How to Choose the Pillow For Baby

How to Choose Pillow For Baby

Butterflies, bagels, waves are not the names of toys but models of baby pillows. What to put under the child’s head? A question that parents have been concerned about since the baby’s first days. Moreover, the experts have completely different opinions on this issue. We understand the range of baby pillows in Dubai and learn to find the right accessory for the crib.


Pillow 0. Necessity or excess?

If parents themselves do not think of a sound sleep without a pillow, then the cradle for their child, most likely, will be staffed with a headrest. But don’t be fooled by the “for newborns,” “from birth,” “0” notes. Pediatrician and TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky Are you sure: A baby pillow is not needed at all. Other Doctors share the opinion of the “star” colleagues. The main argument is the characteristics of the anatomical proportions of the child.

Newborns have narrow shoulders, a short neck, and a large enough head compared to the body. Therefore, the child can sleep peacefully without a pillow until the age of 2. But sometimes, a pediatrician, neurologist, or orthopedist advise buying an orthopedic product that will correct some features of the baby’s development: impaired tone, the tendency to crooked, and others. Here are the most popular options:

1. “Butterfly.” At the pillow ASCON MAM AGU rounded edges, and in the center – a recess for the child’s head. “Butterfly” fixes the baby in a position on the back. Breasts, which the doctor recommends to sleep on the side, will not suit.

2. “Bublik.” Reminiscent of the previous pillow, only in the middle – a hole, as in the model LIENA BUBLIK

3. Positioner. Not exactly a pillow, but it can also be used the first 3-4 months of the baby’s life. A flat product with two wickets fixes the newborn on the side.

4. Slope. Lifts the child at an angle of 15 degrees. Supports not only the head but the whole body.


Pillow for toddlers up to 3 years old

The right pillow for the first years of a baby’s life should be

  • thin (about 2-3 cm tall), elastic, and not stiff – such as PROMTEX-ORIENT SOFT 0+;
  • meet certain parameters of length and width. It is 22-25 by 18-22 cm for infants, such as RYTON CHILD. For children from 2 years of age, you can choose a bigger option, as LIENA CONTOUR;
  • consist of hypoallergenic materials – as a model LIENA CLASSIC.

The most suitable pillow fillers for children from 0 to 3 years old – latex and foam. Latex material is easy to care for, does not cause allergies, does not accumulate bacteria and dust mites. Furthermore, thanks to the elastic and elastic filler LIENA KRUGLIK acquires anatomical properties.

The improved type of latex is coal. Activated charcoal is added to it. Pillow LIENA COAL CLASSIC hygienic and comfortable for the baby. At the same time, all the advantages of natural latex are preserved.

Strong and deep sleep provides pillows filled with memories-foam, for example, ASCON MAM AGU. Moderately hard material with memory effect well supports the body and head of the baby: other “foam” advantages – durability and ease of care.

Another headrest with the markings “0” can be made of soy foam. This is a relatively new material with several varieties. For example, in a pillow MR. MATTRESS HONEY Soya Foam is a natural filler based on soy oil with a memory effect. Hypoallergenic is highly breathable.

Equally important, what is the cover sewn from. The baby’s delicate skin will like the touch of natural satin or cotton. For the convenience of washing, you can choose a zipper case, as in the model ASCONA NAP.


Pillow for children 3-6 years old

The basic principles of choice remain the same. The priority is hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch “breathing” materials. But the pillow itself should become taller, wider, and longer because the child has grown significantly. Of particular importance is the posture in which he likes to sleep. Therefore, the recommendations on the choice of products for preschoolers sound like this:

1. It is better to choose traditional rectangular models such as LIENA CONTOUR. This form is especially relevant for the child, who tosses in his sleep, trying to put his shoulders on the headrest. Meanwhile, only the head should lie on the pillow – this is an important condition for a full rest.

2. Anatomical products of unusual shape, as LIENA TOY-ROLLERYou, can only buy on a doctor’s recommendation.

3. Optimal stiffness is average, as in MAGNIFLEX MEMOFORM BABY.

4. The product’s width can range from 25 to 40 cm, and the length – from 35 to 60 cm. Here the main criterion – the size of the cot.

5. Measuring tape will help determine the height of the pillow. The indicator should be equal to the distance from the shoulder to the child’s ear. Only in this case, the product will properly support the spine. The approximate height of the pillow for the preschooler is 5-6 cm, as in the model LIENA TRANSFORMER TOY.

6. The child’s spine, which is lying on the side, should remain in a horizontal position. If so, the sleep accessory is chosen correctly. If not, adjust the height of the pillow. The child may need a lower model. For example, how RYTON YOUNG. Or higher – as MR. MATTRESS HONEY XL.

7. To sleep on the back, you need low pillows. You can choose a universal wave-like model – for example, how LIENA COAL CONTOUR (3 to 7).

8. Orthopedists disapprove of the child’s desire to sleep on the stomach. If the preschooler is used to such a posture, choose an almost flat headrest to not create additional strain on the vertebrae and cervical vessels.


Pillow for a schoolboy

By the time the child goes to the first class, you will accumulate sufficient experience in choosing pillows. The schoolboy will be suitable:

  • product from 7-8 to 10 cm high, as ORMATEK JUNIOR SOFT;
  • model filled not only with foam or latex but also with hypoallergenic artificial fluff – as LONAX BLU OCEAN;
  • pillow with a cooling thermal insert, as PERSON JUNIOR.

It is recommended to change children’s pillows about every 3 years, as the child grows. Some manufacturers, for example, RYTON, produce special lines from the smallest to the teenage model.

To keep all these time products comfortable for sleep, properly take care of them. Periodically ventilate and dry in the hot season on the balcony, but outside the sun’. Removable covers wash in a delicate wash.

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