How to choose your foldable mattress

How to choose your foldable mattress?

The foldable mattress is an extra mattress placed on the floor as a travel mattress or used in a bed as a regular mattress to accommodate guests. It is composed of 2 to 4 parts and can be unfolded very easily to form a bed.

When folded, it forms a cube that is easily stored. Whether it is for a practical reason, for a reason of space, or simply to have an extra bed to receive your friends, acquiring a folding mattress is a perfect solution. Yes, but how to choose it? I love to sleep guides you in your choice.


What is a foldable mattress?

The foldable mattress is the practical solution to have an extra bed ready quickly, in any situation, whether it is to accommodate your friends or family or to sunbathe in the garden.

2-part foldable mattress

There is a better folding mattress in two parts for baby beds, with a mattress size of 60×120 cm. With a thickness of 7 cm, it should remain occasional and not be used daily for your child. The sofa bed mattresses are also in two parts and can accommodate two people.


3-part foldable mattress

There are several 3-part foldable mattresses: travel mattresses, foldable futon mattresses, and travel cot mattresses. Thicknesses may vary. For a pleasant sleep, a minimum thickness of 10 cm is desired, especially for an adult.


Travel cot

The travel cot is a folding bed, so-called because it folds upon itself. It is often used when travelling for children. The umbrella bed mattress is often in 3 parts for a total dimension of 60×120 cm.


Why choose a foldable mattress?

Why choose a foldable mattress

You may need a foldable mattress in many situations: welcoming friends or family out of the blue, for camping or travel, or just for lounging in your backyard.


Usually made of foam, the foldable mattress is quite comfortable and provides good support for the spine.

The polyurethane foam mattresses are nice and often antibacterial treated. There are now folding memory foam mattresses for even better support. Some mattresses are protected by a cover, which you can easily remove with a zipper. This allows your regular maintenance and good hygiene.



The foldable mattress is convenient: once folded, it can easily be stored in a cupboard.

Some even serve as an ottoman or armchair for children or adults and therefore have all their usefulness in the house.


What types of box springs for a folding mattress?

A foldable mattress, foldable box spring!

The mattress foldable is often slatted bases. They fold in half and are very handy if you are travelling. You can also store them more easily. But you can, of course, use a classic slatted base and put your folding mattress on it. The same goes for box springs or upholsterers.

For travel costs, the box spring is included in the bed. It is often a box spring, pierced with holes to allow good ventilation. The foldable mattress is often used for sofa beds or BZs, with an efficient box spring for storage.


Who is the folding mattress for?

The foldable mattress is beneficial for several people and several situations.

During vacations, trips, and night out with unexpected guests, you can use it in any situation while sleeping very comfortably. Just be sure to choose it with a thickness of at least 10cm, especially for an adult.


The advantages and disadvantages of the folding mattress

Practical and comfortable, here are some things to take into account when choosing the best folding mattress, according to your situation:


Affordable price Less comfortable than a classic mattress

Can be stored easily Cannot be used daily

It can be used as a pouf or armchair. By dint of manipulation (folding, unfolding), it tends to sag a little

It can be used everywhere and in all circumstances

The foldable mattress is, above all, an extra mattress: while it can be very comfortable for one or two nights, it is much less so for regular use. It will never provide the comfort of a classic mattress, which is often thicker and has several support technologies. (Memory foam, springs)

Our opinion on the folding mattress

The foldable mattress is practical and comfortable.

It is an essential element to have at home, to welcome friends or children’s friends. Usually, in foam, it offers good support and allows a good rest.

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