How to choose your hybrid mattress

How to choose your hybrid mattress?

It’s hard to agree on the purchase of a mattress when you have to meet two sleepers’ needs.

To find a good compromise, if not the best, nothing beats the hybrid mattress option! It combines all the benefits of different sleeping models.


What is a hybrid mattress?

The qualifier is evocative: the hybrid mattress results from the combination of foams. This combination of foams and springs provides sleepers with exemplary comfort during their sleep.

It is also the ideal option for those who cannot choose from the many models of the best mattresses on offer. The golden mean, in short!

Therefore, the combination of these materials results in optimal comfort, preserved heat, and above all, good lumbar support. These three factors go hand in hand with a good night’s sleep.


Why choose a hybrid mattress?

Why choose a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses, also called universal mattresses, bring together all the mattresses’ qualities never designed until now. From comfort to heat, everything is there! This is thanks to the superposition of different materials design typically found in foam mattresseslatex mattresses or mattress springs.

Hybrid mattress comfort

The comfort of the hybrid mattress comes, as mentioned earlier, from the combination of various materials. It includes thermosensitive latex, memory foam and viscoelastic foam. Everything is generally offered at a relatively affordable price.

The softness of the bed is due to the latex layer. The latter is known for its elasticity and flexibility. As it is composed of perforated cells, the latex, therefore, promotes aeration of the bed. Besides, it is an excellent anti-mite and antibacterial barrier, in addition to being hypoallergenic.

The hybrid mattress is also comfortable due to a layer of memory foam with its comfort zones. This is why the hybrid mattress offers good sleeping independence to both partners.

Finally, the high resilience foam layer is the main support of the mattress. By lying down on this mattress, the sleeper is guaranteed to have good lumbar support, essential to avoid pain and stiffness when waking up. It is a good mattress for back pain.


Hybrid mattress warmth

At least two sleeping technologies are combined to form a hybrid mattress. Latex is a material that reacts according to the heat emitted by the sleeper.

This is the reason why the mattress is hot. Memory foam, on the other hand, absorbs pressure from body heat.

The heat is thus dispersed in the bed. The firmness of the high resilience foam helps prevent the mattress from sagging with heat while maintaining the bed’s quality.


The disadvantages of the hybrid mattress

The disadvantages of the hybrid mattress

The hybrid shape memory mattress inherits the drawbacks of each of its components.

Latex, for example, tends to harden in the cold. In winter, you have the impression of having a firm mattress …

Besides, this material does not generate heat but recycles body heat. The density of high resilience foam, for its part, is not to everyone’s liking.


What types of box springs for a hybrid mattress?

Most box springs will suit the hybrid mattress, thanks to the clever mix of various sleeping technologies. On the other hand, it is better for the slatted base than the bed slats are not too far apart to ensure better firmness.

Get an idea of ​​the offers on the market with our comparison of the best box spring.


Who is the hybrid mattress for?

Universal mattresses are the perfect option to correct the defects caused by another sleeping.

If we think that the bed is too soft, we can remedy this by adopting a mattress made up of different materials layers. In the case of a mattress for 2 people that badly distributes the weight of two sleepers, opting for this solution will suffice to overcome the problem.

Back pain is the daily lot of sleepers with a bad mattress; it will be a thing of the past, thanks to the hybrid mattress’s soft comfort.

Besides, the components of the spine cause no inconvenience, regardless of the sleeping positions adopted. The alignment of the shoulders, back and pelvis effectively guarantees restful sleep.

Therefore, this type of mattress is suitable for those who wish to choose their mattress without regret! As it combines all the advantages, there is no reason to hesitate to acquire one immediately.

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