How to choose your natural latex mattress

How to choose your natural latex mattress?(organic)

Choosing the right mattress is essential for optimal sleep, which has a real impact in the long term.

Today, more and more people decide to buy a natural latex mattress.

This has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

Here is a full point on this type of mattress to help you see more clearly.


What is the natural latex mattress?

What is the natural latex mattress

The natural latex has the peculiarity of being of vegetable origin. The vast majority of it is extracted from the rubber tree, a tree from different geographic areas (Southeast Asia, South America, etc.). It offers a liquid with several properties, such as elasticity or resistance.

In stores, if you see the words “100% natural latex mattress”, know that this mattress must be made of at least 85% natural latex. It is also recommended because it is anti-mite; its composition reduces the development of these little animals.

From a more technical perspective, it is interesting to note that natural latex mattresses are obtained by moulding and baking different components.

First of all, Zinc oxide represents about 3% of this type of mattress, and rubber tree milk, which represents a maximum of 97% of the composition of a natural latex mattress.


The differences with a synthetic latex mattress

In the bedding market, there are 2 types of latex mattresses.

It is necessary not to confuse them to make the right choice of mattress:

  • Synthetic latex mattresses: this type of mattress is designed by polymerization, that is to say, by the chemical reaction of several petroleum derivatives. In stores, their name “100% latex” can be misleading. Therefore, it should be understood that these are synthetic products, less expensive than most other mattresses on the market.
  • Natural latex mattresses: a natural latex mattress must contain at least 85% rubber extracts called a “100% natural latex mattress”. Conversely, latex mattresses labelled “100% latex” contain between 0 and 25% rubber. Natural latex mattresses are much more elastic than synthetic latex mattresses. This mattress can be considered an organic latex mattress because it combines many favourable conditions: no presence of pesticides, few chemicals. However, this does not mean that the rubber tree is organic.


The advantages of a natural latex mattress

The natural latex mattress offers many advantages.

First of all, it provides both a soft welcome and optimal support due to its perfect elasticity. This type of mattress provides great resilience even after many years of use. If you suffer from allergies, be aware that rubber tree extracts have many antibacterial, anti-dust mites and even hypoallergenic properties. Effects that are even more effective on an organic mattress.

Thanks to its good density and multiple comfort zones, natural latex mattresses are recommended for people with back problems. If this is your case, note that your spine will always be supported in the best possible way because this mattress reacts to the slightest pressure and will perfectly fit your body, whatever your morphology.

Also, natural latex mattresses offer good ventilation. If you are sensitive to heat and you sweat a lot, your organic latex mattress will be able to evacuate all the excess moisture due to its composition of natural origin. As a reminder, a natural latex mattress is not 100%. Usually, there are small amounts of synthetic additives.

Finally, it is interesting to know that natural latex mattresses have a much longer lifespan than other mattresses on the market. This can reach 10 years. This great longevity is made possible thanks to its natural composition. It is, therefore, a mattress that is one of the high-end mattresses.


The disadvantages of a natural latex mattress

The main disadvantage of a natural latex mattress is that some people may be allergic to it. If you are in this situation, you must still specify that you are not directly in contact with the latex; a filling and a tick separate you from this material. Therefore, this kind of mattress may not be a problem for you. However, for confirmation, it is advisable to check with an advisor, whether in a physical store, by chat or through customer service, if you are considering an online purchase.

Also, it can be difficult to differentiate between natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses. As said before, it is necessary not to be fooled by the appellations visible online or in stores.

Finally, because of their quality, natural latex mattresses are more expensive than most mattresses on the bedding market. So this can be a disadvantage for people on a tight budget.


How to choose your natural latex mattress?

choose your natural latex mattress

Do you want to buy a natural latex mattress, but you don’t know how to go about it? Discover the various tips that will allow you to find the natural latex mattress that really suits you.

First, you need to establish and determine your needs and your budget. Indeed, each mattress does not necessarily have the same technology and, therefore, ultimately, the same price.

Do not hesitate to compare the different natural latex mattresses on the market. To do this, you can get information directly on the internet or go to the many stores selling this type of mattress to receive advice and information.

You should also find out about the different brands that offer natural latex mattresses.


In conclusion

Natural latex mattresses are very different from synthetic latex mattresses. Their name can be misleading, but it is necessary to differentiate them well not to have any bad surprises at the purchase time.

The advantages of the natural latex mattress are numerous:

  • good support,
  • optimal comfort,
  • good ventilation
  • long service life.

However, some disadvantages should also be noted, such as the high price compared to other mattresses or the potential allergies for the users.

To make the right choice of natural latex mattress, you must consider your needs,r profile, and budget. 

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