Galaxy Design Orthomedical Mattress Review

Galaxy Design Orthomedical Mattress Review

Designed in England and designed in Belgium, the Eve Hybrid Premium is a high-end mattress for discerning sleepers. Or at least, that’s how its manufacturer presents it. Consisting of a hybrid technology based on graphite-shaped memory foam and bagged springs, this mattress attracted a lot of interest when it was released. But do you have to fall for the Eve Hybrid Premium if you don’t know which mattress to choose? Is its price close to 1000 euros justified? What are the main assets? Here’s our full test of the Galaxy Design Orthomedical Mattress!

Designated in England and designed in Belgium, the Eve Hybrid Premium is a high-end mattress with a hybrid technology of 28 cm thick.

Consisting of 5 layers of foam and 1666 bagy springs, it is a new generation premium mattress for demanding sleepers.

Comfortable and durable, this mattress ensures an optimal distribution of compression points, supports the spine, and perfectly fits the body’s curves.

This back pain mattress is mainly intended for people who suffer from lower back pain, chronic aches, or kidneys, among others.

Thanks to its soft welcome and balanced support, this mattress is suitable for the majority of sleepers. On the other hand, it is available in 4 dimensions and adapts to any box spring with passive or active slats. Note that it is 28 cm thick, which ranks it among the high-end mattresses of category D. A thickness of the mattress allows it to provide progressive support to the spine, regardless of the morphology and weight of the sleeper.

Finally, the Galaxy Design Orthomedical Mattress is coated with a healthy, breathable tick with hypoallergenic properties that can fight bacteria while absorbing perspiration from the sleeper.


The main features of the Galaxy Design Orthopedic Mattress

The Galaxy Design Orthomedical Mattress is a model with exciting features on paper. Here are a few things you need to know about it:

  • Available in 4-dimensional mattresses
  • Hybrid technology: 5 layers of foam and 1666 stained springs
  • Density: 48kg/m3
  • Thick: 28 cm
  • Home: fluffy
  • Support: balanced
  • Covering: hypoallergenic cover
  • UFC What to Choose Awarded November 2019
  • Promotes the distribution of pressure points and supports the spine
  • Trial period: 100 nights
  • Guarantee: 10 years


The Eve Hybrid Premium: a 5-layer foam mattress

It is not two or three but five layers of foam and more than 1600 bagy springs that make up the Hybrid Premium proposed by the mattress brand Eve.

Top layer: 3 cm thick Eve float hybrid foam

The upper layer of the Eve Hybrid Premium contains a 3 cm thick Eve float hybrid foam. Thanks to this foam, the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress can adapt to the sleeper’s morphology, regardless of its weight and size.

On the other hand, no matter what position you take to sleep, this hybrid mattress promotes the distribution of pressure points to provide you with optimal enveloping comfort throughout the night.


Central layer: 2 cm-shaped memory foam

The second layer of the Eve Hybrid Premium contains 2 cm viscoelastic foam.

It is a next-generation graphite memory foam in Dubai that reinforces the enveloping properties of the mattress.

Thanks to this foam, sleeping on the Eve Premium Hybrid gives the impression of sleeping on a warm, intimate and cozy cloud.


Support layer: 3 cm high-resilience, open-cell foam

The middle of this memory-shaped mattress is a support layer consisting of an open-cell HR foam 3 cm thick. The purpose of this foam is to provide progressive support to your spine throughout the night, essentially to relieve your lower back pain and aches.


A foam capsule to dress the stained springs

The 1666 bagy springs that make up the Eve Hybrid Premium have the distinction of being encapsulated inside the foam to enhance the overall stability of the mattress. We confirm that the Eve Hybrid Premium is unwavering instability, allowing it to support people with a strong body.


Soul of the mattress

The soul of the mattress contains 1380 last-generation bagy springs 12 cm thick. These springs are characterized by breathable virtues and promote blood circulation to avoid the need for the sleeper to change position during the night. Thanks to these springs, the sleeper can adopt his preferred sleeping position and obtain an optimal pressure point distribution.


Lower layer: 5 cm high-resilience foam

The last layer of the Eve Hybrid Premium bag spring mattress consists of a 5 cm thick, high-resilience foam that contributes to the enveloping and orthopedic properties of the Eve Hybrid Premium. On the other hand, this lower layer acts as a support layer to better support the spine.


An anti-bacterial cover

In addition to its 5-layer composition of the foam and bagged springs, the Eve Premium Hybrid is coated with a breathable and absorbent cover with hypoallergenic properties.

Very effective in combating the proliferation of germs, bacteria, and mites, this cover is machine washable to maintain the mattress much more easily.

Note that it is washable up to 40 degrees and contains 6 handles to facilitate the transport of the mattress.


Our opinion

Considered one of the best mattresses in Dubai, its price range when it was released in 2019, the Eve Hybrid Premium met all our expectations. We are clearly dealing with a premium high-end mattress with a flawless finish and hybrid technology at the cutting edge of innovation.

With its 5-layer foam composition and 16666 springs banged in 28 cm thick, the Eve Hybrid Premium is suitable for all sleepers and adapts to any morphology. Of course, the mattress price close to 1000 euros can be discouraging, but compared to other competing mattresses, the Eve Premium Hybrid clearly benefits from excellent value for money.

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