Foam vs Spring Mattress

Foam vs Spring Mattress | What’s The Difference?

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s life, and the right comfortable mattress ensures our quality. But when we come to the store to choose it, often because of the large variety of goods we run out of eyes. And then, choosing an inexpensive but good orthopedic mattress becomes extremely difficult.

The most affordable mattresses are spring and foam, so the choice of shop visitors often stands between these two types of design. However, these democratic types of mattresses have their own nuances that need to be considered when buying. Let’s find out all the advantages and disadvantages of these models and determine which mattress is better to buy – from a monolith of polyurethane foam or on a spring block.

Let’s compare these popular mattresses in Dubai. We have three types of models, the characteristics of which we will disassemble: a mattress on a block of independent springs with a dependent spring block.


Price policy

When buying an item, many buyers initially pay attention to this item, and for someone, it can be decisive in making the final choice. The issue of price is critical, so let’s consider the cost of different types of models of mattresses:

  1. A spring mattress with a dependent spring block “Bonnel” often has the most democratic price. This is a classic and already aging type of mattress. Prices – from 3500 rubles and above;
  2. The foam mattress will cost a little more than the previous model because it has strongly improved characteristics. But it all depends on the density and height of the monolith. Prices – from 3500 rubles and above;
  3. The mattress on the block of independent springs is often the most expensive of those presented. Such a price policy does not allow to buy it to people with low income, but there are special promo models with lower prices. Prices – from 5000 rubles and above.


Reliability and lifespan

The key to the fact that the mattress will serve you for a long time, and your money will not be wasted on the correct technology of its manufacture and the manufacturer’s integrity. A mattress is not a thing to buy by going to the store for bread.

The mattress is a rather expensive product that should justify the money invested in its purchase.

  1. Perhaps your cottage still keeps a mattress “Bonnel” left since the Soviet Union. It looks far from perfect, but throw it does not raise the hand because the mattress still retains the strength of its springs. Mattresses on the spring block can withstand a lot of pressure, so their durability distinguishes them.
  2. Provided that the mattress with an independent spring unit will not provide heavy loads, this model can last you quite long. However, with frequent jumps on the surface of the mattress, springs may not stand and deform under pressure, so for children, this mattress is not recommended to buy—the lifespan of mattresses with an independent spring block – from 5 to 15 years.
  3. Due to their elasticity, Styrofoam mattresses are a long-term acquisition. Its inner part does not sag under pressure, does not crumble, and does not roll down, ensuring its reliability. The lifespan of such mattresses is from 3 to 10 years.


Comfort and orthopedic characteristics

Comfort and orthopedic characteristics

Pay special attention to this item because the orthopedic properties of the mattress depending on the health of your back and the correct posture of your children. The mattress should be comfortable and comfortable – this is an essential criterion for choosing, depending on how healthy or restless your sleep will be. Sleep in our lives affects a lot: mood, performance, activity, ability to analyze and make decisions, and most importantly – your health. If you choose comfort, you will ensure that all these factors are met. Otherwise, you risk earning a lack of sleep and back pain, and a thousand rubles when buying a cheaper mattress will not be an argument.

To understand whether you will be comfortable sleeping on your chosen model, pay attention to its orthopedic properties. The mattress should repeat the shape of the human body and preserve the natural position of the spine. Do not ignore this item, especially if you suffer from a posture disorder or often feel discomfort in your back.

So let’s look at the convenience of each model we choose:

  1. The springs in the Bonnel-type mattress are connected. Because of this, he loses the ability to repeat the shape of the human body. When pressured by it, it bends a large area of springs more than necessary, so the mattress can not provide a comfortable sleep. It also does not have orthopedic properties, so this type of mattress is not recommended to buy people with back diseases.
  2. A mattress with an independent spring block falls under the definition of orthopedic when properly filling soft layers. The correct position of the body is maintained because the pressure only affects certain springs and does not distort the rest of the space. This provides rest to the muscles and spine, does not disrupt blood circulation in the body, and does not compress the limbs.
  3. Styrofoam, from which PPU mattresses are made, is elastic and perfectly keeps the necessary shape. This model has all the necessary anatomical properties. It can support the human body but at the same time maintain softness and elasticity.

Winners in this category – good mattresses with an independent spring block and sufficient and high-quality filling and not the cheapest PAP mattresses with high density and elasticity.


Breathing properties

In sleep, the human body experiences temperature changes. We can sweat or suddenly freeze. Excessive moisture release also contributes to the reproduction of various microorganisms and microbes, which can not be hygienic. The ventilation in the mattresses helps to keep our thermoregulation and surface clean. It also provides a restful sleep without nightly worries about the temperature of our body. Here are the ventilation properties that our models show in comparison to each other:

  • The Bonnel mattress based on the spring block has good ventilation and provides air exchange.
  • The mattress on independent springs perfectly passes the air, ensuring the fulfillment of all the necessary conditions.
  • Stypolyuretan is a cellular material that has the ability to pass air well. Therefore, the mattress made of polyurethane foam has excellent ventilation.



So let’s take stock of our research. The cheapest and yet “long-playing” option is a mattress with dependent springs “Bonnel,” but the quality of its orthopedic properties leaves much to be desired. Such mattresses should be bought only if quite tight with money. Polyurethane foam mattresses are affordable and are the best in keeping your back healthy and providing a good sleep. In addition, such mattresses are worth their investments because they last long enough. The mattress on the block of independent springs is also orthopedic and approved by specialists. Still, it is inferior to the previous two durability models and has a fairly high price.

All models have their drawbacks and advantages, so when choosing a mattress, be guided by your buy goal. If you need an inexpensive mattress for a summer house or for the opportunity to host guests for a while, the spring mattress “Bonnel” is the best fit for this purpose. For many years of use, which you will provide a spring block, such a mattress will be able to recoup its cost more than once.

A mattress with independent springs is a good choice if you and your soul mate go to bed at different times. Independent springs provide almost complete isolation from extraneous movements, and you will not wake up from the fact that someone will lie nearby. It also will not cause back problems and will provide you with a long healthy sleep without night awakenings. However, it is worth considering that independent springs tend to sag at a fairly high cost, especially if in your house there are children who like to jump on the bed.

And excellent value for money has a polyurethane mattress. We recommend it, especially for children and teenagers.

You have an approximate idea of these models, and the question “Which mattress is better to buy?” will be answered only to you, depending on your individual needs.

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