How to choose a firm mattress

How to choose a firm mattress?

Among the different types of existing mattresses, the firm mattress combines comfort and rigidity.

For optimal sleeping comfort, firm mattresses can be combined with soft cushions. Here’s everything you need to know to help you find the best mattress for your needs.

Buying a mattress in Dubai should be well thought out because the quality of sleep will depend on its choice.


What is called a firm mattress?

A firm mattress is a type of rigid mattress that provides firm support to the body.

Unlike the other mattresses that you can find in our mattress comparisons, the core of the mattress does not sag under the person’s weight. The spine thus remains straight.


Why choose a firm mattress?

Sleeping on a firm mattress helps maintain a healthy back.

Extra firm mattresses, often referred to as orthopedic, are suitable for people with back pain.

Generally, when paired with a comfortable reception, a balanced or firm mattress is suitable for all users.

Here are the main advantages of the firm mattress:

  • Firm support ensuring excellent support for the spine and, therefore, the back.
  • Muscle relaxation during the night.
  • More durable bedding.

Three categories are available depending on the material: firm latex mattress, viscoelastic foam, and spring mattress. Each of these technologies offers more or less firmness.

So, how do you choose a firm mattress? What criteria do you choose for your mattress?


Spring mattress

This technology offers the advantage of better distributing the support by multiplying the pressure points.

Some spring mattresses have up to 7 comfort zones for high-quality support. Besides, a spring mattress provides better ventilation.


Firm memory foam mattress

Sleeping on a foam mattress offers characteristic comfort, like on a memory foam mattress. Like memory foam, foam is inherently elastic, giving the mattress its typical soft support.

Are you looking for comfort while enjoying good firmness? A foam mattress may be suitable for you. Depending on the brand of mattress, the foam may be more compact to ensure good rigidity.


Latex mattress

Latex is a natural high-density material. It offers support that varies from firm to very firm depending on its thickness and density. In all cases, a good firm latex mattress should have a density between 63 kg / m3 and 85 kg / m3. The mattress thickness must be at least 12 cm and can be up to 16 cm or more.

latex mattress may be particularly suitable for people with heavy build or overweight. For a couple, it allows having sleeping independence if the firmness is not suitable.


The disadvantages of the firm mattress

The disadvantages of the firm mattress

Beyond its qualities, a firm mattress can be less comfortable if the accessory is not appropriate.

The user feels as if they are sleeping on a hard surface, and the quality of their sleep may be affected. Fortunately, it is possible to compensate for this too much rigidity by using a soft welcome. Furthermore, if the firm mattress is not of good quality, especially if it is made of foam, it may sag quickly.

For a latex mattress, be sure to choose only the high density.

The number of springs will also determine the comfort, stiffness and strength of a firm spring mattress.


Types of box springs for firm mattresses

The purchase of your firm mattress must be completed with a good box spring.

The specifics of the box spring can have an impact on the longevity and comfort of the mattress. Three main types of box springs exist:

  • Box springs.
  • Slatted bases.
  • Box springs.

The main advantage of box springs is that they provide good ventilation for the mattress. They can be springs or slats and are always covered with a decorative fabric.

Slatted bases, on the other hand, improve firmness and are recommended for firm foam mattresses. Those with springs, finally, combine comfort and solidity.


How do I know if a firm mattress is right for me?

Do not hesitate to try the mattress in-store or at home if possible. Note that the firm mattress is recommended for people of average build.

Height and weight are therefore decisive criteria. It is necessary to choose an extra firm mattress for a height greater than 2 m and a weight of more than 100 kg.


Conclusion firm mattress

To choose the right mattress, you must base yourself on several criteria, such as material, density, thickness or technology. Either of the mattress technologies on offer can help you achieve the comfort and well-being you are looking for.

Finally, the type of reception can also be decisive!

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