How to choose a soft mattress

How to choose a soft mattress?

How to choose your mattress? It is not always easy to answer them. It depends on their preferences, their weight and their build.

So that you can benefit from a restful sleep with a new mattress, we present here the flexible mattress available on, its advantages, its disadvantages as well as the adapted bases. Information that will help you improve the quality of your sleep!


What is called a soft mattress?

Bedding (slatted base and/or mattress) provides various types of comfort and support. Some specialists recommend starting with firm comfort at head height, more flexible comfort for the shoulders and hips. Finally, they recommend firmer comfort in the back and legs.

What is this flexibility? It is a form of support that some mattresses offer you. The support ranges from “firm support” to “soft support”. It is, in particular, the soul of the mattress (the heart of the mattress, also called suspension) that defines it. Good support allows you to maintain an ideal position to support your body and spine.


Why choose a soft mattress?

The soft mattress provides comfort to the majority of sleepers. It has the advantage of not emphasizing pressure points (we speak of stress) such as the hips or shoulders.

More enveloping than a firm mattress, the flexible mattress is therefore perfectly suited to people suffering from shoulder or back pain, for example … And as we know, back problems are one of the ailments of this century.

But be careful; remember to test each mattress and ask for expert advice from each model advisor.

Discover the three levels of firmness of a mattress:

Soft comfort mattress

The soft mattress is usually a mattress with a layer of memory foam. Comfort and relaxation are part of the game. They are sometimes recommended for light people.

Take the memory foam mattress model, for example, Emma Original. The density and thickness of the mattress, 25 cm, make it a fairly universal model.


Balanced mattress

Neither too firm nor too soft, the balanced mattress is often universal. It is generally suitable for people with an average weight.


Firm mattress

Buying a firm mattress gives you good support. It is recommended for people with a strong build.

Mattress brands offering firm support: Tediber or Bruno mattress, among others.


The disadvantages of the soft mattress

A mattress that is too soft is not good for the back.

The perfect mattress is bound to accompany the movements and curves of the body. Too hard, it can then be the source of pressure in certain comfort zones such as the hips or shoulders.

Firming a mattress that is too soft with a mattress topper is one solution; opting for a firmer base is another.


Types of box springs for a flexible mattress

Types of box springs for a flexible mattress

Depending on your morphology, the choice of the type of mattress depends on the type of box spring chosen:

  • The floor base is a perforated wooden plank. This type of box spring is not recommended for people with back problems. Indeed, it has high rigidity. A bed that is too firm is rarely recommended for the quality of sleep.
  • The box spring pairs very well with mattresses with or without pocket springs. They generally lack firmness. But beware, the springs of this box spring, which provide its flexibility, often collapse after 10 years of service.
  • The slatted base has a longer service life. The fixed slatted base consists of a frame on which wooden slats are fixed; its comfort is firm but offers no elasticity. More mobile, articulated slatted bases are more “elastic”. The slats, therefore, more easily follow the movements of the sleeper. Result: a good mix of suppleness/firmness.


How do I know if a soft mattress is right for me?

Overall, soft, comfortable mattresses are suitable for everyone. But you also have to think about support.

In detail, it will depend on the morphology, build and health issues of the sleeper (does he suffer from lumbago, back pain, scoliosis?).

Are you around average weight? A mattress with a medium density will be fine for you. The sinking into the mattress will be normal, and your mattress will not risk sagging too quickly.

Are you heavier? Bet on a mattress with a high density. This will prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress. The latter will last longer, moreover. For example, for a pocket spring mattress, it will be necessary to opt for a model containing more than 1000 springs.


Conclusion soft mattress

The soft mattress brings relaxation and well-being. Generally, it is more predestined for people of small stature. Memory foam mattresses are often seen in soft mattresses.

Finally, we recommend that you take advantage of individual advice before choosing the level of flexibility of the mattress because the decision to buy a soft mattress or not depends on many factors specific to your morphology, your physical state of health and your preferences.

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