How to choose Pillow for a Child

How to Choose Pillow For a Child

Pediatricians claim that children’s sleep under 7 years should last at least 10-11 hours at night and 2-4 hours in the afternoon. What affects sleep duration? First, the comfortable temperature in the room so that the baby was neither hot nor cold. Secondly, quiet – so the baby will be able to sleep longer. And thirdly, the sleep pillow – today we will talk about this important subject for children’s rest. We’ll figure out how to choose a pillow for the baby.


Tips For Choosing Pillow for Child 

Tips For Choosing Pillow for Child 

Notice the height of the pillow

Before you give preference to a particular version of the pillow, pay attention to the height of the pillow. Remember that for children under 3 years of age, the pillow should be no higher than 2-3 cm; for kids from 3 to 5 years, the pillow’s height is not more than 5-6 cm, and for junior schoolchildren – not higher than 10 cm. If your baby sleeps on the stomach and back more often than on the side, then the pillow for it should be less than 2-3 cm.


Measure the width of the pillow

If adult pillows can be different in width, then for children, the size of 40 x60 cm is recommended, but even this is not the final version. The pillow in width should correspond to the mattress – in this case, if the child will toss in a dream from side to side, his head will still support the pillow.

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Check the elasticity of the pillow.

Immediately exclude two options – too soft or too hard pillow. It is important that during sleep, the spine of the crumbs form a straight line – for this pillow should support the head and neck of the baby in the right position. It would be best if you found something in between a dense and soft pillow; then, it will not cause discomfort during sleep in the child.


Choose the right pillowcase.

The most important rule here – the pillowcase should consist of 100% cotton. In order not to sweat during sleep, the material must pass air. Choose cotton fabrics such as satin or baz. Sometimes you can find pillows, cases of which are treated with a special remedy for dust mites. These parasites can often cause allergies. So do not skimp, and better choose a pillow with a protected cover.


Examine the composition of the filler for the pillow

Examine the composition of the filler for the pillow

Earlier, the most popular filler for pillows was fluff and feather; today, it has long surrendered its leading position. This filler retains poor form and can often cause allergies.

Buckwheat husk as a filler for a baby pillow can be beneficial. It provides a kind of point massage and well takes the shape of the baby’s head. The only drawback of such pillows is that they rustle. Although, if the crumb is used to fall asleep under quiet sounds, such a pillow can lull.

Filler such as synthpop, hollofaiber, and siliconized fiber is not elastic enough, and the pillows are very quickly deformed and adjusted. It is unlikely that this option is suitable for crumbs.

Pillows with bamboo filler are ideal for allergy sufferers. Their main advantage is that they are absolutely hypoallergenic. Such pillows well pass the air, do not accumulate unpleasant smells, they can be washed in the washing machine. Minus these pillows – over time, the fibers are crumpled, and the pillow loses its original shape.

Good for kids’ pillows with latex filler. Usually, they are the most comfortable and comfortable for the baby. Such pillows perfectly pass the air, and they are easy to care for. They perfectly support the child’s head and neck, providing him with a comfortable sleep.

And, finally, remember that you need to wash pillows for children’s sleep more often than adults – about once every 1-2 months. It would help if you also ventilated the pillow once every 1-2 weeks.

Choosing the right pillow and  is the key to good sleep for your baby. Therefore, before you make a purchase, carefully study all the nuances. Sweet dreams!

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