How to choose your click clack mattress

How to choose your click clack mattress?

Ideal for welcoming friends or family or to save space in a small space, the convertible sofa or sofa bed has become an essential element. The beds are now much more comfortable than simple extra beds. Click-clack mattresses offer good comfort, even for entry-level models.

If you have a sofa bed and want to change the mattress and give it a little boost by finding the right mattress, we have reviewed the selection criteria for you before purchasing.


What is a click-clack mattress?


The clinic class mattress corresponds to your bench, which, once unfolded, is parallel to the wall. The best mattresses are usually foam mattresses or latex mattresses.

Mattress BZ

This type of convertible mattress is folded in three, in the shape of a Z, hence its name. It unfolds into a comfortable bed when you pull the seat towards you. The BZ mattress takes up more space than the clic clac mattress when unfolded.

Click-clack mattress

The clinic class mattress is folded in two: the first half is the seat, and the second the backrest. When unfolded, the bed is parallel to the wall. Often, the mattress has more space in length than in-depth.

The hollow that forms between the two parts of the mattress is a small inconvenience that you can easily solve by adding a mattress topper.


Why choose a click-clack mattress?


Why choose a click-clack mattress

Before choosing your click-clack mattress, you must think about the use you are going to make of it. You will not choose the same mattress if the use is occasional or regular.


For a minimum of comfort and occasional use, you can purchase a polyether foam click-clack mattress. On the other hand, the use is more regular, bet on a polyurethane foam mattress of better quality and will offer you good support and good resistance over time.

For everyday use, you have the choice between a mattress made of natural latex or memory foam or high resilience bultex foam. It is preferable to choose a click-clack mattress with a high density, which will allow you outstanding support, a soft reception, and, therefore, a good sleep. For the thickness, choose a mattress of at least 10 cm for better support of your spine.



The clinic class mattress does not take up space since it is an integral part of the sofa!

If you choose to acquire a sofa bed, you will also be delighted to see that the part under the seat offers storage space, really practical for small spaces!


What types of box springs for a clic clac mattress?

For a sofa bed, the slatted base is the most common. It provides firm sleeping because it makes the mattress firm.

It is highly regarded for its durability. It is very compact, which, for a convertible, makes it possible to limit the dimensions. It is rigid and can be fitted with an articulated system for opening and closing. It also allows excellent ventilation of the click-clack mattress.


Who is the hybrid mattress for?

The clinic class mattress can meet several needs: an occasional welcome when family or friends are visiting, or a little more regular if you have children and a friend comes to sleep at the house.

It is also widely used by students, who usually have little space in their room. Of course, you must then choose the click-clack mattress according to the use you will make of it.


The advantages and disadvantages of the click-clack mattress

Choosing a click-clack mattress is not necessarily easy, a few points to remember!

The main drawback is undoubtedly that by unfolding and folding, which also serves as a seat, which more quickly and tends to sag over time. Comfort is not always there depending on the model of click-clack mattress chosen.

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