How To Choose Mattress For Double Bed

How To Choose Mattress For Double Bed

Sleep is an important part of a person’s life, affecting his health. That sleeping together brings only pleasant emotions. It is important to pick up a best mattress in Dubai.

The sleeper must meet the physical parameters and needs of both men in pairs.

We will tell you what to choose for a double bed.


Size choices

The most common mattress size for a double bed is 160 x200.

  • The length should be more than the height of a person at least 15 centimeters.
  • The width of the bed depends on the position in which the couple prefers to sleep.
  • The size must correspond to the size of the bed so that the surface of the bed remains flat.
  • Height depends on the thickness of the layers of fillers. The surface should be located above the level of the sides of the bed.


Key types of designs

Key types of designs

There are several types, each of which has its pros and cons. Learn more about the designs:

1. With the Bonnel, spring block is an economical option.

“Bonnel” is not suitable for sleeping on a double bed, as the load is not distributed evenly on the surface of the bed. This means that the mattress can sag under the weight of a heavier partner.

This design can be an option for the accommodation of guests or a summer house. But every day, sleeping on “Bonney” will be uncomfortable and even harmful.


2. with an independent spring block 

a more expensive but comfortable option. Layers of natural or artificial fillers give additional characteristics: rigidity, softness, elasticity, orthopedic properties.

Mattresses with independent springs adjust to partners’ weight, evenly distribute the load, and are great for sleeping together.


3. springless 

As the name suggests, this option does not have a spring block but consists of different materials.

Natural and artificial fillers can be used in different models.

The combination of different layers determines the rigidity of the surface.

For example, a layer of natural cobra can provide stiffness, and latex filler gives the product elasticity.

High-quality, springless models, are great for sleeping together.

The mattress adjusts to the outlines of each partner’s body, provides anatomical support of the spine, and allows muscles to relax during rest.


How to choose from austerity?

The mattress must satisfy the preferences of both partners. First of all, it concerns the degree of rigidity of the bed. A good product supports the spine in an anatomical position. So what should be guided when choosing the rigidity of a double bed?

  • On the preferences of each partner. The main thing is that the couple was comfortable to sleep, and in the morning, the couple got up rested.
  • On the weight of husband and wife. The more weight partners, the tougher mattress is worth choosing.
  • People’s age. For children choose tough models. Middle-aged people tend to be suitable for medium-hard products. Older spouses will be able to sleep better on a soft bed.
  • On the health of the spouses. It is crucial to take into account the problems with the spine.


Weight choices

If the husband and wife have about the same weight, prefer mattresses of the average level of rigidity, it is not difficult to decide. But what if partners need different rigidity but at the same time want to sleep together? Let’s look at the options:  

With different rigidity of the sides due to different fillers has one firmer and the second softer surface.

Two single-bedroom, different rigidities, selected separately for each spouse, can provide the couple with a comfortable joint sleep.

With a block of variable rigidity springs, it’s perfect even for partners with a big weight difference.

In one half of the product are more tight springs, which will withstand the weight of a heavy partner, and in the second part are less tight springs for comfortable sleep of a light spouse.

With asymmetrical filling divided into two halves with different rigidity.

A thicker layer of coconut cobra makes one of the beds tougher, and a layer of elastic latex ensures the softness of the second side of the double bed.

A block of DS springs for a double bed is excellent for spouses with different weights.

The weight of a lighter partner is distributed on external springs, and internal ones provide additional support for a heavier spouse.

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