How to choose your custom mattress

How to choose your custom mattress?

It can happen that sometimes the mattresses of standard sizes on sale on the market do not correspond to our wishes, our morphology.

It is then possible to turn to custom mattresses for specific dimensions and choose the filling and personalize your mattress according to your preferences. Do you think it’s more expensive? Not necessarily. It is quite possible to acquire a custom-made mattress and suitable bedding without breaking your budget. I love to sleep, inquired you.


What is a custom mattress?

The custom mattress is there to meet certain specificities: specific mattress size (more than 2 meters), need to adapt a mattress to an unusual place (boat, campsite), or simply the desire to have the best mattress, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Choice of size

If you want to have a custom mattress made, the choice of size is important; it is important not to be wrong!

Depending on your situation, your morphology, it will be necessary to take it long and wide enough to move at your ease and without disturbing the spouse if you sleep together. Ideally, measure 20 cm extra in length from your height (or that of your spouse if he or she is taller than you), and the same in width with 20 cm extra on each side to have enough sleeping space.

Of course, if you already have a bed frame, you have to adapt the mattress measurements accordingly to match perfectly.


Choice of filling

Generally, a custom-made mattress’s choice is mainly for the dimensions, more rarely for the filling.

Often you have to choose from existing technologies. Quite often, custom mattresses are offered in custom foam blocks or high-density foam. You can also find natural latex mattresses.

The custom pocket sprung mattress is less common and will be much more expensive but possible.

For a quality mattress at an affordable price, choosing a custom foam mattress is the best choice.


Why buy a custom mattress?

Why buy a custom mattress

Are you taller than average, and the length of 2 meters is not enough?

Do you want a larger mattress because of your build, or do you want a mattress with a specific shape (round, for example)? Or a mattress that fits your motorhome perfectly? There are plenty of reasons for choosing a custom mattress.


A custom-made mattress will be as comfortable as a standard-size mattress, or even more if you’ve chosen the filling that’s right for you. For the best of the best, you can also choose tailor-made bedding for even greater comfort and pleasure!



The custom mattress is necessarily practical since it adapts to your request and your needs. The mattress manufacturers’ know-how will offer you a mattress adapted to the specific dimensions you have requested.


What types of box springs for a custom mattress?

As with a standard size mattress, you can choose your box spring according to your preferences: slatted base, box spring or box spring (the latter is recommended for box spring mattresses).

The slatted base is trendy because it lets the mattress breathe. Also, you can choose the number of slats for more or less firm support.


Who is the custom mattress for?

The custom mattress is recommended for tall people (over 2 m) because the mattresses for sale in stores or online do not exceed this size.

But a custom mattress can also be suitable for a specific purchase: for a bed in a boat or a motorhome, for example. But it can quite simply correspond to your desire: that of having the mattress which corresponds to you!


The advantages and disadvantages of the custom mattress

The opinions of people who have already ordered a custom mattress are ultimately rather positive:


Affordable price Not available in pocket springs

Choice of dimension It can be not easy to find bed linen over 2m in length

Possibility of choice of filling

There is no real downside to choosing a custom mattress other than making the wrong size when ordering.

Our opinion on the custom mattress

Buying a good mattress is essential for sleeping well.

This is even more true for a custom-made mattress where quality is sought after. It is, therefore, a perfect solution if you have specific mattress needs.

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