How to choose your waterbed

How to choose your waterbed?

The idea of ​​a “water bed” dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when a Scottish doctor, Neil Arnott, invented this technology to help disabled patients, in particular, avoid bedsores.

At the time, it was a layer of water retained in a canvas impregnated with rubber. This medical innovation has since proven its worth. Technologies have been developed until today we obtain air-conditioned water mattresses, perfectly adapting to our box springs and beds.


What is a water mattress?

A waterbed is multi-layered (several layers of fibres or foam) so that you don’t feel the water’s movement once you are lying down.


The water mattress is made up of:

  • Washable quilted cover that wraps around the entire mattress
  • In an airtight and extremely resistant vinyl. This contains the quantity of water, which you can increase or decrease, according to the desired support.
  • A layer of foam or fibres that adjusts the sensations of movement. The more layers, the less movement is felt, and the more stability improves



The complete waterbeds are equipped with an individual heating system with a thermostat and a bed frame.

There are two water mattress systems:

  • Mono: contains a pocket of water and a heater
  • Dual: contains 2 mattresses and 2 heating systems.

The second system is ideal for mattresses for 2 people since everyone can adjust the temperature and the firmness of their own mattress. It also preserves sleeping independence.


Why choose a waterbed?

Why choose a waterbed


The water mattress perfectly conforms to the shape of your body. You have even support that limits pressure points.

Your spine is perfectly extended; your body is resting. The water bed adapts entirely to your body type, a bit like memory foam mattresses. No tension resists him, for a restful sleep assured!



The water mattress does not warp like other types of mattresses.

Dust, mites and other bacteria cannot enter the mattress so that you can be sure of good hygiene. Maintenance is simple: a wipe of the vinyl is enough. Its lifespan is very long: between 15 to 20 years. And if you move, you have to empty it, very convenient to move it easily.


What types of box springs for a waterbed?

If you are purchasing a waterbed, you should know that the box spring is specific. This is a cost to consider if this is your first time purchasing a water bed.

We speak of a “hard side” or “outside” base: the hard side base consists of a wooden bed frame. It is comfortable because the sleeping surface is not reduced. On the other hand, entering and leaving the bed is impractical because of the edges’ height. The soft side box spring, with a foam frame, is more convenient for getting in and out of bed, but the sleeping surface is smaller due to its thickness.


Who is the waterbed for?

The water mattress is ideal if you have a lot of back pain because it really allows the muscles to relax, thus promoting good sleep.

It is also recommended for pregnant women, as it is easier to find a comfortable position.

It is also highly recommended for people with allergies since dust mites, and other bacteria cannot survive with this type of mattress. And of course, it is ideal for people who need to be immobilized for a long time since it facilitates good blood circulation, which reduces the formation of bedsores.


The advantages and disadvantages of the click-clack mattress

The waterbed is definitely one of the best mattresses if you have back pain.

Often, the water mattress does not have the same dimensions as conventional mattresses. It can therefore be not easy to find bed linen suitable for these atypical dimensions. Once filled with water, the water mattress is cumbersome, so you have to be sure of the location because we will not move it afterwards. Finally, even if the risk of leakage is minimal, it does exist and must therefore be taken into account.

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