How To Care For Decorative Pillows

Sometimes we want to change something in the house. I want to make some new colors, fresh ideas. But the mere thought of repair is terrifying and depressing. Fortunately, there are ways to help dispense with a little blood. One of them is a change of textiles and a set of decorative pillows or doomsdays.

Interesting fact: for the first time, decorative pillows began in the luxurious interiors of the palaces of the eastern sultans. And the more expensive these textile elements looked, the more there were, the richer the house owner was considered.

The use of decorative pillows in a modern interior helps to solve three problems:

  • Emphasize your chosen style
  • Visually connect objects and elements of the room into a single whole;
  • create a more cozy environment in the house.

In addition to decorative, these pillows perform their direct functions: they can be put under your back while reading or watching a movie, they are quite convenient to take a nap, in the summer they will serve and on the street – in a hammock or on hard wooden benches.


Choosing a decorative pillow

Choosing a decorative pillow

Now the stores have such a variety of fabrics, fillers, and decor that the eyes run away. Therefore, it is easy to buy or order a doom for the most discerning taste. But if you choose pillows for certain purposes, rely on the main parameters: case, filler, shape, size, decor.


When choosing a fabric for pillows designed to decorate the interior, consider:

The overall style of the room

The quality of the material;

– tactlessness;


The ease of care;

– financial possibilities – natural fabrics are quite expensive.

The most popular fabrics are satin, jacquard, leather and eco-skin, suede, flax, denim, velour, tapestry.

As for the color, the fabric of the pillowcase may differ from the upholstery of the sofa or armchair in both color and texture.



The quality of the filler depends on important characteristics: how well the pillow will keep the shape, how safe and comfortable it will be, how long it will last, whether it will be easy to care for. Natural and synthetic fillers are used in the production of pillows.

  • Natural – cotton, buckwheat husk, fluff, feather, silk, wool, bamboo, dried herbs.
  • Synthetic – synthpop, synthephuch, hollo faiber, comfort, silicone.
  • Mixed types: when synthetic materials are added, which improves their properties and reduces the product’s price.

Many buyers are wary of synthetic fillers, preferring natural ones. There is an opinion that natural materials are safer. But modern synthetic fillers are harmless, and in some respects, even surpass natural ones. Artificial materials are hypoallergenic; they do not start ticks and bacteria, they do not accumulate dust and moisture. Pillows with such fillers are comfortable, light. With proper care, they will last long enough.



Depending on how you see your interior (classic, modern, oriental, loft, Scandinavian), choose the product’s shape. Pillows are round, square, rectangular, in the form of rollers or complex forms, for example, in the form of animals.

  • Traditional geometric shapes are suitable for all styles.
  • Unusual curly options are good for children’s rooms.
  • If there are many corners in the room – choose square or rectangular pillows.
  • If smooth lines dominate – take round.
  • You can focus on products of the same form, for example, square, and you can combine different shapes and sizes.


Dimensions Are

defined by two parameters: width and length. But the choice of size depends on the imagination and capabilities of the designer, as well as the buyer’s preferences. Decorative cushions of standard sizes 40 by 40 centimeters can visually fill the space. Therefore, it is desirable to use such products on large sofas and in spacious rooms. Color and pattern

Here there are two options: to choose pillows in Dubai under the existing color scheme of the interior (furniture, curtains, wallpaper) or to make them a bright color accent.

Pillows can also support any shade in the interior, keeping the balance on color. Decor Decorative pillows are sewn from beautiful fabrics, and many people have enough of them.

But there are creative personalities for whom the pillow

becomes a kind of canvas, which they decorate with the help of: – special colors or markers;

– rhinestones, buttons, beads;

– brushes and fringes;

Applications from different materials;

– embroidery with gold or silver threads.

The usual pillow sometimes becomes a real work of art.


How to care for decorative pillows

care for pillows

To choose products that served you as long as possible and retained an aesthetic appearance, you need to take care of them properly. When washing pillows, it is important to take into account the materials from which the pillow is made. First of all, read the label. The manufacturer gives information on how to care for the pillow: whether the machine wash is allowed, at what temperature to wash, in what conditions to dry.

And there are also a few universal rules that are suitable for the care of decorative doomsdays:

  • You need to whip and shake pillows periodically, and if the density of the material – vacuum;
  • If the fabric got moisture, you need to wet it with an absorbent napkin and dry it;
  • Protect the pillows from direct sunlight. Otherwise, it can lead to the burnout of the fabric;
  • 2-3 times a year to ventilate the pillows outdoors (in the shade) or on the balcony;
  • Pillows with complex decor are best cleaned in the dry cleaners so as not to damage when washing.

Some decorative pillows can be washed in a typewriter, but it is recommended to do so in hand-washing mode. This will help to protect the material from fading and wear. It is convenient when the pillow has a removable case. It will be much easier to care for such.

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