How to Dry the Mattress

How to Dry the Mattress

For example, where there are many different options for dealing with urine stains. Are unpleasant life situations the child wrote on the mattress, or a similar case came out with a sick person since the patient has a weak bladder. No need to despair, all is not lost. With such spots, it is possible and necessary to fight. Next, we will try to tell you how to clean the mattress of urine.


Dry cleaning for a small urine stain

If the urine spot is small, and it was too late to get into the mattress, then you can say – you are lucky. In such variants, you can do dry cleaning. What do I need for dry cleaning? Water, vacuum cleaner, boric acid, and rubber gloves.

  1. We wear gloves made of rubber. To begin with, moisten a disposable towel or paper napkin in warm water, and moisten the stain, but do not overdo it – you need to wet slightly; we just need to dilute the concentration and the stinky smell.

Wet stain cleaning

The second method is suitable for a prominent spot when the liquid has passed deep into the mattress. In this case, there will be more work. We will need water, napkins, vinegar, baking soda, and a sponge.

How to dry the mattress

  • First, you need to wet the stain so that the liquid is absorbed into the napkins.


Clean the stain with a home chemistry

Now on sale, many tools help to fight with such types of spots. This is the popular Vanish and the LOC tool, which AMWAY creates. It is necessary to wash the stain by the instructions on the package. Leave for 1-1.5 hours if the colour is old, and then dry the problematic area. There are also such means for removing persistent fragrances as Sanera Enzym, Odor Gone. These funds are sprayed over the spot.

Another tool for removing persistent stains is Dufta Fresh. This tool is suitable not only for the mattress but also for any upholstered furniture. The product is safe for babies and animals. Spray the effect on the spot, and leave for 1.5-2 hours after drying the mattress in accessible ways. Do not lean the bed near the heaters – it’s scary. Do not forget that it is better to prevent the bed from getting wet than to fight the results.

The video talks about how to remove the aroma of urine with Dufta Fresh.


Specifics of cleaning various mattresses

Depending on the product’s composition, emphasize specific cleaning rules that must be performed so that the mattress lasts longer.

Products made of coconut fibre or chips can not be subjected to complete washing. Vacuuming is also made no sense; cleaning is better to do so:

Main! You can not wet coconut mattresses much; it can finally damage the filler!

You can wash the foliage foam layer, which is easily detachable. It must be rolled up and sent to the washer.

After washing, the foam layer must be perfectly dried in the sun’s rays or on a battery.



Mattresses with an orthopaedic effect can be cleaned at home only if the contamination is local – such places can be treated either with foam from a cleaning agent or by folk methods that involve a little moisture.

  1. If the product is heavily contaminated or the stains are extensive and old – it is better to give it to dry cleaning so as not to damage it.
  2. Products made of artificial latex can be subjected only to dry cleaning. The steam generator, in this case, is also not recommended; it leaves droplets of moisture that are instantly absorbed.

Main! It is necessary to dry mattresses with an orthopaedic effect immediately after finishing; otherwise, not only the filler will become unusable, but mould may also start.

It is also not recommended to hang such products before knocking them out; this provokes deformation and violates the properties of an orthopaedic nature.

Also, like others, it is not recommended to wash – rusty spots will appear on the places of springs that will spoil the appearance, and it is tough to remove them. After washing, this product will lose its shape.

Local contaminants can be washed, washed-out – anything; the main thing is to use a minimal amount of liquid and that hour with all seriousness to dry everything.

If you have already started the primary cleaning, it will also be helpful to read the publication about cleaning the oven from soot and grease.


How to get rid of stains

It is unnecessary to spill something on the bed to stain the mattress – during sleep, people are inherent in sweating, which also leaves stains. It is most advisable to clean the bed constantly; you do not have to make great efforts. It is easier to cope with colours when they are fresh and still late to absorb. Depending on the origin of the contaminants, emphasize any ways to eliminate them.

Chemical-based products

You can quickly clean the mattress with an orthopaedic effect at home with the help of purchased chemicals. This method can be called multifunctional; stain removers cope with different spots with the same efficiency.

To clean mattresses, any means intended for working with carpets and furniture upholstered with fabric are suitable – shampoos, powders, sprays, gels and dry foam.

Main! It is necessary to use the funds only by the manual on the package, using gloves made of rubber and considering the type of mattress filler.



These methods are more narrowly focused, focused on spots of specific origin, and also less likely to provoke an allergic reaction. If there is an allergic person in the family, it is better not to use home chemistry for cleaning mattresses.


Organic stains

You can clean the product from bloodstains, urine and sweat in several proven ways.

Main! When cleaning blood stains, use only cold water – in the hot spot will only gain a foothold.

  1. Salt
  2. Moisten the place of contamination with a sponge. Apply locally salt and leave for 2-3 hours. Then, using a cotton pad or gauze, wet areas with salt with hydrogen peroxide. Continue to process while the salt foams, then remove the remains of salt with a sponge. For old bloodstains, it is better to use ammonia instead of peroxide.
  3. Ammonia
  4. Take 0.5 litres of cold water, add 1 tsp. Ammonia to it, shake. Wet a cotton pad in the solution and apply it to the stain, leave until dry. If the clogging is not gone, repeat the procedure, making more ammonia twice.
  5. Starch
  6. Easily cleans from strains of children’s urine. Mix the starch with water until the same mushy mass is obtained. Apply the product to the colour and leave until completely dry, then remove the starch remains with a brush.

The video below provides the option of cleansing with soda.

A fairly common way to get rid of dust is to vacuum the mattress on both sides. If you do this for some reason does not work, it can be knocked out.

  1. Take the mattress outside and carefully knock it out – this will free from dust, mites, wool and hair. After that, it is better to leave it for 3-4 hours under the sun.
  2. If you have to knock it out in the apartment, then, first of all, the mattress must be covered with a wet sheet, and then take it out on the balcony or leave it open to the window wide.
  3. For salvation from dirt and dust, a steam cleaner is perfect. Before using it, the product must be perfectly vacuumed.
  4. Hot steam quickly removes different spots, copes well enough with bacteria – very often, they directly become the basis of a rotten smell.
  5. For mattresses that are not recommended for wet cleaning, it is necessary to purchase steam cleaners with drying.

Everyday soap-based solutions easily remove stains of ordinary dirt.

  1. Simple soap
  2. Warm water. A quarter bar of simple soap grate and dissolve in 0.5 litres. Mix thoroughly, foam and soaked in a sponge to treat the place of contamination, squeezing out additional humidity in advance.
  3. Children’s powder
  4. People with sensitive skin, cleaning mattresses for children, and people with an allergic reaction are better to use children’s cleaners. Apply dry powder granules to the moistened stain, rub and leave for an hour. Remove the remains of the product with a brush and wipe the fabric with a clean wet cloth.


Other stains

It also happens that the housewife does not know what kind of stain on the mattress, and therefore it is difficult to choose the best way. In this case, you can use any chemical agent or turn to a multifunctional method.

For a glass of water, take 1 tsp. Ammonia. Wet a sponge or cotton pad in the solution and walk through the dirt from the edges to the centre, slowly rubbing the product. After wet with ammonia solution, the entire territory of the stain leaves for a couple of minutes, then wash the mattress with soap and dry perfectly.

Several standard recommendations will help to get rid of other stains on mattresses.

In the video below, you can get acquainted with the methods of cleaning with your own eyes.


Odour control

Cleaning the mattress from the stains of the house is half the trouble. It is often much more challenging to get rid of the stinky smell.

A rancid smell can also appear in the refrigerator. To find out how to get rid of it, we advise you to read the publication.


Odour absorbers

Such funds are sold in the departments of home chemistry and pet stores (“VC Crypt” in the form of a spray). It is enough to process the “smelling” area, leave for a couple of hours, and then walk with a clean sponge.

  • Salt: Dilute salt with water in a ratio of 1: 3, rub into a problematic area, wait 10 minutes, wipe with a clean cloth, and dry with a hairdryer.
  • Soda: Richly cover the mattress or some contaminated areas with soda, leave for a day after vacuuming.
  • Ammonia: Mix 100 g of ammonia, 100 g of hydrogen peroxide and 400 g of pure cold water. Treat the stain with a cloth soaked in the mixture or with a spray bottle. Leave on for 15 minutes, then walk with a clean sponge. Ventilate and dry.
  • Ultraviolet radiation: The aroma of mould is most suitable to remove with the help of the rays of the sun – the mattress must be exposed for a couple of days to clean air once a day is turning over on the reverse side.


Basic tips

Sleep is the main component of human health, so you should make sure that the place to sleep remains clean and fresh.

  1. Apply a mattress Gorman to protect the surface of the product itself from dirt.
  2. For toddlers or people of age, apply a waterproof cover.
  3. Once during the week, carry out preventive cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. A couple of times during the month, turn the mattress,  changing not only sides changing sides and the “head” with “legs”.
  5. Main! Before you turn it over, make sure that your model is designed for this – certain products are intended for use only on one side.
  6. If dust mites appear, in addition to cleaning the product itself, it is necessary to wash all the bed linen very carefully, Otherwise, the cleaning will have to be repeated.
  7. Before choosing a cleaning method, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions – many models are easily damaged by improper handling.

Get rid of dust mites.

We start with cleaning from dust mites – the primary mattress allergen. There are just hordes of them in your thick understand. From dust misfortune and asthma, and various allergic reactions, and skin diseases. To get rid of this trouble, do this:

Remove the blanket, sheets, pillows, mattress cover.

The top and sides of the mattress are dusted.

Vacuum down the mattress spring.

Flip and dust the mattress “back”.

So clean at least once every few weeks, and the ticks will remain in the past.

Get rid of stains

Stains are diverse, and cleaning them too, as you begin to understand, is different.

Fat stains

From the greasy stains of your thick litter, the best healer is alcohol:

Soak a tampon (preferably cotton) with ammonia or alcohol.

Thoroughly wipe the fat places and leave until the alcohol dries not.

Conclusion: in bed, you eat boldly, you can clean everything without problems.


Spots of earth, sand

To remove earthen stains from your soft litter, an ideal remedy than vinegar, you can not find:

Dilute vinegar in a water mass (warm) so that the two of them were equal.

Treat all earthen spots with a mixture.

You don’t wipe; you wait until it dries itself. That’s it; the cleaning is over.

That’s how simple it is! Shoes, before falling on the mattress, may not be removed.


Urine stains

Urine is not only smelly but it is also washed podi try. However, this is if there is no baking soda, soap and hydrogen peroxide nearby. With these three, everything becomes extremely simple:

In 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide, put three tablespoons of baking soda and a couple of drops of soap (naturally in the form of a liquid).

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and treat urine stains.

After 10 minutes, wipe with a wet cloth or napkin.

Well, finish the job with a dry cloth.

Soda, hydrogen peroxide and soap will save the situation even in such a severe case.


Stains from glue, tape, gum

All sticky stains are most accessible for you to clean with ice (its rebound from the walls of the freezers):

You put pieces of ice in damp places. You hold on to them for a couple of minutes.

You take a knife (with a blunt blade) and scrape it off very carefully.

Remove the remains of the glue with a wet cloth.

Let it dry quietly (no hairdryers).


Stains from products with a cosmetic effect

Do you need to clean the mattress areas where you inherited cosmetics? Things are more accessible in this world! You just take a very simple wet and soak them with cosmetic spots. Then let it dry.

Lipstick stains are simply removed with the alcohol-soaked napkin mentioned above. But for lacquer traces, the ideal option is to clean with acetone.



Hydrogen peroxide will eliminate ominous stains:

Drop a couple of drops on the bloody tracks.

Take a rag or sponge, and while there is a reaction, while the peroxide foams, you soak it. Along with the foam will go away and bloodstains.

Saline solution is another suitable method to remove all traces of the crime of blood:

Pour water into the sprayer, add a few tablespoons of salt.

You jump on the spots and do not touch for half an hour.

After dipping with a wet cloth and let it dry.

As you can see, to remove all the blood of the leaky rival gasket, the house is quite natural.


Stains from red wine

Table salt will remove all stains from red:

Sprinkle generously (but don’t sprinkle!) with its spots. Do not touch the mattress for 30 minutes.

Now wash with foam (dry) of any means for cleaning.


Coffee spots

From coffee stains, the best weapon is ammonia:

Dilute in a small glass of tbsp—spoon of ammonia.

The resulting mixture is applied to the spots.

Hold for 10 minutes, then rinse.


Remove mould

No matter how hard you try, the mattresses still gradually gain moisture and begin to mould slowlyd. But mould is not immortal – its death in chlorine lime:

Impregnate the mattress with a solution of chlorine lime. Do it in the morning on a good warm day.

After that, you dry until the evening in the sun’s rays.

Feel free to use this method – the mattress, unlike mould, is not dangerous.

Chlorine lime with mould copes perfectly, but only in not very advanced cases.


Remove bad smells

You have removed the stains, but the smells (urine, glue) are not in a hurry to leave. But getting rid of them is easy.

Baking soda very well removes even very persistent cigarette odours. True, the whole procedure takes a couple of days, but it is worth it:

Richly treat the mattress with soda. Process only the top and sides.

Leave it until morning.

The next day it was dusty.

Turn the mattress over and spray the bottom side with soda. Again, do not touch until the morning.

Then it was dusty again.

All! The aroma of cigarettes is gone. It’s a great time to get a new tutu…

Vinegar not only removes earth stains very well, but it also perfectly deals with almost any smell. And at the same time does not leave any traces behind itself! Do this:

For starters, the mattress is vacuumed.

Now treat the surface with vinegar (use a spray bottle). For the mattress, be calm – vinegar is without problems and easily weathered; mould will not get because of it.

After a couple of minutes, thoroughly wive the vinegar-covered areas.

Let the mattress dry. If possible, use it in clean air.


The sun

The sun also eliminates odours, and also in a short time. Hold the mattress in the sun for one day, and the job will be done. And for the colour, be calm – in such a short time, the fabric will not have time to burn out even in the most robust heat.

A friendly and clean mattress is essential for sleep. However, without excellent bed linen, too, it is hardly possible to do here. Read how to choose material for it.


How to take care of the mattress?

Mattress care doesn’t ask for any ability. Following simple rules, it is easy to keep the mattress clean for a long time.

  • During each change of bed linen, the mattress should be vacuumed, turned over and repeat the procedure. After a wet cloth, walk along the surface of the bed grilles to release them from the collected dust.
  • When mould stains appear, the mattress must be taken out of the house to clean air – a balcony or street – for ventilation. Colours can be treated with vinegar or alcohol dissolved in warm water.
  • To prevent the occurrence of ticks, bed linen must be washed in hot water and rinsed perfectly.
  • The linen for the bed of a smoking person should be changed and washed more often.
  • You need to refuse to eat in bed, for this, there is a kitchen.
  • All the stains that have arisen should be started immediately, while they are late to absorb correctly.
  • If there is an opportunity to buy a mattress to groom, it will save the bed clean for a longer time.
  • The main thing is to wipe the mattress and ventilate it in the air under direct sunlight.
  • Before purchasing a mattress, read the instructions and allowed care methods since certain products are afraid of hot steam, and dry cleaning is not recommended for them.

If, for example, it was not possible to keep track and stains appeared on the mattress, do not rush to get rid of the product. There are many ways with the use of simple means, thanks to which it will be possible to remove dirt at home, clean the mattress from dust and smell.


Clean the mattress from dust

If it is impossible to vacuum the mattress, it must be taken outside and knocked out perfectly.

So it will be free from dust, mites, debris, wool, hair.

If it is warm, you can leave it outside for some time because the sun’s rays are an excellent disinfectant.

Moreover, the mattress will be ventilated and acquire a fresh smell.

If it is impossible to remove the mattress outside, it must be covered with a wet sheet and knocked out perfectly.

All the debris particles will stick to the wet matter.


Remove the eaten spots.

The most popular spots that occur on the mattress are urine, blood, cosmetics. Many ways can help clean the mattress of dirt and a wide variety of stains.

Traces of urine at home can be removed with a paste of salt and lemon juice. To prepare it, you need to take one tablespoon of table salt and mix it with the juice of one fresh lemon.

The resulting mass is applied to the spot, rubbed perfectly with a brush, left for 2-3 hours, then wiped with wet rags and dry (you can use a hairdryer).

It also ideally help in getting rid of stains from urine:

  • Soap-based solution. Dissolve in 0.5 liters of warm water? A bar of simple grated soap, mix thoroughly until dissolved, wet the sponge and wipe the stains, dry;
  • Dry baby powder. Dehydrated granules of any baby powder (colourless) rub into the stain (it would be nice as soon as it arose), leave for some time, remove the remains with a wet cloth.

However, knowing simple ways, it is easy to fight them.

  • Cool water will help immediately remove a new spot of the house; it is enough to wash out the contaminated surface. If the stain is absorbed, the cloth moistened in cold water should be applied to a dirty place for 30 minutes.
  • It is good to soap the brush with simple soap, rub it into the stain, and then rinses with cool water. This method is also suitable for removing stains from urine.
  • The panacea for bloodstains is hydrogen peroxide. It must be poured on the spot, then collected with a wet cloth. Repeat until the peroxide foams. Also, hydrogen peroxide can remove stains from urine. The procedure is similar to the method of cleaning the mattress from bloodstains.
  • Dissolve one aspirin tablet in a glass of water, apply a sponge to the stain, then dry perfectly.
  • Using a spray gun, spray on a salt or soda solution stain, wait 30 minutes, wipe, and dry.

The lip lipstick stain can be removed at home with a cotton pad dipped in ammonia.

Soda or salt at home removes stains from red wine. It is enough to apply the powder to the contaminated place, rub and leave for 30-40 minutes. Remove the remains with wet rags.

The fat stain can be removed with salt, potato starch or talc. Apply any product to the colour, remove after half an hour, repeat. For high efficiency, you should lay a paper sheet on the colour and iron.

Chewing gum will remove the ice. It is enough to lay a piece of ice on the eaten gum, wait a couple of minutes and scrape off with a knife.

Coffee, tea, beer, juice stains can be removed with table vinegar. It is necessary to wet cotton wool in it and perfectly walk through the dirt.

Stains from markers and pens can be removed by the necessary means sold in stores of household goods.


Rid the mattress of a fetid smell

Cleaning the stain on the mattress is half the cleaning, but there is still a fragrance that can sometimes be quite unpleasant. How to clean the mattress from the smell? There are verified and effective means to combat amber at home.

The absorber must be sprayed on the mattress, left for a couple of hours, then walk on the surface of the bed with a vacuum cleaner.

Remove the aroma of urine will help medical iodine. To do this, dilute 20 drops of iodine in one litre of water, wet a cotton pad and treat the surface with it.

On soft mattresses, this option is better not to practice!

The aroma of mould on the mattress will remove chlorine lime.

Dissolve a little lime in warm water, wet the sponge, treat the surface of the mattress, dry perfectly (it would be nice in clean air).

From the smell of tobacco, the mattress will clean the baking soda.

It must be poured on a contaminated surface and left for a certain period up to 12 hours. Then assemble with a vacuum cleaner.

A saline solution will clean the mattress from the smell of sweat. To prepare it, take three parts of salt and one part of water—the resulting porridge to treat dirty areas on the surface. Dry the mattress outside.


How to wash the mattress?

Some mattresses can be washed. It will not be challenging to do this with an air mattress. If cotton wool is used instead of filler, it will have to be embroidered, wash the cover and separately sort out the cotton layer, ventilated in the air.

For washing individual mattresses can be used devices “Kercher”. Only to carry out this procedure would be nice on a hot day, so that the product has the opportunity to dry under the rays of the sun finally.

Washing a mattress with a spring block is allowed only if the filler between the water springs is not afraid of moisture.


Tricks of care for mattresses with an independent spring block

To date, the fashion for the purchase and use of independent spring mattresses has come. They cost much more than traditional; however, at the same time, they are more comfortable and convenient for rest and sleep.

It is better to purchase a mattress with an orthopaedic effect with a removable cover, which must be washed at least once a month.

The difficulty in cleaning independent spring mattresses is associated with their multilayering. Because of this, they can not be knocked out. Only cleaning with a vacuum cleaner using a soft nozzle or removing dust with a brush with a soft pile is allowed.

Bloodstains, urine can be carefully removed with hydrogen peroxide. To remove stains from cosmetics and dirt, it is better to use specialized chemical-based products.

Mattresses with orthopaedic effects are better not be washed, as the layers inside can get knocked down. And the product breaks.

Summing up, we can emphasize that cleaning the mattress is a polite and complex procedure. But with a serious approach, it will be possible to save the product from dirt and increase its service life.


Vacuuming or brushing

There are two ways to clean the mattress – dry and wet. For dry, you will need a regular vacuum cleaner; it would be friendly with a clean bag to collect dust: so tiny parts of dust from the surface will be better absorbed. Wet cleaning can be carried out in several ways. The most productive and straightforward – with a detergent effect with the help of a vacuum cleaner, which sucks up dust mites and fights any pollution. Another method – with the help of an ordinary soap-based solution and a sponge. If the mattress has not been cleaned for a long time, the solution can be created using a powder for washing, diluting it in warm water.

It is necessary to wash the mattress with an ordinary cloth soaked in this solution, and then you can rinse it in drinking water and rinse it again to remove the powder. Dry the product after this procedure is necessary for the sun’s rays until complete drying.

If the mattress needs to be cleaned very carefully, you can use specialized chemical artificial means to eliminate stains. The fake agent is applied to the surface, and at the end of a specific time marked on the package, it is washed off with water and wiped with a cloth or washed with a vacuum cleaner. After that, it is also dried in the sun’s rays and primarily in clean air. It is essential that the product not only dried but also ventilated from the smell of the product with which it was washed.

If the mattress is not contaminated with stains, then no problems with its cleaning should not appear. But very often, the housewives have a question about how to clean the mattress in the baby bed because the children often write in bed. In this case, it is necessary to get rid of the stain and the stinky smell. Clean the mattress from urine perfectly contributes to the drill. It is essential to mix it with water so that the foam comes out and apply this foam to the stain. Wait 10 minutes and clean the remains with a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. This method ideally helps to get rid of the stinky smell, but separately you will have to display the same yellow colour. In this case, a simple soap will help. It is necessary to wet the stain, rub it perfectly with soap, and then rinse with drinking water and dry with a towel. Then, first of all, send to dry in the sun’s rays. Remember, if the mattress is not dried after cleaning, there will be a stinky smell that will not be easy to remove. And there is a possibility of mold.


We clean different types of mattresses – what to calculate?

Self-cleaning of the mattress can lead to the product’s irreparably and irreparably spoiled; thanks to this, starting to eliminate traces of breakfast or other troubles from the bed, pay attention to the label and take into account the type of mattress and its properties.

  • Cotton. The filling of this mattress is cotton wool; the material of the cover is the boat and teak, or polycotton / polyester. This product is cheap, does not cause problems with transportation, and does not take up much space. This mattress requires mandatory annuity ventilation. It is also necessary to turn it over twice a month, vacuum it once during the week and, of course, remove stains with the required means. Excess water such as a mattress you will not spoil, but dry cotton wool will be very long, even on the balcony. Thanks to this, water is at a minimum!
  • Coconut. Here the filling is made of coconut coir, a hypoallergenic material suitable for small children. Cleaning should be exclusively dry (vacuum cleaner), ventilation and turning in the first place, and you can wash the leaf cover and on a light mode.
  • Orthopaedic. There is a block of springs (there are also springless models), and the filling is made of coconut fibre, latex and polyurethane. It is not recommended to wet the mattress – constantly ventilated, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, turned over every 2-3 months, the stains are eliminated with the help of unique means. What mattress with orthopaedic effect to choose for a child?


Specifics of care – what do you need to know?

  • Apply a mattress ton! With its help, you will solve half of the problems and significantly extend the product’s life. Still, it is much easier to wash the mattress pad than to clean the mattress itself, even more so to change the filler.
  • Constantly ventilate! In other words, once a month, remove the laundry, open the windows open and put the mattress so that it is circulated on both sides.
  • Every 2-3 months, turn it over according to the scheme of the “eight” – changing the bottom and top, legs and head.
  • Vacuum once a week. At high power and with a furniture nozzle. Even if the bed is regularly made and covered with a blanket, dust, hair, very little debris still penetrate the mattress.
  • Try to remove stains from the mattress Immediately when they appear. This will make your work easier.
  • Do not try to fill the colours with water with soap or other means. Wet filling leads to damage to the product, and blocks of springs are covered with rust.
  • Sometimes carry out dry cleaning of the product – knock out dust, apply a vacuum cleaner with nozzles.


11 Ways to Remove Blood or Urine Stains from a Mattress

Dust accumulation can be removed by ordinary dry cleaning.

And what to do with spots left after a child’s sleep or with blood stains?

  • We use textile stain removers to protect the mattress from rotting and deterioration of the fabric. For example, Vanish, Dr Beckmann, Amway, wet wipes “Loc”, Unimax Ultra, Antipain, etc. The products are multifunctional and narrowly directed. They also have differences in shape – in the form of a spray, liquid or, for example, a pencil.
  • Prepare the mixture: 1 tbsp / l tooth/paste, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of corn starch. Equally apply the substance to the stain, wait for drying, scrape and vacuum if the imprint remains, repeat.
  • Slightly moisturize the area with colour (do not urinate, but moisturize!), fall asleep on top of the salt, remove after 2-3 hours with a vacuum cleaner. Next, soak the stain with hydrogen peroxide (on cotton/disk) and, as soon as the foam ceases to occur, wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Take baking soda, white meat softener and some water. Mix to the state of saturated paste, apply to the spot. After 20 minutes, soak with clean wet rags, remove the remains.
  • Dissolve h/ l ammonia in 0.5 liters of water. Moo a cotton pad, apply to the stain. In the absence of effect after drying, we use a more concentrated solution.
  • We make a thick mixture of water and starch. Apply to the necessary area, wait for drying. After – remove with a brush. It perfectly eliminates bloodstains.
  • Heat glycerin in warm water, apply to a cotton pad, wipe the necessary area. Next, remove the imprint with ammonia.
  • Splash on the stain with a means for washing glasses, actively rub with a sponge/brush, then apply ammonia on a cotton pad (solution).
  • Dissolve aspirin in the water mass (note – 1 litre – 1 tablet), mix cotton/disc, wipe the stain.
  • Stir soda with water (1/2 to 1), mottled with a solution of a clean cloth, leave on the colour for 2 hours. Next, remove the remains of soda and dry.
  • Dilute in the water mass of citric and acetic acid(note – in the same proportions), wipe the stain with a solution with cotton/disk, dry with a hairdryer.


We remove various types of stains on the mattress with home and necessary means.

Stains from urine and blood – yet the phenomenon is not so frequent. But home spots appear regularly, and it is not always possible to remove them immediately.

For you – good recipes for removing household stains on the mattress:

  1. From lipstick. Mooing cotton wool/disc in alcohol, wipe.
  2. From red wine. Fill the stain with soda (or salt); after half an hour, remove it with a vacuum cleaner, and wash dry foam cleaning products.
  3. From markers, pens. Take the necessary tool (for example, Dr Beckmann), apply, remove the stain.
  4. From wax pencils. Put the loose paper on top of the stain, iron with an iron. Change the form until the traces do not come off.
  5. From fat. Immediately fall asleep with salt (you can get still potato starch or talc), after 15 minutes, vacuum and fall asleep again. For best results, you can iron through a dry cloth.
  6. From coffee. Apply mild soap or water with salt, first of all, dry.
  7. From juices. A mixture of vinegar and ammonia, 1 to 1.
  8. From tea or beer. Apply the vinegar solution to the cotton /disc and wipe the stain.
  9. From forcing. Mix alcohol and ordinary tooth powder (in two), apply to the spot, wait for drying, vacuum cleaner. You can use sodium sulfite, but it is necessary to wash the remains of the product with a solution of soda and dry the site.


How to save the mattress from the stinky smell?

Freeing yourself from the stain is only part of the matter. And is it possible to remove the stinky smell from the mattress on your own?

Both old and verified, and modern…

  • Wee buy a smell absorbe in the storer, fall asleep on the odorous area for 3-5 hours, sweep away with a brush, vacuum the remain,s and wipe with a wet cloth. You can also choose a tool that destroys organic odours – it acts quickly, and the result is excellent. A worthy option for the smell of vomiting/urine on the mattress.
  • Simple salt. Dilute with water 3 to 1, apply the mixture to the desired area, rub, then wipe with a clean cloth, dry with a hairdryer.
  • Soda. It can simply be poured on the mattress and, after 12-20 hours to dust. Promotes the smell of tobacco. In case of an unfavourable result, repeat.
  • Vinegar. Impregnate the stain with the product, then richly fall asleep with soda and in the morning vacuum.
  • Children’s washing powder. Do not dilute – immediately pour on the stain and rub with a dry sponge or brush. Leave for a few hours after vacuuming.
  • Iodine. A remedy that quickly eliminates the aroma of urine. However, use on light fabrics is not recommended. For 1 litre of water – 20 drops. The solution is applied to the cotton/disk, then wipe the area.
  • Simple soap. Option for the old smell of urine. Moisturize the site, ideally three of its soap, wait 20 minutes. Next, moisten the cloth in a solution of vinegar (note – 1 tbsp / l per 1 litre of water), wash off the soap, wipe with a clean wet cloth, dry with napkins and iron through the fabric.
  • Ammonia. It’s a beautiful tool. Wet the stain, wait 30 minutes, then remove it with soda.
  • As for the smell of mould,it is in most cases eliminated with a solution of chlorine lime.

The main thing! No need to wait until the stains become old – wash them immediately! And, of course, you do not need to wait until the product becomes entirely unsuitable for use: if you do not cope on your own – immediately take to dry cleaning (note – or call professionals home).

And how do you clean mattresses at home? What means do you use them? Share your experience in the comments below!


Is it possible to wash mattresses with an orthopaedic effect?

Such products are undesirable to wash. Even the most subtle model from the manifestation of moisture can lose its orthopaedic specifics. Moreover, the mattress is quite challenging to dry. If you even leave it in clean air under direct sunlight, there is a risk that the moisture will not evaporate at all, and after some time, mould forms in the middle. And not every product can be wet. Some fillers, after contact with moisture and drying, may simply begin to crumble. Thanks to this, cleaning should be treated with special responsibility.

Modern mattresses are often dressed in reliable removable covers, like products in the “Sleep Therapy” online store. Any model is well protected from the appearance of moisture, dust, dirt and does not ask for washing as a rule. Sometimes, it is enough to clean the cover itself, and your mattress will not become unusable and save all its qualities. But what to do if the body is non-removable and no one can advise how to wash the mattress with an orthopaedic effect?


How to wash a mattress with an orthopaedic effect at home?

Steam cleaning

To date, almost any house has a steam cleaner. With the help of a similar device, you will easily remove any stains from the surface of the mattress. It can clean upholstered furniture, iron clothes, eliminate mould in the bathroom and many other things. The main thing is not to forget to set a good temperature regime to not damage the upholstery.



One of the most well-known ways to remove stains is the use of ammonia. Just in 1 litre of water, see approximately 15 grams: ammonia and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. With a soft sponge soaked in the solution, gently clean the stain, wipe with a cloth soaked in drinking water, and try to dry quickly. It is most advisable to use an ordinary hairdryer. However, if it is missing, thoroughly wet all humidity with a dry clean cloth and set it to dry in clean air. It will be enough to treat some areas and not think about washing the mattress with an orthopaedic effect. I would like to note that ammonia can save from stains and remove foul odours.


Vinegar solution

This tool will cope with stains from urine very well if your little child decides to go to the bathroom on your bed for no reason. Just make a solution, wet the humidity with a dry cloth, wash the stain with a warm vinegar solution and dry the mattress. This recipe is almost not harmful to any type of fabric and is most effective for removing different stains.


Special tools

Today on the market, there are a lot of drugs for cleaning upholstered furniture. Before you purchase a similar tool, carefully study the specifics of the fabric of your upholstery and choose the appropriate product. It is most advisable to apply drugs with a spray gun. Apply it according to the instructions, and you will be able to very easily save your mattress with an orthopaedic effect from the dirt at home. Then the liquid will equally lie on the spot, and it will be easier for you to eliminate it. Try to remove the drug from the surface as soon as possible after cleaning so that it is late to get into the middle of the mattress and quickly dry the upholstery.


How to wash mattresses with an orthopaedic effect?

Washing spring independent mattresses is a rather tricky task. Thanks to this, before you buy this product, perfectly explore all its specifics. Pick up a model with a removable waterproof cover, from which you can easily remove any stains. Try to take care of the mattress. Do not let animals living at home on it. Do not allow the kids to eat in your bed. However, if out of the blue has already happened trouble and your sleeping related object is spoiled, try to contact specialists and do not think about how to wash the mattress with an orthopaedic effect. Then your product will not lose its parameters and will serve you for a long time.

How to remove stains from urine?

The golden rule of washing says: fresh dirt is removed easier, faster and more effective than old ones. Due to this, immediately after the appearance of spots, you need to take such measures:

  1. 1. wet urine with paper napkins, dry cloth. At the same time, the main thing is to control the pressure force so that the liquid does not get into the much deeper layers of the filler, and the area of the stain does not increase.
  2. 2. Disarm uric acid and remove the aroma of cat urine contributes to table vinegar. It is necessary to dilute it with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and apply it to the surface of the mattress with careful movements. For such purposes, it is better to use a clean cloth, sponge or sprayer.
  3. 3. To remove excess, cover the area for work with paper napkins, easily wet. Also, the stain is sprinkled with kitchen soda for 12-15 minutes to absorb urine residues and clean products.
  4. 4. To remove yellow traces from the surface of the mattress, hydrogen peroxide diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2 is used. The solution is applied on top of the soda with a sponge or sprayer. Almost immediately after that, the spot is covered with a layer of foam that appeared during the joint action of the elements in the composition. During the chemical reaction, urine stains turn pale and disappear. The real act of peroxide lasts 2 hours; the foam can be removed only after this period.
  5. 5. After the end of the work, it remains only to collect the soda with a vacuum cleaner and dry the mattress perfectly so that the filler does not turn from excess moisture into a focus of fungi and mould.

Sheets, cover and mattress cover with traces of urine must be washed. Before loading the laundry into the machine, treating the yellow places with a laundry detergent is recommended. Excellent gel and powder “Vanish”. Tiny particles in the composition absorb more than half of the contaminants and eliminate the rancid smell of biological secretions.

It makes sense to give preference to proven, very famous brands of cleansers. Although products of this type need a little more expensive, it perfectly copes with its task and protects repeated washing in 70-80% of cases.

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