How to choose your biconical spring mattress

How to choose your biconical spring mattress?

Sleep is an essential step because we sleep about 1 third of our life.

Sleep is an essential step because we sleep about 1 third of our life. As such, there are many mattresses available for sleeping in the best possible way. You can choose biconical spring mattresses that have many advantages—Close-up on this type of mattress.


What is the biconical spring mattress?

Biconical spring mattresses correspond to mattresses that do not have pocket springs. That is to say that their springs are connected to steel wires. Also, note that this type of mattress can be filled with foam, wool or cotton.

One of the main features of the biconical mattress is that its density directly depends on the steel wire’s diameter. It will thus be firmer when it is raised.


The advantages of a biconical spring mattress

Biconical spring mattresses provide many advantages.

It is interesting to note that they have excellent comfort thanks to their optimal soft reception.

Likewise, if you wish to acquire this type of mattress, know that their lifespan is important, more than most other mattresses on the bedding market.

Finally, biconical spring mattresses are mattresses offered at very affordable prices. This price varies according to the model chosen.


The disadvantages of the biconical spring mattress

Even if it has several significant advantages, the biconical spring mattress also has some disadvantages.

Indeed, if you sleep with your partner, you may find that sleeping independence is not necessarily present because this type of mattress does not perfectly match the morphology of its users.

Finally, over time, the springs may deteriorate, thus reducing sleeping comfort.


How many biconical springs should a mattress contain?

If you choose a biconical spring mattress, it must contain at least 600 springs for quality sleep. The higher this number, the more effective the mattress will provide.

So, if you have back problems or poor blood circulation, it is important to opt for a biconical spring mattress made up of many springs.


Biconical spring mattress: reviews

Biconical spring mattress

Biconical spring mattresses have the particularity of benefiting from a high level of know-how because they are among the oldest spring mattresses.

As a result, opinions on this type of mattress are generally very positive.

Also, as stated previously, the advantages are multiple: soft reception, long lifespan or very affordable price.

The disadvantages are much lower. You have to note the fact that sleeping independence is not optimal because the mattress does not allow your body to be perfectly hugged.

Therefore, it is recommended to acquire a biconical spring mattress if you do not want to break the bank while enjoying a good sleep.


How to choose your biconical spring mattress?

Do you want to choose a biconical spring mattress but you don’t know how to go about it? Here are some tips and some models to help you make your choice.

First, do not hesitate to compare all the offers on the bedding market. Take into account your needs and your budget to find the biconical spring mattress that really suits you.

Here are some brands offering quality biconical mattresses:

  • The Brandy biconical spring mattress: with its thickness of 17 cm, its sufficient number of springs, this biconical spring mattress model is recommended if you want good mattress firmness and good tone.
  • Davilaine: this 100% French brand offers a quality biconical spring mattress thanks to know-how and technology dedicated to well-being during sleep.
  • The Bucharest mattress from Literie Exception: guaranteed for 5 years; this mattress is ideal if you have a small budget but still want to sleep in the best possible way.

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