How to choose a balanced mattress

How to Choose a Balanced Mattress?

How to choose your mattress to enjoy a restful sleep? Do you need a balanced or firm mattress instead?

To help you make a decision, let’s zoom in now on the balanced comfort mattress!


What is called a balanced mattress?

A balanced mattress is a stable mattress. Good stability considers the level of support of your spine.

The elements of this stability are:

  • The support of the mattress. It can be flexible, balanced or firm. Balanced support depends on the composition and core of the mattress. The level of support also depends on the build and weight of the person lying on it.
  • The reception of the mattress is the first sensation offered to the sleeper when he lies down. The reception can be mellow, balanced or invigorating. This depends in particular on the core of the mattress:
    • Latex mattress (natural or synthetic)
    • Memory foam mattress (also called memory foam). These can be polyurethane foam models.
    • Spring mattress.

The thickness of the mattress can also affect the mattress’s filling, and therefore, it is balancing.

Thus, a balanced mattress is, by definition, a mattress situated between “fairly flexible” and “fairly firm”.


Why choose a balanced mattress?

You choose a mattress based on your build, your sleep preferences, your personal problems (back pain, shoulders, neck pain, etc.), but also your weight.

Balanced mattress

A step above, we find our balanced mattress, which is more often suitable for average weight sleepers. The balanced mattress is also interesting if you want to invest in a universal mattress. Ideal for the guest room, for example! It is also an excellent compromise for couples who disagree on their mattress’s firmness. The Eve mattress and Epeda brands offer balanced mattresses.


Quite a flexible mattress

A fairly soft mattress is usually suitable for lightweights or aficionados of soft surfaces. For example, the Emma mattress brand offers fairly flexible models.


Firm mattress

A fairly firm mattress will appeal to people with an “average +” weight. Mattresses Simba mattress and Casper can be placed in this category.


The disadvantages of a balanced mattress

Like all mattresses, the balanced mattress can have some slight disadvantages since it is not suitable for the sleeper.

This mattress can conceal the caveats of compromise: to please everyone moderately.

To preserve a good quality of sleep, couples with large differences in body size or weight may be interested in investing in two different single mattresses. Another solution: buy a mattress online in dubai with independent sleeping arrangements.


Types of box springs for a balanced mattress

To compensate a little for the balanced mattress’s inconvenience and make it more adaptable to everyone, we can start on a slatted base.

With this type of box spring, the slats work concerning the sleepers’ movements, weight, and morphology. These slats can be beech plywood planks, a wood that provides good elasticity to the bed base.

Some slatted bases are also fitted with closures sliders. Benefit: adapt flexibility or firmness in sensitive areas such as the back or shoulders.


How do I know if a balanced mattress is right for me?

You must be able to locate your weight. Is the average? If so, balanced mattresses should be right for you.

But it also depends on your build, your way of sleeping, your individual health issues!

The best way to choose the right mattress is to go to a retailer’s store and try out different mattress closures. An advisor can assist you and provide you with both an external and professional perspective.

Are you planning to buy your mattress online? Know that you can test a mattress at home. Timber, for example, offers to try his balanced mattress for 100 nights. About what :

  • Take note of your first sensations at bedtime.
  • See if the mattress is right for you in the medium term.
  • Sleep in different sleeping positions.
  • Test several mattresses.


Conclusion balanced mattress

To summarize, the balance of a mattress is mainly a function of its reception and its support.

Balanced mattresses can be considered universal mattresses in that they are suitable for average weight sleepers.

Choosing the right mattress requires taking into account your body size, your sleeping position, as well as your personal health issues.

To choose a balanced support mattress, it is, therefore, better to experiment with it in-store or take advantage of the free trial periods offered by certain brands.

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