How to Choose Right Pillow

How to Choose Right Pillow For Better Sleep

Pillow – beware, designed to provide a comfortable location of the head during sleep. As a rule, the pillow is a cloth case of various forms stuffed inside the filler, as which natural or artificial materials can be used. In addition, there are pillows designed for seating or back support while sitting.


Pillow classification


Pillows can be classified in several ways: by purpose, by filler, by size, by shape.

It would seem that with the appointment, everything is more or less clear. However, this is only at first glance. In fact, modern science has made a significant contribution to the development of pillows with a special purpose. Thus, at the moment, there are pillows for:

  • head support during sleep. This is the most common type of pillow, and in most cases, when we hear the word “cushion,” it is the pillow for sleep that pops up in our memory.
  • Back supports while sitting. They can be placed on car chairs, chair backs.
  • Seats. They are placed on chairs or chairs and create soft support if you eat a chair or chair excessively rigid.
  • Support for pregnant women’s stomachs. Applied while sleeping on the side. The pillow is placed under the abdomen and provides support, reducing the load.
  • Relieving or minimizing pain in hemorrhoids. These pillows are shaped like a torus (bagel). With this design, the body does not rely on a pillow with hemorrhoids. This almost completely relieves the pain and prevents the exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  • Reduce the risk of bedsores. Used by patients with injuries requiring long-term treatment and causing the patient’s sedentariness.

In addition, there are decorative pillows, the purpose of which is to decorate the room, not practical use.

Classifying pillows by the type of filler can distinguish two large groups: pillows with natural and artificial filler.

The first group includes pillows with a huge variety of fillers. Natural materials must be used as a filler. Today it can be a combination of fluff and feather of birds (chicken, swan, etc.), cotton (Vata), sheep’s wool, buckwheat husk, bamboo and corn fibers, mulberry silkworm cocoons, merino wool, horsehair, goat poo, various herbs, and other materials.

The second group includes pillows with fillings made of artificial materials: fireball, latex, synthpop, synthetic, polyester, holofeiber, etc. It is still believed that these fillers can be harmful to health. However, this opinion is completely wrong. On the contrary, many artificial materials are harmless and are deprived of many drawbacks of pillows with natural filler. Therefore, such pillows have every chance to take a large share of the market.

The shape of the pillow can be divided into classic (rectangular or square), rollers (cylindrical), round, under the head with a note to support the neck and others.

Typically, the size of the pillows ranges from 40-80cm in length and 30-50cm wide. Suppose we talk about the European standard, the most common standard in Europe – 50 x70cm. In Russia, it is customary to use square pillows measuring 70 x70cm. Recently, however, globalization has led to a mix of national traditions and standards.


Pillow fillers

All pillow fillers must meet several requirements. First, they must be environmentally friendly. Do not throw toxic substances into the surrounding space or smell bad. If possible, they should not start dust mites and other parasites. Secondly, the filler should be well ventilated. This helps to effectively remove moisture trapped on the pillow and give it to the environment. Third, the material should not be secured.


Orthopedic pillows

Orthopedic or anatomical pillows are the products that provide the body with the most natural position. Given that the sleep pillows are designed to support the head, the orthopedic pillow is obliged to guarantee the correct position of the cervical vertebrae. This avoids nerve damage and blood vessel compression. This prevents headaches from being caused by these problems.


Choosing pillows: what to look for

Choosing pillows what to look for

Today, the market has a huge variety of pillows from different manufacturers. Many of them have different parameters and are made from different materials. It isn’t easy to understand and understand what kind of product should be purchased on the spot. Therefore, the choice of pillows should be approached carefully.

Shape and size

It would seem, what difference will the pillow be wide or narrow, long or short. However, it makes sense to choose these parameters. So, for children, you need to choose narrow pillows. They should fit the child’s head, and the shoulders should be on the mattress. In this case, it is possible to guarantee the correct formation of the cervical spine and its normal position during sleep. If the pillow is wide, the child will most likely climb on it with the shoulders, and all the meaning of the pillow will be lost.

It is desirable that the length of the pillow was large enough. For a child, it is not a wish but a requirement. Otherwise, it will often lie not on a pillow but next to it. For an adult, it is also relevant. If a person often tosses in his sleep, a small pillow will be uncomfortable for him. He will sleep either on edge, which will create tension for the neck, or not at all on the pillow.



The height of the pillow should be selected based on the width of the person’s shoulder and the rigidity of the mattress. The height should be such that during sleep on the side of the head of a sleeping person is not bullied and not thrown. The spine in the cervical section must be kept even.

When it comes to orthopedic pillows, they have one or two rollers on the long sides. Their purpose is to maintain the neck during sleep. When buying, you need to make sure they have enough height to perform their functions in full.



When choosing a filler, be sure to consider the presence of allergies or asthma. Different fillers for pillows can cause exacerbation of these diseases in people. If this disease has arisen recently, it is better to consult a doctor on the choice of pillows. There’s nothing abnormal about that. A pillow with the wrong filler can lead not just to loss of money. It can harm human health.

For everyone else, the question of choosing a filler is often just a matter of subjective preferences. And no more. It is only important to understand that pillows made of fluff and pen require more care, and it is impossible to clean them at home. In addition, they will certainly appear dust mites. Pillows made of latex, foam, memory, and other synthetic materials avoid the appearance of these unwanted neighbors completely or partially.



When choosing pillowcases, preference should be given to natural materials. They provide good ventilation of the pillow and prevent condensation between the human body and the material of the case.


Choosing an aromatic pillow

If for some reason, for example, because of insomnia or simply because of personal preferences, you decided to take an aromatic pillow, then it should be chosen based on the effect it has. As a rule, you can understand what effect it will produce by looking at the composition. The presence of valerian root, mint leaves, and melissa guarantees a sedative and sleeping pills. Eucalyptus will produce a decontaminating effect. When choosing a pillow, its smell mustn’t be excessive. A strong smell can cause a negative reaction, and a person, at least, will not be able to sleep. However, the strong smell of pillows is not so common and is mainly associated with excessive amounts of needles, eucalyptus, and other strongly smelling leaves and herbs.


Choosing an anti-bed pillow.

When choosing a pillow to prevent or treat bedsores, it is best to consult a specialist. Today you can buy similar products of different models and sizes.

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