How to Choose a Mattress for Two People

How to Choose a Mattress for Two People?

After spending years sleeping alone, you’ve decided to take a step forward: share it with your other half. You will therefore need to ensure that you choose the right mattress. The one that will give you the best support, optimal suspensions, and excellent sleeping independence. Indeed, you value your restful sleep there, and it is not because you are going to sleep together that this will change!


What size couple mattress?

The standard size for a 2 person mattress is 140cm x 190cm. If these dimensions are ideal for a couple of small builds, they are not necessarily the right dimensions for everyone. Today the generations are older, and very often, it is the 160 x 200 mattress that is the most requested by sleepers.

To choose the right size for your mattress, it is recommended that you take it 15 to 20 cm longer than the size of the taller one of you. Thus for a person measuring 1.80 m, you need at least a mattress of 200 cm in length.

And to have a good sleeping space, sufficient for everyone, the width of 160 cm is more comfortable and allows you to sleep without disturbing your partner too much.

If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can also choose the King Size mattress in 180 x 200. Optimal comfort in the sleeping area for a restful sleep for sure!


Which mattress to choose for good sleeping independence?

Which mattress to choose for good sleeping independence

If you want to be sure that you get a good quality sleep without being woken up with every movement of your partner, there are filling technologies that ensure perfect sleeping independence.

Pocket spring mattresses are the ones that are really recommended for couples who want sleeping independence. Choose a mattress that has at least 600 and 800 springs for good support. Each spring is individually wrapped to transmit no movement. You will, therefore, not be bothered by your partner. They also have excellent ventilation: a breathable and comfortable mattress at the same time.

High resilience memory foam mattresses also exhibit perfect sleeping independence. Choose a foam density greater than 50 kg / m3. They are suitable for all body types and provide alignment of the spine and relief from pressure points.

But the two sleepers may have a real difference in size. Everyone then has different needs, whether in terms of firmness or density. One will need a balanced mattress, while the other will need a firmer one.

In this case, it may be advisable to take 2 independent mattresses or twin mattresses. Everyone can choose the firmness, comfort and filling they want.

Technologies that offer optimal sleeping independence should be favoured.


A couple of mattress with good support

Whatever the morphology of the sleeper or his sleeping habits, he needs maximum support. This is especially true when you sleep at 2.

Therefore, it is important not to choose a mattress that has too low a density; you will sink into it. Likewise, a mattress with too much density will seem too rigid to you and accentuate your back problems.

Hence the importance of thoroughly testing your future mattress together.

  • Beyond 70kg per person, it is advisable to choose a density between 75 and 85kg / m3.
  • From 100kg per person, you will prefer a density greater than 85kg / m3.

A couple of mattress with good suspensions

Who says mattresses for couples say the need for suspensions (and yes, we must also think of this detail).

  • Polyurethane foam mattress: it has better density and firmness than other foam mattresses. Their longevity is also more important. Not suitable for people who sweat a lot.
  • The latex mattress: it has the advantage of providing support adapted to your body, thanks to the comfort zones. With its honeycomb structure, latex offers excellent breathability. Suitable for people who sweat a lot.
  • The pocket spring mattress: this technology is the most resistant over time. It provides excellent support for your spine and offers perfect sleeping independence.

The pocket sprung mattress is suitable for people who sweat a lot.


What price for a 2 person mattress?

The price of your couples mattress varies according to several criteria:

  • Size: there are nearly ten different sizes.
  • The technology: foam, latex, pocket springs.
  • The materials used: synthetic or natural materials.

There are 2-person mattresses for all budgets, but be aware that the budget does not necessarily make the mattress’s quality.

You can find inexpensive mattresses with very decent support, such as high-end mattresses, that won’t necessarily deliver what they promise!

For a good mattress, of medium-range, count approximately between 400 and 600 euros. This price range usually offers brand name mattresses with good support and different types of padding. So you can choose what suits you best.


How to test a mattress for 2 people?

To find the right couple’s mattress for you, you probably think that the best is still to test it!

If you buy in a store, it is possible, and it is even highly recommended! As long as you try it in the real conditions in which you sleep! (If you sleep on your side, don’t try it on your back!)

If you’re shopping online, don’t panic: Universal mattress manufacturers offer trial nights to try out your mattress! Thus Tediber, Emma or Simba offer up to 100 nights. So you have plenty of time to try out your mattress for two, in complete privacy.

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