How to Choose a Base for a Bed

How to Choose a Base for a Bed?

The base is one of the main parts of the bed, what the mattress lies on. It is attached to the body of the bed or is used as an independent bed if it has legs. A high-quality base enhances the orthopaedic properties of the mattress, provides a person with healthy and comfortable sleep.

Bases differ in type, design, material. To make the right choice, “!” offers to get acquainted with the features of modern base models.


Tips to Choose a Base for a Bed?

Tips to Choose a Base for a Bed


The dimensions of the bases correspond to the standard sizes of single, semi-double and double beds (from 60×120 to 200×220 cm). On our site, you can buy bases for non-standard beds made to order.



  • Solid. This base is gradually losing its popularity, but sometimes it is acquired by people with spinal problems, who are recommended to sleep on flat and hard surfaces. The solid base consists of boards, plywood or sheets of chipboard. Orthopaedic mattresses on a stable basis lose their valuable properties and are poorly ventilated, due to which they wear out faster. The main advantage of these models is low cost.
  • Orthopaedic. The flexibility and elasticity allow mattresses to manifest their orthopaedic properties fully. They consist of slats (slats) attached to the frame with the help of special fasteners – lato holders. Lats holders are mortise and overhead, made of rubber and plastic. Slats provide air and heat exchange in the mattress, which guarantees a healthy microclimate and prolongs its service life. The recommended minimum number of slats per bed is 15 pieces.


Width of slats

Different models of orthopaedic bases have a different number of slats; their width also varies. The closer the slats are to each other, the stronger the floor and the greater a person’s weight can withstand. The distance between the slats should be no more than the width of the slats in this base.

  • Narrow (3-4 cm). They are considered the most orthopaedic option. Bases with thin slats are suitable for springless mattresses, especially mattresses with an independent spring block with many springs per bed. People with high weight are recommended bases with slats of the small width of durable beech or oak.
  • Wide (5-9 cm). Mattresses with an independent spring block with many springs per bed are not suitable since the springs can fall between the base slats; in other cases, suitable for any model of mattresses. Bases with wide slats of birch or pine are designed for fewer loads.



1. Collapsible bases. A convenient option for transportation to the country, in disassembled form, easily fits into the car. It consists of slats (rails), frame, lato holders and legs (if any), assembled by the instructions. Orthopedic properties of such bases are not lost.

2. One-piece design. Solid bases do not need to be assembled and are ready for use. Suitable for the home. They can be of both tangible and orthopaedic type, made of metal or wood.

3. Lifting. Such models are equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows you to raise the base and access the drawers under the mattress, where sleeping accessories, toys and other things are removed. This is convenient in small bedrooms, as it saves space. Lifting mechanisms are manual, gas, spring.

4. Frameless (inserts). Orthopaedic bases made of slats without supports (legs) and lats holders are not attached to the frame. The slats are fastened together with tape and are embedded in the tags of the bed. Mobile and do not need to be assembled.

5. Transformable. Orthopedic bases of premium class. Due to a unique mechanism, the floor – transformers can be adjusted to the body’s position.

For example, to watch TV or read a book, you can raise the bed’s headboard, and to ensure a comfortable position of the legs, raise the lower part of the base. It was lifted by manual adjustment or remote control.

6. With adjustable stiffness. Due to special adjustable nozzles on the slats, you can adjust the stiffness of the base to specific requirements and health status. Adjusting the stiffness occurs by moving the nozzle along the rail. Some base models have a block of adjustable slats only in the lumbar region; each lamella can adjust the stiffness in other models.


Frame material

  • Metal. Bases with a metal frame are strong, durable, environmentally friendly, have good orthopaedic properties, and are relatively low cost. Metal, unlike wood, is a colder material.
  • Tree. The base frame can be made of artificial wood (plywood, MDF, chipboard, etc.) and natural (birch, oak, pine, beech, etc.). Natural materials are more expensive and more durable than artificial ones. Wooden bases are orthopaedic and reliable; the most durable material is beech and oak.



Modern bases have excellent characteristics.

Orthopedic models made of natural, environmentally friendly materials will ensure your body’s correct and comfortable position during sleep.

Analogues made of artificial wood or metal will become a more budget option.

For connoisseurs of absolute comfort, premium models of transformable orthopaedic bases and bases that can adjust the stiffness are suitable.

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