Hypnia mattress review and test

Hypnia mattress review and test

Hypnia? Nothing less than the first tricolour brand of online sales of mattresses with memory foam.

Good quality/price ratio, impeccable customer service, long trial period … Hypnia has been a benchmark player in bedding since its creation in 2013.

The brand also received the Elected Product of the Year label in 2019. You will quickly understand why it deserves it so much in this Hypnia test.


Our opinion on Hypnia mattresses

The aesthetic appearance of the Hypnia essential mattress

The Essential Hypnia mattress consists of two parts:

The top part

The mattress cover is micro-perforated. Made of cotton blend, the Coolsoft is a breathable fabric. The cover thus protects the mattress against humidity and heat.

Lower part

There are two blue sidebands on the sides. These 3D fabrics bring a touch of aesthetics but also good ventilation to the mattress.

A cover with good breathability

The school sofa brings a feeling of freshness. The ventilation comes from the micro-performance fabric.


The essentials of the Hypnia mattress

The EEssentialHypnia mattress is composed of:

  • With a Coolsoft ticking, which brings freshness and softness.
  • 3 cm of high-density memory foam and the latest generation, which adapts to the sleeper’s morphology.
  • 13 cm of high-performance polyurethane foam that does not deform over time.
  • A sideband that improves the ventilation of the mattress.

The essentials of mattress breathability

Hypnia mattresses are breathable for 3 main reasons:

  • Its 3D fabrics, perforated to allow air to circulate.
  • It is breathable Bio-Air ticking (crossed and tight canvas).
  • Its bamboo fibre ticking, which also offers good breathability to Hypnia mattresses.

Several innovative technologies

A 3D fabric, a Bio-air ticking and a Cool Gel foam together provide a comfortable mattress.


The Hypnia comfort level essential mattress

Any comfort

As you can see, Hypnia mattresses rely heavily on thermoregulation. But that’s not all. 

They can also offer sleeping independence. Ideal when your night’s sleep is restless.

The Cool Gel also helps to relax your muscles. This type of mattress is recommended for athletes.

Firmness, back support, mattress size… Hypnia mattresses are also suitable for overweight people.


Our opinion on the price policy of the Hypnia mattress the essential

Hypnia offers various ranges of mattresses at affordable prices.

Right now, prices start at € 199 for the cheapest mattresses.

You can also apply a “Hypnia mattress promo code” to reduce the cost of acquiring your mattress. So let’s stay on the lookout!

Hypnia mattress promo codes and sales

The Hypnia mattress offer starts at a low price, and there are many Hypnia promotions throughout the year.

It’s up to you to follow the good plans.

Our opinion on the Hypnia Supreme Well-being mattress

The Supreme Wellness Hypnia mattress is made of pocket springs, latex and high-density memory foam.

With 7 comfort zones, your sleep will be restful, and you will feel perfect when you wake up. The pocket springs offer real sleeping independence much appreciated by couples. The mattress shell is very soft and provides you with unique sleeping comfort. With its 30 cm thickness, the Supreme Well-being mattress is a top-of-the-range mattress and stands out for its exceptional quality and performance, enough to meet the most demanding sleepers!

the aesthetic appearance of the supreme wellness mattress

The Supreme Well-being mattress has 2 visible parts:

The top part

The ticking is white, very soft, made of bamboo fibres to absorb moisture.

Lower part

Same white fabric, still in bamboo fibres. Handles are present on the sides to transport or move the mattress easily.

Green aspect

Bamboo fibres recognized for their naturally absorbent properties. Air circulates easily, and the mattress is protected from heat and humidity.


The composition of the Hypnia supreme well-being mattress

The Supreme Well-being mattress is composed as follows:

  • Top layer  5 cm of memory foam (or viscoelastic foam) for a high comfort level and a perfect adaptation to your morphology. Your spine remains well-aligned, and your pressure points are relieved.
  • Middle layer  2.5 cm of micro-perforated latex. Latex is a very resistant natural material that increases your mattress’s life and reinforces memory foam’s action.
  • The bottom layer is the core of the mattress, made up of pocket springs 22 cm high (Between 884 and 1740 springs, depending on the mattress’s size. Each spring is packaged in an individual bag for better sleeping independence, which guarantees you quality sleep.

The Supreme Well-being mattress is OEKO-TEX labelled, which guarantees that no chemicals are used in the mattress’s composition.

The breathability of the supreme wellness mattress

Hypnia Supreme Well-being is hyper breathable thanks to the latex in the mattress, which is naturally breathable. Also, its bamboo ffibreticking is perfect for air circulation. Your mattress breathes and is protected from moisture.

Natural ventilation

The “permanent comfort side” that avoids turning your mattress every season

The Supreme Well-Being Hypnia Comfort Level

Any comfort

The Supreme Well-being mattress offers a balanced welcome and comfort.

The latex allows for a breathable mattress, and the pocket springs give a dynamic and plump feeling when sleeping. The bamboo fibre cover gives aery soft comfort and invites you o sleep. The memory foam is studied to adapt completely to the morphology of the sleeper. It thus ensures incomparable comfort and relieves your back pain.

Our opinion on the supreme wellness mattress pricing policy

The price of the Hypnia Supreme Wellness mattress varies depending on the size chosen.

Hypnia offers 10 sizes available for this very comfortable mattress. The smallest format (90×190) starts at 469 euros, and the King Size (180×200) starts at 799 euros. Shipping is free, and you have 120 days to test your mattress.

The Hypnia brand regularly offers great promotions and payment up to 12 times free of charge (depending on the mattress price.

Fair price

Affordable prices and an excellent value for money for a very comfortable mattress.

Our opinion on the delivery of the Hypnia mattress

Internet distribution

The mattress is placed at your home, in the room of your choice, and within 48 hours.

Compressed rolled, it is inserted in a compact box. This allows delivery people to move it more easily, especially at home, without breaking it.

Once out of its packaging, the mattress returns to its original shape.

Delivery is free, and if you opt for premium delivery, the couriers can also take back your old mattress.

Fast and easy delivery

Delivered in a compact box and within a short time (48h). Free delivery.

Hypnia return policy

120 test nights

You benefit from a 120-night test. Ideal for forming your own opinion on the Hypnia mattress.

You can finally decide not to keep the mattress or change it against another French brand’s mattress during this large period of time.

To do this, contact customer service (helpful at will), who will send a delivery person to your home or Point Relay to collect the said mattress.

No fees are charged, and we are, of course, reimbursed for the price of the mattress on mattressdubai.ae. What could be better?

Adopted or refunded

A full refund and full assumption of the return costs by Hypnia.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hypnia mattress

For the Hypnia mattress pros/cons test, we focused on the Hypnia Essentiel mattress.


Good value for money It is difficult to make a choice when faced with the number of references and selection criteria

Breathable Cool Gel technology Only on the internet or at resellers

120 nights of Test Avis Hypnia

Helpful and available customer service

15-year warranty

Home delivery in the room of your choice

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