How To Choose A Mattress On The Floor

How To Choose A Mattress On The Floor

To get a good night’s sleep, you do not have a strong and expensive bed. Just pick up the right mattress in dubai for sleeping on the floor. Sometimes the decision to arrange a bed on the floor becomes the most obvious option. Most often resort to it:

  • in a new or rented apartment, when the landlord has not provided the finished bed;
  • When you need a guest or temporary bed;
  • If the interior is decorated in the style of loft or minimalism and the oriental style.

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What properties should the mattress have on the floor?

If you are looking for a model to sleep on it every day, look out for the following characteristics:

  • Height. The higher the bed, the easier it is to lie down and get up from it. If you do not need to clean the mattress every morning, it is better to choose a model not lower than 24-25 cm. If the mattress is used as a more convenient analog of the cot, you need to choose the height of the mattress, focusing on storage: the more space, the higher you can choose the mattress. We recommend paying attention to high folding models that are easy to store in the closet or on the mezzanine or unsqueeze models 8-12 cm without rigid fillers. Such a mattress can be rolled and fixed in the form of a roll. However, the folding mattress will still have an advantage in the speed and convenience of handling it.
  • Snow-white floor mattress on a floating podium from an array
  • Resilient layers. The mattress on the floor seems tougher than on the lattice base and is subjected to heavy loads. We recommend choosing hardy models with thick layers of fillers – organic latex, foam, and even memory foam, as well as independent spring blocks TFK and S1000.
  • The weight. Light mattresses can shift from the space reserved to it, glide over the smooth floor when you try to get up from it. Protected from these heavy models with thick flooring layers or a powerful spring block. But if you move often, it is better to buy a springless artificial or natural latex model. It is lighter than its spring counterparts but comfortable in height.
  • Lush cover. There is a simple rule: the more voluminous the case, the more comfortable it is to sleep on it. In addition, it will protect the surface of the mattress from erasure and accidental contamination, and damage.


For guests

If you’re picking up a guest bed, other options are relevant:

  • It’s light. The spring block will have to give up because steel springs seriously increase the weight of even a single-bedroom product.
  • Portability. The easiest way to carry roll or folding mattresses from foam fillers: PPUs, latex, soy foam, they are easy to roll without damaging the inner layers.


Rating mattresses for sleeping on the floor

Rating mattresses for sleeping on the floor

Mattress manufacturers strive to meet the needs of all users. Therefore, factories create series or individual products on the floor, which will serve for a long time and will not be deformed due to increased load.


Futons by Mr. Mattress

This series was designed specifically for use on the floor. Traditional Japanese mattresses inspired it in a cotton case. Inside is either artificial or natural latex, which provides comfort and necessary support to the body in sleep. Any product can be used for regular sleep. As a topper on top of the sofa, model Yatta and Ringo are assembled in comfortable chairs, and folding Chisai in the collected form perfectly replaces the pouf. The main advantage of the whole series – affordable prices. The Hoshi model with artificial latex filler will cost 4,781 ₽ for 90×200, and the Migi mattress with premium filler – natural latex – will cost 10,280 ₽ for 90×200.


Hardy BeautySon Promo 5 S600

In this mattress is fine about everything: from a favorable price to the composition! The main feature of all buttons mattresses is the gluten-free production technology. The inner layers do not stick together but are attached by hand to the spring block with metal scrapes. Therefore, even immediately after the autopsy, the new product has no unpleasant smell and does not need to be ventilated. And the assembly without glue allowed an abandonment of the foam box on the perimeter. Many people notice that the mattress is the first to lose elasticity exactly the edges, especially if the product is used on the floor. In the mattress Promo 5, all over the area is a spring block. It is harder than foam, quickly restores the shape, even if sitting on the edge.


Two-way Lonax Roll Cocos Eco in a twist

This model is a good solution for permanent use in a rented apartment or cottage. Priced at 7,321 ₽ for 90×200, 12,136 ₽ for 160×200, you will get a full-fledged double-sided mattress with sides of varying rigidity. The main material is an artificial foam of high density, which creates a comfortable medium-hard surface on which the floor’s hardness is not felt. It is easy to relax muscles and find a pleasant posture for sleep. On one side also lies a thin layer of coconut fiber. It increases the stiffness to moderately high and provides orthopedic support of the spine, making the bed hardier. It is comfortable to lie and sit without falling under its own weight.

A separate plus – delivery in a twist. Vacuum packaging makes even a large double mattress convenient for transportation and self-delivery. It is worth noting that twisting your mattress with coconut in the composition is not recommended. It is better to carry the product in a deployed form.


Folding Promtex-Orient Soft Standard Kombi on a block of independent springs

Another two-way model is made folding format: you can order a product with two or three sections. A good-for-all mattress is easy and fast to assemble and disassemble. The contrasting stiffness of the sides allows any user to pick up a comfortable sleeping surface. The independent TFK spring unit, combined with coconut copra on one side, gives a moderately high rigidity. On it, you will be able to completely relax and feel reliable support at each point of the body. On the other hand, a thick layer of Styrofoam forms a moderately soft surface to sleep commercially in any position, even on the abdomen.


Summing up

If you are used to sleeping on the floor, do not deny yourself comfort. In the online store “MultiSna,” you can choose a convenient and inexpensive mattress on the floor, which will satisfy all your requirements.

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