How to Choose a Mattress Case

How to Choose a Mattress Case

The mattress is a rather large object, and keeping it clean is quite difficult. Every day the surface of the bed absorbs excess human sweat and particles of dead skin. This contributes to the accumulation of dirt and the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. All these troubles can be avoided by acquiring a protective cover.


Why you need a mattress case

Why you need a mattress case

Protective covers perform the following functions:

  • Protect the mattress from contamination;
  • Prevent premature wear and tear;
  • Prevent reproduction in the filler of fungus and dust mites;
  • Extend the life of the mattress.

The main accessories for the care of the mattress are considered:

  • Namatrasniks;
  • Sub-reels;
  • Protective covers.

If the first two types protect only the top or lower part of the mattress, the case covers all sides. Therefore, for more reliable protection, it is better to choose the case on the mattress.


Case materials

Mattress cases are made from synthetic, natural, or mixed materials. The density of the tissue is a requirement. Loose fabric will not be able to protect the mattress securely. The too-hard stuff will be uncomfortable for the body.

Natural materials

The main issues of this species are:

  1. Bias and satin are the most popular cotton varieties, which can protect the product from dust and stains. Materials have good thermal conductivity, regulate body temperature.
  2. Wool is a warmer fabric with medicinal and preventive properties. The density of fibers provides increased durability.


Synthetic materials

You can choose a case on the mattress and synthetic material. For sewing products are most often used:

  1. Polyester is an efficient material with a high degree of aesthetics but is inconvenient to use due to the slip of bed linen and low air circulation.
  2. Knitwear – is elastic and soft, does not crumple during sleep.
  3. Membrane fabric – has water repellent and breathing properties, is resistant to high temperatures, provides the mattress with additional elasticity and quietness.


Mixed materials

These materials are characterized by the combination of synthetic fibers with natural fibers. The most common among them:

  1. Polycotton is a modern synthetic material with the addition of cotton, very durable and resistant to wear. The disadvantages include reduced breathability and hygroscopicity.
  2. Jacquard is a fabric consisting of 86% cotton and 20% synthetics, resistant to adverse environmental factors.

Interesting fact: The first cases for mattresses appeared in ancient Rome. The Romans filled them with hay or branches, providing a semblance of comfort.

Most of the modern materials used to make cases meet hygiene, ecology, and hygroscopicity requirements.


Types of case attachment

Types of case attachment

The mattress cases can be removable or non-removable. Of course, a removable case is considered to be a more convenient option. Its design is more practical and easy to use. The process of caring for the product is much easier.

Non-removable case

This type of product is not very convenient and practical in operation. To clean it, you need to call home a specialist from the dry cleaners. Such a visit can be quite expensive.

The main design elements of a non-removable accessory are considered:

  • Watching lightning;
  • Rant;
  • Aerator;
  • Carrying pen.


Removable case

All products of this kind are usually divided into several varieties depending on the type of attachment:

  • On rubber bands and Velcro;
  • On a circular zipper – unbuttoned around the perimeter, this is the best cover on the mattress;
  • On a three-way zipper – the most common option but not very convenient to use is hard to remove and even harder to return.

Almost all removable cases can be cleaned independently. Most materials allow you to wash out of the typewriter.

Please note: Not all fabrics can be washed in a typewriter. For example, the jacquard is subject only to dry cleaning.


Which case is best to choose?

Few people will have doubts about the feasibility of buying a removable cover for the mattress. It is more convenient to operate; it can be removed freely for washing and then put back. If necessary, it is much easier to replace such a case with a new one. This fact reduces costs, and the time for care is reduced several times.

Basic and additional properties of mattress cases

In addition to the hygienic function, the covers may have additional positive properties:

  1. Strengthening the orthopedic properties of the mattress. Some covers are equipped with additional layers, which significantly increase their density. Putting such a case on an orthopedic mattress, you can improve the quality and comfort of sleep. The orthopedic effect is achieved by increasing the elasticity of the main product and retaining its original shape.
  2. Adjustment of the level of rigidity. If desired, with the help of a case, it is possible to make the bed softer or tougher. Here it all depends on the individual preferences of the owner of the bed.
  3. Waterproof cases. A very topical option for a baby mattress or the care of dying patients. It is made of a special fabric that does not allow various liquids on the surface of the main mattress; it provides effective protection against accidentally spilled substances. At the same time, it is easy to remove and wash. Usually for such models pick up fast-dry fabrics.
  4. Some manufacturers make mattress covers from special hypoallergenic tissues, which have an increased degree of hygroscopicity and antistatic action.
  5. There are models whose material is processed with special antibacterial solutions. This aims to prevent the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the case and the main mattress.


Rules for choosing the perfect case:

  1. Before going to the Mattress store in Dubai, carefully measure your mattress. The too big case will constantly slide, and too small you will not be able to wear. When measuring, consider not only the length and width but also the height of the mattress.
  2. Choose a case of dense fabrics; it will provide a more comfortable sleep.
  3. Think about the choice of material. Allergists should buy a removable case made of synthetic or mixed material. Natural tissues can cause allergic reactions and are a breeding ground for dust mites.
  4. A quality case should not sit down when washing and cleaning.
  5. Don’t forget about decorative qualities. A beautiful zipper can be a real decoration of the bedroom design.
  6. Carefully read the operating instructions and warranty obligations of the manufacturer.
  7. If necessary, check with the seller for quality and safety certificates, especially w to buying a case for a children’s mattress.

Guided by these simple rules, you will be able to pick up a perfect case that will serve you for many years. A quality accessory can provide a long-life mattress by protecting it from stains and mechanical damage and increasing the comfort of sleep.

The choice of the case should be taken very seriously. Poor products will not be able to protect the mattress from trouble. That is why it is necessary to purchase only high-quality cases of proven manufacturers and reliable sellers. Having decided to purchase the product in the online store, it is better to familiarize yourself with the reviews left by previous customers.

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