Galaxy Design Medical Mattress Review

Galaxy Design Medical Mattress Review

We talk to you regularly about the Medical brand, especially with its very good Medical Original mattress or its Medical pillow. More recently, Medical has released a new mattress model just as unique and innovative as her predecessor that we took care to test. So what’s new in Galaxy Design Medical Mattress? What’s the comfort and quality of it worth…? We will answer all of these questions below.


Reason for Galaxy Design Medical Mattress; is it the best mattress in Dubai?

Galaxy Design Medical Mattress

This new mattress from the Medical brand takes some basics of the Medical Original mattress, with a combination of several layers of foam and this time combining more bagged springs that’s why it is considered the best mattress in Dubai. Above all, a new technology called “Graphite Diamond,” specially designed to bring excellent thermoregulatory properties and, with this Medical Mattress, the Medical brand assures you to fall into a deep sleep faster than ever. In addition, this model still offers 10 years of warranty and 100 nights of testing.


Test and Review of Galaxy Design Medical Mattress

So you were able to discover the original Medical mattress in several of our rankings, for example, in our comparison of universal mattresses, with its first model that had been voted mattress of the year several times by the organization QFC Que Choose. The new mattress Galaxy Design Medical took the lead in the ranking by being voted the best mattress of 2020. It could totally be part of our list of favorite mattresses or even our high-end mattress comparator.

In this new mattress, we find a rather similar design but even more innovative and original, with a mattress that also uses a thermoregulatory and breathable cover to offer you a surface of sleep, optimizing the circulation of air night after night.

But in terms of thermoregulation, the first innovation of this new Medical mattress is its Galaxy Design foam surface, which is a coating and technology ensuring you enjoy a sleeping space allowing your body to be at the optimum temperature more easily find a deep sleep.

Below, a layer of adaptive comfort foam is designed to distribute body pressure homogeneously and optimally and adapt to all users, morphologies, and sleeping positions.

While the Medical Original mattress used only a combination of several foams, the Galaxy Design model incorporates in addition to the bagy springs, which allow you to enjoy a better balance between flexibility and firmness and offer you excellent independence of sleeping.

Finally, for its last layer, the Medical Diamant Noir mattress also uses high-resilience cold foam, ensuring optimal body support and promoting the proper alignment of your back and spine, which helps prevent and relieve pain (especially at the back).


The comfort of Galaxy Design Medical Mattress

So, comfort level, we must admit that the new Galaxy Design model in front of the Medical Original mattress really brings some advantages. First of all, with its Galaxy Design surface, we find that this model allows us to enjoy a well-regulating sleep space.

But above all, we appreciate that the Medical brand finally includes the springs banned with its foam combination, thus allowing both to enjoy a fairly flexible and enveloping welcome, with a good balance between flexibility and firmness also to offer you precise support and, as with its Medical Original model, the Medical Mattress is also an excellent universal mattress that can match all users.


Quality, price, and warranty of Galaxy Design Medical Mattress

In terms of quality, just like with the Medical Original mattress, we really have no complaints about the Galaxy Design model. All the manufacturing and filling materials seem outstanding quality. The finishes also seem very good and, although it is rather a detail, we also appreciate the rather original design of this model.

Of course, for Medical innovation, this mattress will cost you more than the old model and, available in 7 dimensions from 80 x 200 cm to 180 x 200 cm, count between 650 and 1,400 euros to offer you this high-end mattress.

For the warranty, as with its old model, the Medical brand also offers you on this Medical Mattress a trial period of 100 nights, as well as a 10-year warranty, plus free delivery and returns.


Our final opinion on the Galaxy Design

Overall, we can say that this new Medical Diamant Noir mattress is really a beautiful innovation and a good evolution of the Medical Original mattress. Although the comfort of the Original model was already excellent, we find that we benefit from better balance with the combination of different foams and bag springs. Indeed, graphite diamond technology allows us to enjoy a sleep space at optimum temperature.

So, as far as we’re concerned, this is a more than validated test for Galaxy Design Medical Mattress if you want to invest in a mattress a little more upscale than their original model.

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