How To Sleep Well In Summer

How To Sleep Well In Summer

How to sleep well in summer. It is a question that many customers ask us so that we will help you in this post.

The most feared of summer are sleepless nights where you can not sleep because the heat is overwhelming.

From, we will give you some tips to learn how to sleep in summer to avoid the heat.


How heat affects our body during the summer

How heat affects our body during the summer

The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) warns of the extra work the hypothalamus has to do when high temperatures.

This, in addition to being in charge of controlling emotions and sleep, is also responsible for maintaining body temperature.

Thus, when it is boiling in a room, the brain has to neglect, as said in Saber Vivir, other functions to adapt to that warmth.

The ideal temperature in which a room has to be is around 21º C. If this is higher, a cerebral hyperexcitation occurs, and therefore, it costs us more to fall asleep in the summer months.


What to use to sleep well in summer

Knowing how to sleep well in summer and what to use is paramount to achieve proper rest. Therefore, we leave some of the products that can serve to achieve that perfect reconciliation of sleep.

Cotton sheets

Choosing the cotton material for our rest is very successful since it is very fresh, light and allows our skin to breathe better. The ideal is to buy light colors and choose the best cotton.

On our website, we have the best sheets for the rest.


Cotton covers

During this time, we recommend using Outlast thermoregulatory pillowcases since they are waterproof, fresh, and 100% breathable.

TheseTheseThese function is to retain heat for when the temperature drops and do the opposite when it rises to


Mattress protectors

Just as it is essential to regulate the pillow’s temperature, so is the mattress’s temperature. Therefore, we offer mattress covers also with the Outlast system.

It is indicated for all mattresses, but they have a particular application for viscoelastic since these can give more heat.


Ventilate the room

Always try to turn on the air or the fan an hour before going to sleep so that, as has been said before, the room temperature is between 18º C and 22º C.

Also, avoid having the room very bright during the day, as this will make the crystals warm and increase the feeling of heat inside the room.


What are the benefits of resting well in summer?

Increases physical endurance

When we rest correctly and have the necessary hours, we have better endurance and are less tired.


Improves attention

This is very important for the little ones in the house. According to Pediatrics, children who sleep 8 hours may have problems in the future of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)


Protects the heart

European Heart Journal found that insomnia increases blood stress hormones. People who suffer from this inconvenience are three times more likely to suffer from heart failure.


Improves the immune system

People who sleep less than seven hours a day are more likely to catch a cold than those who rest the correct hours.

While in sleep, the immune system takes advantage to regenerate and thus effectively fight against toxins and germs.


Improves memory

The University of Hafi (Israel) carried out a study that dictates that 90 minutes of nap helps fix memories and talent.


It helps prevent migraines and other ailments.

Not getting enough sleep can cause headaches to appear.

“Poor sleep quality is uniquely associated with episodic migraine,” according to the American Headache Society.


Mattresses and pillows recommended knowing how to sleep well in summer

Corinthian of Pikolin

To learn how to sleep in summer, we recommend this option.

It has a core of normal block springs and padding with Visco progression that favors a good posture.

It has a triple barrier, which causes mites and fungi to fight against bacteria.


  1. Viscose fabric that gives you great touch and shine.
  2. The first layer is Progression Fiber®, a combination of super-smooth HR and naturally sourced fiber.
  3. Micro pocket System®’scomfort layer provides greater customization of rest to each sleeper.
  4. Its damper facilitates more excellent stability.
  5. It has four handles that favor its mobility.

Pikolin’s Corinthian mattress has a single side of comfort.


Golden Seagull of Relax

The Relax Gold Seagull mattress is a high-end model with an internal block of padded springs and five comfort zones.

The interior has an INSAC INFINITY core of coiled springs, with a variety of almost 700 springs that provides the most excellent possible adaptation to the body.

Its reception is viscoelastic, so it adapts more to the body. It has a height of 31 cm and is of medium-high firmness.


Pillow AH24

The AH24 pillow is a premium product with breathable fabrics.

Fabrics such as cotton and polyester can collect sweat and remove it more than efficiently.

Its height and firmness are media.

It is recommended for very hot people and those who have cervical problems and sleep on their backs.

From, we care about your rest. So stop by our stores, and you will see the best products to fight because our dream is your rest.

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