How to choose the mattress and box spring composition

How to choose the mattress and box spring composition?

Sleeping well is essential for health. For this, you must have quality bedding. Size, firmness, support, padding, etc., everything must be combed through.

This article will find the information you need to choose the best mattress and the best box spring.

First and foremost, it is good to know that the mattress and box spring are changed at the same time every ten years.


The comfort criteria for a mattress and box spring composition

The comfort criteria for a mattress and box spring composition

For each type of box spring, there is the corresponding type of mattress. For optimal comfort, here are the comfort basics to consider for your best mattress and box spring duo.


Regarding the reception (the first sensation felt as soon as you lie down), it depends on the thickness and the filling level. The filling can be cotton, silk, wool or foam. The thicker it is, the more comfortable the reception will be.


Sleeping independence

Sleeping independence: the more important it is, the less the person’s movements sleeping next to you will be felt. In general, pocket spring mattresses or latex mattresses are best suited to this problem. The mattress and box spring combination should, therefore, not be done lightly!



The support guarantees good support of the spine, even of the whole body. It aims to improve backrest during sleep. The support of bedding depends particularly on the suspension technology (foam, latex, springs). This technology defines the more or less firm comfort of the mattress.

To sleep well, the best combination is:

  • Spring base + spring mattress for flexible and pleasant support;
  • Slatted base + latex or foam mattress for firm support;
  • Slatted base + spring mattress for more reinforced support.


Mattress and box spring: Which box spring?

Mattress and box spring

The best box spring acts as a mattress shock absorber. A good box spring lasts over time without sagging.

It perfectly matches your body shape from the shoulders to the buttocks, passing through the pelvis and feet. In the cervical, head and lumbar areas, the bed base must be more flexible.

How to choose a box spring for the perfect mattress and box spring composition?


The slatted exposed or covered adapt very well to body movement and make the firm mattress. It is the best compromise for people prone to back pain. This type of box spring has better ventilation.



The box spring is to be preferred if you need resistance and sleeping comfort. They are combined with a spring mattress for an optimal sleeping balance between mattress and box spring. The springs are distributed in a way to make sleeping more comfortable.



With slats or springs, the box spring is covered with fabrics that provide additional comfort. Besides, they preserve the bedding. To conceal the box spring, the box spring is required. Also, it adds an elegant note to the mattress and box spring set.


Relaxation base

The relaxation base, known as the articulated base, allows the feet and head to be raised according to the desired comfort level. It is available in an electric and manual version. This type of box spring needs a specific mattress that respects the movements of the box spring. It is ideal for people with blood circulation and back worry.


Mattress and box spring: Which mattress?

Before choosing the best mattress, you need to focus on your body type. Depending on your weight and size, some mattresses are better suited than others. Then it would help if you dwelled on your way to sleep.

Each individual sleeps differently. While some like to sleep on your stomach or your side, others prefer to sleep on your back. The choice of mattress should take into account your habits to ensure you are in the arms of Morphée.

The types of mattresses for a mattress and box spring composition:

Spring mattress

Their health distinguishes the mattress springs through natural ventilation. Thus, they fight against the multiplication of mites. With these mattresses, freshness and comfort are at the rendezvous. They meet the needs of people who sweat profusely. The more springs there are, the better the pressure exerted by the body is distributed.


Pocket sprung mattress

The pocket spring mattresses are pre-compressed in textile pockets in an individual way. Each area of ​​the body enjoys maximum support, as each spring acts independently of the other. If sleeping independence is emphasized, your partner can sleep comfortably and vice versa.


Latex mattress

The latex mattress offers premium quality comfort. It is a vegetable moss that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Suffice to say that it is a healthy, ventilated, hygienic and above all, undeformable material. Its hypoallergenic and bactericidal properties characterize this type of mattress.


Foam mattress

The foam mattress foam provides a firmer welcome and good hypoallergenic protection. They are designed in a healthy and airy coating. They are compatible with all body types and effectively support the spine by removing pressure points. These modern mattresses benefit from an unbeatable quality/price ratio and are meant to last over time.


Conclusion mattress and box spring

Finally, once you have discerned your comfort criteria and discovered the different options available to you, you will be able to choose your mattress and box spring set.

Many brands offer sets or mattresses and box springs sold separately.

With our advice, the assemblies between various types will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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