years later, the brand’s notoriety is well established. IKEA is known the world over and is used in many households. IKEA has revolutionized an entire industry by applying a strategy of permanent diversification. Its credo: good quality products at low prices.

If the Swedish brand is best known for its kit furniture, it also offers several mattresses: foam, latex and pocket springs. We chose to test the best mattresses sold at IKEA, the Myrbacka Mattress (This mattress is also available in memory foam), and the Hovag mattress.

Our opinion on the Ikea Myrbacka mattress

Aesthetic aspect

The IKEA Myrbacka mattress comes in 2 visible parts:

The top part

The upper part, white in colour, is a polypropylene ticking. It is hypoallergenic because it is anti-dust mites.

Lower part

The lower part is covered with a white cover made of cotton and polyester. It has vertical side handles for easy transport. It also has a zip that makes it easy to remove the cover and machine wash at 60 °.

Ease of maintenance

The mattress is easily removable and machine washable.


The composition of the Ikea Myrbacka mattress

The IKEA Myrbacka Latex Mattress features:

  • A layer of lambswool filling. Its particularity is that it has a heating effect in winter and cooling in summer.
  • A layer of synthetic latex, which follows the contours of the body. It relieves your pressure points and gives you complete relaxation.
  • A layer of high resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 35 kg / m3 provides stability and longevity to the mattress.

In this way, the Ikea mattress appropriates the synthetic latex mattress’s attributes and the polyurethane foam mattress.

Installing the Ikea mattress

The comfort level of the Myrbacka mattress

Any comfort

The IKEA Myrbacka mattress is a fairly firm support mattress with a soft feel. Its thickness is 24 cm. It has a good distribution of pressure points for optimal support of your body. It is a well-balanced mattress to relieve pressure and promote restful sleep.

Note, however, that depending on your body type, especially if you are very stout, the mattress’s elasticity is insufficient. The mattress did not balance the pressure. For light sleepers, however, the mattress could be a cheap alternative to more expensive products.

The breathability of the Ikea Myrbacka mattress

The mattress has cells that allow good ventilation and optimal air circulation and ensure a good night’s sleep in a dry place. However, the use of polypropylene, a synthetic material, reduces the breathability of the mattress somewhat.

Good moisture wicking

The structure of the latex allows moisture to escape.

Our opinion on the pricing policy

The IKEA Myrbacka mattress is available in 4 mattress sizes: 2 sizes for single bedding and 2 for double bedding.

The call price is € 299 with the 80×200 mattress. It takes € 469 for the standard 140×200 mattress size and € 499 for the 160×200 Queen size mattress. Too bad the Swedish brand does not offer a King size format!

IKEA offers the IKEA FAMILY card, which has several advantages if you have it:

  • 365 days to change your mind,
  • Your loyalty is rewarded: € 10 credited to your card every 3 checkouts (for € 100 of purchases),
  • Access to exclusive offers, whether in-store, restaurant or Swedish grocery store,
  • Breakage guarantee: By presenting your IKEA Family card when checking out, you have 6 months to exchange your items if they are damaged during transport or assembly,
  • Additional discounts during sales.

One of the best prices on the market

The prices are among the lowest in the market with the correct support.

Our opinion on the Ikea Hovag mattress

The Hoag mattress is one of Ikea’s inexpensive mattresses among its range of pocket spring mattresses. It is an inexpensive model which, however, provides adequate support for restful and restful sleep.

The pocket sprung mattress provides an optimal level of support with a sleeping surface that adapts to your body and follows your movements. It is a mattress that provides perfect sleeping independence. You won’t be afraid to disturb your spouse by moving at night.

Aesthetic aspect

The Hoag mattress from Ikea looks like this:

The top part

The sleeping side is white. The Hoag mattress does not turn over; the sleeping side is unique. The ticking is in the stretch, 64% polyester and 36% cotton.

Lower part

The side ticking is dark grey, 64% cotton and 36% polyester. The ticking below is 100% polyester.

An efficient structure

Stretch ticking follows the movements of the body.


The composition of the Ikea Hovag mattress

The Hoag mattress is made up of:

  • A layer of polyurethane memory foam, density 28kg / m3, adds support and comfort.
  • The pocket springs in steel, 190 pocket springs / m2.
  • A layer of polyurethane foam with polyester padding with a density of 25 kg / m3 for stability.

Ikea mattresses are all OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, which guarantees the non-toxicity of textiles.

The comfort level of the Hovag mattress

Any comfort

Ikea’s Hovag mattress is 24 cm thick and available in two versions: medium-firm and firm.

In the film version, you will appreciate the mattress’s good suspension, thanks to the pocket springs. The body does not sink in and corresponds to people of a bit heavy build. In the mid-firm version, the reception is more flexible, and the body sinks a little more, which gives a cozy and comfortable feel. On the other hand, this version should be avoided for people with a large build because the support would not be ideal, and the mattress would tend to sag.

Note, however, that a minimum of between 500 and 600 springs is recommended for optimal support. Therefore, the quality is present, but this mattress is more of an extra mattress, not a daily bed.

The breathability of the Ikea Hovag mattress

The foam and spring mixture allows good ventilation of the mattress. It is just a shame that there is no cover to remove to wash it and thus ensure perfect hygiene.

Good ventilation

Two versions to choose from for adapted support.

Our opinion on the price policy of the Hovag mattress

The Hoag mattress from Ikea is one of the low prices for good comfort.

The call price starts at 159 euros for an 80 x 200 cm mattress. The largest dimension offered is 180 x 200 cm, for a price of 359 euros.

For all budgets

The attractive price, affordable for all budgets, available in-store or on the internet. Perfect for a gift idea!

Our opinion on the delivery of the Ikea mattress

Distributor network

For the delivery of your best mattress, several possibilities are available to you:

  • Whether you order online or at a point of sale, you can choose to collect the mattress directly from the order service or opt for delivery via their partner transport company. You have to count 59 € delivery costs if your shopping basket is less than 1.501 €. Beyond € 1,500, delivery within 48 hours is € 39.
  • If you order online, you have the option of requesting express delivery. Your mattress is then delivered to you within 24 hours, to the address of your choice. You will then have to count € 79 delivery costs for a purchase amount of € 1,500 or less.

The mattress is delivered rolled up and compressed, according to the bed-in-box principle. You will have to wait 72 hours for it to recover its initial form.

Some cities can be delivered on Sunday.

Depending on the city you live in, you can be delivered on Sunday and until 9 p.m.

The mattress is not folded, which does not affect the performance of the materials used.

Ikea return policy

Test the mattress

While the majority of online universal mattress sites offer you to test your mattress in the comfort of your own home for a period of 100 days, IKEA offers to test it for 6 months.

If you are not completely satisfied at the end of this period, the Swedish brand offers to exchange your mattress if you ordered it online or to give you credit if you bought it in-store.

To return your mattress, you will either need to hire a suitable vehicle or request it to be picked up by an IKEA transporter. This recovery is at your expense.

6-month trial

The trial period is twice as long as that offered for universal mattresses online.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ikea mattress


180 nights satisfied or exchanged Paid delivery

25-year free warranty The paid and complicated return

The removable and washable mattress Customer service

Reasonable price The lingering smell of the mattress

Diverse choice of dimensions The upkeep

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