How to choose your pocket spring mattress

How to choose your pocket spring mattress?

In the mattress market, pocket spring technology is today the most efficient of all spring mattresses.

Heavily used by many users, these mattresses have many advantages but also some disadvantages. Discover here a complete point on the pocket springs mattresses to allow you to acquire one that corresponds to your needs and your budget.


What is the pocket spring mattress?

Having seen the light of day in the 2000s, pocket spring mattresses have the particularity of being made up of numerous fabric envelopes, each containing a spring. Note that this number of springs can vary between 400 to 1500; the higher this number, the better the quality of sleep. This process implemented by the players in the bedding market allows the mattress to be much more flexible; the user’s movement never is transmitted to the entire mattress.

Besides, be aware that these pocket springs are more efficient than traditional springs such as Bonnell springs or biconical springs.


The advantages of a pocket spring mattress

The advantages of a pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattresses offer many significant benefits for your sleep. Here they are.

A mattress suitable for overweight people

First of all, they are widely recommended for overweight people. Indeed, this type of mattress allows an equal distribution of the pressure points of your body. Therefore, if you also suffer from a back problem, your spine will be maintained in the best possible way so that you can find quality sleep.

Besides, the pocket spring mattress technology offers excellent ventilation. The air circulation will regulate the temperature of your mattress; the heat of your body will be very well evacuated and will not accumulate. The same goes for moisture, which will also be easily wicked away. It is interesting to know that you give off an average of 0.5 litres of water per night, so sleeping on a well-ventilated mattress provides real comfort.


A mattress that provides good support

Another important advantage of the pocket sprung mattress should be noted; it is its excellent support thanks to perfect sleeping independence. If you have a very restless partner, then you can rest assured. Thanks to its pocket springs, this kind of mattress allow you to fit and maintain your body perfectly. Each pressure exerted on the mattress is distributed efficiently; the impact of your pressures on a spring, therefore, does not affect the springs. Neighbours.


An affordable mattress

Besides, it is interesting to note that some manufacturers offer pocket spring mattresses at affordable prices. The goal is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from this type of mattress.

Besides, know that these mattresses have a long lifespan thanks to the different springs’ quality and excellent ventilation.


The disadvantages of the pocket spring mattress

Although a few manufacturers offer pocket coil mattresses at reduced prices, it should be noted that their prices are often above the market average prices for mattresses as a general rule.

The prices are defined according to the number of springs contained in the mattress. The higher it is, the higher the price will be.

Also, these pocket spring mattresses are often heavier than other mattresses on the bedding market. It is, therefore, more complicated to move them or to make your bed.

As you can see, the disadvantages of pocket spring mattresses are not that many. This type of mattress is therefore recommended for quality sleep.


How many pocket springs should a mattress contain?

The quality of the pocket spring mattress strongly depends on the number of springs it is made of. Therefore, a mattress of this type must contain between 400 and 2000 springs to be considered a pocket spring mattress. It is important to emphasize that the number of springs indicated for a mattress corresponds to that found for a King Size mattress of 150 x 200 cm. In this sense, a 200 x 200 cm mattress indicating 1000 springs actually contains 1330. So an 80 x 200 cm mattress indicating 1000 springs actually contains around 530 springs.

Therefore, the size of your mattress is related to the number of springs. A low number means that the mattress will be cheaper than a mattress with more pocket coils. In addition to the price, the quality is also linked to this number of springs. A mattress made up of 1,500 pocket springs thus ensures better sleep thanks to optimal body support.


Pocket sprung mattress: reviews

Still, hesitating to buy a pocket sprung mattress? Know that these are the most popular mattresses by users because they have many advantages:

  • effective body maintenance,
  • guaranteed sleeping comfort,
  • excellent ventilation,
  • perfect sleeping independence
  • long life

Therefore, the opinions are generally very positive even if it is important to note the few disadvantages, which are the often high prices and the heavyweight of this type of mattress.

Note, however, that it is necessary to consider the number of pocket springs to judge the quality level of the mattress. In the end, you have to follow certain steps to buy the pocket spring mattress that really suits you.


How to choose your pocket spring mattress?

How to choose your pocket spring mattress

Before choosing your pocket spring mattress, you must first consider your needs. Do you have back problems? Are you overweight? Establishing all of your needs will ultimately allow you to compare and choose the mattress with the number of pocket springs that really suits you.

Then you have to compare all the offers on the market. This can be time-consuming as there are many manufacturers and multiple makes and models. Here is an overview of the most important players in the mattress market:

  • The Hypnia mattress: this mattress is, first of all, outstanding value for money. It offers firm support, a soft welcome for a very affordable price. This brand is certainly less known by the general public but allows your sleep to occur in the best possible way. With its 1000 pocket springs, this mattress can be compared to a hotel mattress and offers a large 15-year warranty.
  • The Epeda mattress: The Epeda brand is a widespread brand known by a large number of people. Its 26 cm thick mattress offers firm support thanks to its 3 comfort zones, optimal ventilation to effectively ventilate bad odours and perfect sleeping independence. Besides, it is a mattress made exclusively in France.
  • Simmons and its Tradissim mattress: if you like to have good firmness for your sleep, a soft welcome and good sleeping independence, this mattress from the Simmons brand is for you. Available in 10 different sizes with around 900 springs, the Tradissim mattress is a premium pocket spring mattress. Thus, the price is necessarily higher than the majority of mattresses of this type. It may, therefore, not be suitable for all budgets.
  • The Atena mattress: with its 7 zones of comfort and body support, this Atena mattress has many advantages, in particular, its good anti-allergic and anti-dust mite ventilation. It is also interesting to note that the mattress and its pocket springs are guaranteed for more than 30 years. Also, the price is fascinating, so the price-performance ratio is optimal. This is, therefore, a pocket spring mattress that could suit you.
  • The Hilding mattress: for effective support of your body and, more particularly, your back, this pocket sprung mattress is considered a top-of-the-range mattress because it provides real sleeping comfort. Its good ventilation is also to be noted and will allow you to sleep well even if you suffer from allergies.

As you can see, there are multiple models of pocket coil mattresses.

You must therefore establish all your needs and your budget before choosing a mattress of this kind.

To summarize, the pocket spring mattress is one of the high-end mattresses on the bedding market. It has many advantages such as its good firmness, good sleeping independence, and price, which can be affordable considering its quality. There are very few downsides. It should only be noted that its weight can be quite heavy when you have to make your bed or if you have to move your mattress.

To find the mattress that considers your needs, you need to compare the different offers on the market, online or directly from the manufacturers.

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