How to Take Care of Your Mattress

How to Take Care of Your Mattress

The mattress will serve you long and qualitatively only if it is properly operated and regularly taken care of. It depends not only on the life of the mattress but also on its safety and efficiency. Accordingly, good care and proper operation will allow you to change the mattress as rarely as possible and save your money.


Transportation of mattresses

Moving the mattress is allowed in a rolled/bent or straightened state. Spring mattresses should be transported only in a straightened state. Bending or folding can cause the spring layer and the mattress frame to be spoiled.

Springless mattresses based on flexible and soft fillers (foam, latex, memorial, etc.) can be folded or bent. Such materials are quite plastic, and the clotting does not harm them.


Preparing the mattress for use

Preparing the mattress for use

The mattresses are sold in an airtight packaging made of durable polyethylene, which does not allow it to be spoiled or contaminated during storage or transportation.

The plastic case is an excellent defense, but it also has its drawbacks. In particular, it is completely waterproof. As a result, when the ambient temperature changes, condensation can form inside the plastic case, and the mattress itself can become wet. In airtight closed cases, this can lead to colonies of pathogens – that is, mold.

Therefore, after delivery of the mattress, home polyethylene removed, and the mattress itself, if it is slightly damp to the touch, dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight.


If the mattress is not used, it should be stored only in a horizontal position. When the mattress is vertically positioned, for example, to save space in the apartment, its layers can begin to shift under the influence of gravity. Over time, the product will partially lose its shape, and this deformation, alas, is irreversible.



The operation of the orthopedic mattress is allowed only on a solid and flat base. In modern beds, the base is made of slats or whole plywood sheets. The mattress is placed directly on this base.

The internal size of the bed and mattress should be the same. If the mattress is larger, its edge can deform under the weight of the human body.

If there is a longitudinal bar at the bottom of the bed in the middle, you can’t use a double mattress. Constant pressure in the location of the bar will quickly cause the mattress to deform. This base is suitable for two single mattresses. However, the use of two mattresses can be useful in other cases. For example, when a person often tosses in his sleep and interferes with his partner’s sleep. Sleeping on separate mattresses but in the same bed is much more convenient for both.

Under the mattress should not put other items (for example, old mattresses). Comfort this will not add, and the new mattress will be deformed, copying the irregularities and squeezing of the old.

For 6-12 months after the mattress purchase, it is desirable to change its position every 2-4 weeks: turn the head part in the legs. This is to ensure that the inner layers of the mattress are evenly distributed under the weight of the body.

In the future, you need to turn the mattress every 3-4 months. During operation, the upper part of the mattress is subjected to more pressure, and the pressure is distributed unevenly. Because of this, the soft first layers are deformed a little. When they are on the bottom or where the pressure is less, they regain their original shape in a few weeks. As a result, the life of the mattress is noticeably increased.

Excessive point loads on the mattress should not be allowed. If you use the mattress daily as a chair when watching TV or during other activities, its edge is over-loaded because, in this position, most of the body weight is distributed over a tiny area. For the same reason, on the mattress can not jump; you can not place weighty objects, especially in a small area. All this can lead to the deformation of the mattress. The large point pressure spoils the outer layers of the mattress and the spring block itself.

It is better to choose a mattress with a suitable limited weight. If you use a mattress with too much stock, you can not notice its orthopedic properties. On the other hand, the lower the weight of a person about the limited weight for which the mattress is designed, the longer the product’s life.




It is advisable to use a mattress with a mattress. There is all the pollution on a solid removable mattress, and it is easily washed in the washing machine. It is much better and easier to wash a small mattress than to clean the whole mattress.

The mattress itself should also be periodically cleaned with detergent. After wet cleaning, the product should be dried outdoors, without using a hairdryer or other heating appliances.

Please note that the mattress cannot be knocked out.

If wet cleaning is not necessary, the mattress can be vacuumed. Once every 5 years, dry-cleaning of the case should be carried out. In addition, the mattress, regardless of cleaning, should be periodically ventilated in the fresh air but not keep it under direct sunlight.

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